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May 2024 Ficlet Challenge
The word prompt this month is:


And for the second challenge...

One of our beloved characters has taken a joke way too far.

Happy Writing!
Hmmm, I see some good potential for a Vila ficlet here…
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Thank you PC. Something to think about whilst waiting with Daughter Number 1 for her hospital appointment tomorrow.....but I'd better not start walking round talking to myself!!!!
Cold! You don't know the meaning of the word cold!
Cold is when you have ice on the INSIDE of your window!!

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Well here goes.
Prompt number 1 and a lovely piccie from Lurena...

Hostage to Fortune

“So, in your opinion he is not a political fanatic?”
“No,” she replied, “his only interest is the acquisition of wealth.”
“From the Federation Banking System?”
“On this occasion, yes.”
“Will he feel compelled to try again?”
“Possibly. Should the occasion arise.”
The man laughed, “Not where he’s going. They’ve sentenced him to life on that god forsaken prison planet, Cygnus Alpha. I’d like to see him get rich there. Somehow, I can’t see the local inhabitants allowing him to pursue that path. And what about you?”
Anna Grant looked at the viscreen and the desolate man seated in the room. If he knew he was being watched, he didn’t seem to care.
“I presume you told him that I had died while undergoing interrogation?”
“We did. And that news will be allowed to filter out to any interested parties.”
“Did he mention my name?”
“No, and neither did he implicate any other person who was in on this scheme with him.”
“I expect that if there was anyone else they have made their escape already.”
“Didn’t he tell you anything?”
“No, all I knew is that he was going to get visas for both of us...and that was the last I saw of him, until you contacted me. Was he badly hurt?”
“At least he was alive, unlike that man with the visas. Not a pretty sight by all accounts.”
“I can’t believe that he killed that man. He doesn’t seem...”
“The sort of man who is capable of killing? But then, up until now he has been a model citizen; working on some of the most prestigious projects. Why throw caution to the wind and try and defraud the Federation Banking System?”
“Because he wanted more,” Anna replied, turning the screen off, “so much more. To have so much money that the Federation couldn’t touch him..or me.”
“A hostage to fortune?”
“If you like.”
“Well he will be a hostage to misfortune from now on. You did well.”
“Did I? I somehow can’t see him on Cygnus Alpha. I understand that it is not a nice place.”
“And that’s why we send people who defy the Federation there. He will either conform to the situation that exists there...or die. It’s as simple as that.”
“I hope for the Federation’s sake it is as simple as that. And as to your question about where I go from here? Anna Grant is dead, but Sula Chesku has seen the error of her ways and will return to her husband.”
“Will the Councillor allow you back into his life?”
“Oh yes. He loves me and will ask no questions about my absence.”
“They do say that love is blind.”
“Yes they do. Should you require anyone else to be know where I am.”
The man smiled as she left the room to return to her unwitting husband; a man totally blind to the reality of his wife. He switched on the screen.
“And another fool as well.”
Cold! You don't know the meaning of the word cold!
Cold is when you have ice on the INSIDE of your window!!

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Nice one, Sue. A thoughtful look into someone we don't really know.
"You're not sulking, I hope?"

littlesue wrote:

“A hostage to fortune?”
“If you like.”
“Well he will be a hostage to misfortune from now on. You did well.”

Well here goes...the 2nd prompt. I'm off my Hols tomorrow, but hopefully PC will post another challenge for June so that I can wander round the Cotswolds talking to myself...makes a change from my front room!!!

A Joke Too Far

“You have to do something, Avon.”
“What did you have in mind?” Avon replied.
Dayna stared at him.
“This!!” She held up a rather wet realistic looking spider, “I was in my shower when I suddenly saw this thing out of the corner of my eye.”
“And you think it’s Vila’s idea of a joke?”
“Yes I do. Why don’t you ask Cally and Tarrant?”
“As a matter of fact, I already have. Now why don’t you go and get dressed and then come and wipe the floor? You’ve dripped water everywhere on the Flight Deck.”

“Vila, I’ve just had a complaint from Dayna.”
“Oh, really?”
“Yes, really. And the Flight Deck is now rather wet after her experience in the shower.”
Vila’s eyes widened at the thought of Dayna...but those thoughts vanished immediately as Avon’s tone changed.
“And neither Cally not Tarrant have found your jokes in the slightest funny. In fact, Cally says she was most concerned about that injured finger of yours with all that blood...when she found out that it was merely an illusion; a plastic nail made to look as if it was actually in your finger.”
“Very realistic it was too; if I say so myself.”
“And itching powder in Tarrant’s favourite boots?”
Vila laughed, “I bet he was hopping mad.”
“It’s not funny, Vila.”
“Gan would have laughed,” Vila sighed, “Since Tarrant turned up it’s not been the same.”
“All right, so Tarrant’s sense of humour seems to have deserted him, but that doesn’t explain why you’re doing all this.”
“To lighten the mood a little. That’s what it said on the box.”
“What box?”
“I found it in that derelict warehouse we discovered a few weeks ago. It was marked ‘The House of Mischief’. It said in small print “Life getting too Serious? Then lighten the mood. Fun for all your friends and family.”
“I see.”
“Did you see that microscope? I thought of you when I found that.”
Avon was pensive. He had in fact found that article in the lab.
“Find anything interesting?”
“As a matter of fact, the focus wasn’t very good.”
“Turned it several times, did you?”
“Yes...why are you grinning like that, Vila?”
“Didn’t anyone mention it?”
“Mention what?”
Suddenly, Avon caught sight of himself in Vila’s mirror and the rather dark circle round his eye.
“It’s all right. Just ink. It will wash off, eventually.”
Avon slowly took hold of Vila’s lapels; his voice now cold and threatening,” You will take this confounded box and everything in it to the nearest airlock...”
“What? Eject it?”
“Or would you rather I ejected it along with you?”
Vila gulped, “No, no I’ll do it.”
“Good, and I don’t expect to see it again. I’ll shall be back after I’ve washed Do you understand me?”
“Completely,” Vila replied as Avon stormed out,” It seems Tarrant’s not the only one whose sense of humour has deserted him!”
Cold! You don't know the meaning of the word cold!
Cold is when you have ice on the INSIDE of your window!!

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All great stories this month, people. Sue- the latest one was quite good. As soon as you mentioned the microscope- I knew what you had planned! LOL
Resist the Host

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