News Flash: B7 Production Diary Series A
Blake's 7 NewsThe B7 Production Diary Series A will be available from December 3rd.


(With thanks to Joe Dredd)
Steven Pacey - new film and TV news
B7 Cast and CrewHere’s some exciting news from Steven Pacey

FILM: Steven will shortly be shooting a Hallmark film (one of three River Romance Cruise films) with a working title of ‘The Art Lovers’ in Budapest. He is playing Reynolds, valet to a Prince (who is the leading man in the film).

TV: Steven has also been working on a UK drama ‘Play Date’, filming in Yorkshire. Steven plays an abusive father (boo hiss!)

Thanks for the info to Clare who runs the ‘Steven Pacey Fans’ Facebook group
Paul Darrow guest appearance in MANHUNT on Talking Pictures TV
B7 Cast and CrewPaul Darrow guest appearance in MANHUNT on Talking Pictures TV

Don't miss MANHUNT on Talking Pictures TV Sundays at 9pm (from 5th November 23). This classic 1969 WWII drama starred Alfred Lynch, Peter Barkworth, Cyd Hayman, Robert Hardy & Philip Madoc and includes many Blake’s 7 appearances: Leslie Schofield, John Savident, Richard Hurndall, T.P. McKenna, Julian Glover, Roy Boyd, David Quilter & Paul Darrow playing Eddie in the final ep. 'The Losers'

You can watch Talking Pictures TV on Virgin 445, Freesat 306, Freeview or Youview 82 or on the Sky digital satellite platform, channel 328.
Website News & Activies for November
General NewsWhat's happening on our website for you this month?

STOP PRESS: The Horizon Advent Calendar 2023 starts here! CLICK!

Horizon Observatory Visit What has to be one of the longest-running threads Horizon has ever seen continues here with Hugbot's cartoon heroes hunting for the stolen reactor.
Even more that you didn't realise you wanted to know about Paul Darrow and his crocodile is here thanks to our Aussie B7 fans.

B7 Rewatches Six of the best! Even if the fourth series isn't everyone's favourite, from Assassin onwards, we'll be rewatching some of the best B7 stories you'll find anywhere. Don't miss classic moments like Piri's death, Servalan in love, Vila's worst day ever, and some notable guest stars. Join us for the rewatches - Tuesdays at 7.45pm GMT in the UK, and on Saturdays at 8.30pm GMT if you're Downunder. Full details posted weekly here

Non-B7 Rewatches We do appreciate other TV shows, especially if there's a B7 connection. We're currently exploring Babylon 5, so join us on Thursdays at 7.45pm GMT (UK) here

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The Ficlet Challenges (With thanks to Purple Cleric) Everyone has a novel inside, apparently. We're only asking for 500 words max - what do the November prompts suggest to you? click! Not a competition, no prizes, but all contributions are much appreciated. The complete 2021 Ficlets are available in Horizon's archives

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Happy Birthday Glynis Barber

Happy Birthday, Glynis!

25th October

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