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As is the home of so many Blake's 7 goodies these days I thought it might be an idea to have a separate thread just for their discount codes. So here is a repeat of the one that I posted on the B7 magazine April 2024 thread earlier today:
I've just received an email from Lulu with the code SUNSHINE15 for 15% off any printed book. "This promotion is for 15% off when ordering printed products at Offer is valid through May 3, 2024."
Thanks for keeping us all updated as to Lulu and their discount codes. I ordered the zine yesterday and used the 'sushine15' code and it worked fine.
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I did as well and the SUNSHINE15 worked for me.
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Are there any LULU codes currently valid ?
CEXMAY10 for 10% off.
Hi all iv tried a few codes, none worked, does anyone have a working code ,thank you
I plan to live forever,or die trying.
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I've just received an email with this code: WRITEBOOKS15 valid until 17th May. Not tried it mind.

Update 15/05/2024: This code does work!
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Use code CONTENTCREATOR10 to save 10% on any printed project.

This promotion is for 10% off when ordering printed products at Offer is valid through May 24, 2024.
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