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Avalon - (Project Avalon)
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Tyce - (Bounty)
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Norm One - (Redemption)
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Bek - (Shadow)
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Kasabi - (Pressure Point)
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Hal Mellanby - (Aftermath)
Hal Mellanby - (Aftermath)
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Hunda - (Traitor)
Hunda - (Traitor)
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Deva - (Blake)
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OnAir panel by EarnIT

Welcome to Blake's 7 Online

B7 Logo

Rebellion Roundup – 29th November 2020


THIS WEEK: 30th November - 6th December 2020

Our Advent Calendar is open! Click on Advent for a B7-related gift every day.
Post your comments and puzzle solutions here.
There are still a a few dates available, and 24th December is a free-for-all, so why not sign up here: 2020 Advent Calendar. It can be a joke, a photo, a video, a story, poem, puzzle, song, quiz, artwork... everyone is welcome!
Huge thanks again to Horizon Moderator Joe Dredd for organising the calendar, and to all our contributors.

*** OUT NOW! ***
Blake's 7 – Chosen, the new audiobook by Niel Bushnell, read by Olivia Poulet. Available to order now from Big Finish. You can read a special interview with the author here: Niel Bushnell.

*** OUT NOW!***
Forever Avon, the anthology of fan fiction and artwork chronicling the life of Kerr Avon, with a special Foreword Stephen Greif. The book is to honour the memory of Paul Darrow, and raise funds for the World Wildlife Fund. Further details here: Forever Avon - News.

Maybe. But remember to socially distance - unlike these two!

Still recommended. See below for plenty of B7-related indoor activities!

Grateful thanks to Horizon Member Trevor Travis!

MONDAY 30th November, 7.45pm
Liberator Chronicles Volume 11 Relisten
11.1 Brother by Nigel Fairs, performed by Paul Darrow, Anthony Howell (Nyrron) and Anthony Byrne (Torr Avon / Troy Rickson) .
Released in March 2015, Liberator Chronicles Volume 11 is still available on CD / Digital Download from Big Finish HERE.

TUESDAY 1st December, 7.45pm
Blake's 7 Rewatch - Northern Hemisphere
The Northern Hemisphere continues its 42nd anniversary rewatch of Series 4 with D9: Sand. Join us on the Green Planet for Jacqueline Pearce’s fave episode, written by Mistress of Fantasy Tanith Lee.

WEDNESDAY 2nd December, 7.45 and 8.22pm
Red Dwarf Rewatch
Our rewatch of Red Dwarf series 11 contines with episodes 11.3 and 11.4: Give & Take / Officer Rimmer .

SATURDAY 5th December, 09.00am UK GMT, 8.00pm Australia
Blake's 7 Rewatch - Southern Hemisphere
Having concluded the Series 4 rewatch, the Southern Hemisphere are now watching a random selection of episodes in the run-up to Xmas. First up is C1: Aftermath. In which the Galactic War is raging and the Liberator crew have to abandon ship. Who will end up where?

MONDAY 7th December, 7.45pm
Liberator Chronicles Volume 11 Relisten
11.2 Poison by Iain McLaughlin.
Released in March 2015, Liberator Chronicles Volume 11 is still available on CD / Digital Download from Big Finish HERE.

BritBox, the streaming service for British TV programmes old and new, has added Blake's 7 to its collection. All four seasons are now available to UK subscribers.

There is no formal challenge this month to save your creativity for the Horizon Advent Calendar, but for those looking for a bit of inspiration:
Word Prompt: CHARITY.
Sign up for a date and post your stories on the Advent Calendar HERE.
Huge thanks again to Horizon member Purplecleric for organising and inspiring the ficlet challenges, and to our members for their great stories and artwork.

Overlong ficlets may not fit in the monthly collections, so please try to limit your contributions to 500 words. This is a family-friendly website so stories should be rated no higher than PG-13. Previous Ficlet Collections can be read in our Ficlet Challenge Archives.

Glynis Barber talks about her career, including ‘being one of the naughty kids on B7’, in her interview with Lee Salisbury for his podcast Soap From the Box.
She returned as Gertrusha in series three of The Outpost. Airing on the CW channel in the USA from 8th October, and on the SyFy channel in the UK from 17th November.
She voices the Channel 5 documentary The Royals: A Family in Crisis. First broadcast on 7th March 2020, it’s available on catch-up until March 2025.

Josette Simon plays the witch Zelda in the 2020 remake of Roald Dahl's The Witches. Available to rent as as premium video on demand on HBO Max in the US, and on Prime Video, iTunes, Microsoft Store, Sky Store and other participating digital retailers in the UK.

Paul Darrow played Lord Rathen in The Minister of Chance, the award-winning audio drama. It has been remixed and remastered, and is being re-released as a free podcast in weekly 10-minute episodes from Monday 12th October. Click HERE.

Sally Knyvette has raised funds for AgeUK London by sharing lovely photos and reading uplifting poems. Full details, including the link to her JustGiving page HERE.

Cast and crew interviews from the virtual online convention Cygnus Alpha: Down & Safe are available to view on YouTube.
Actors: Sally Knyvette, Michael Keating, Brian Croucher, Sasha Mitchell
Directors: Michael E. Briant, Vivienne Cozens, Brian Lighthill
Writers: Bill Lyons, Colin Davis
Models & FX: Mat Irvine
Big Finish: Mark Wright, John Ainsworth, Trevor Baxendale, Steve Lyons

The interactive video game Contradiction - Spot The Liar, featuring Paul Darrow, is available for only £6.99 from Steam.

Steven Pacey plays George Welles in the episode 28 of the latest series of Casualty. First broadcast on BBC 1 on Saturday 14th March, now available on iPlayer until February 2021.

The Preacher711's B7 Video Games are available to download for Android devices. Games are based on B7 episodes, with playable character sprites.

Try Nicholas Pegg’s Blake’s 7 Episodes Emoji Quiz. Some clues are straightforward, some are dreadful puns, some totally cryptic. Can you figure them out?

Try Lurena's B7 Sliding Puzzle, Jigsaw Puzzles, Match the Pairs and Maths and Logic Puzzles. You can find more on the forum thread HERE

Try StormyPetrel’s game: Potential Planetary Surfaces. Find somewhere (indoors or outside) that you think resembles a potential planetary surface, take a photo and caption it. Imagination is your only limit!

Join the free-for-all on the forum activities thread for a selection of Phobon Plague Pastimes! Play 'Blakety Blank', or share your own games and ideas.

Blakes 7: Restoration Pt 3 is the final box set in the new all-cast series. Available now on CD and digital download from Big Finish
Blake's 7 – Restoration Part 2 is the second box set of episodes in the new full-cast series.
Available on CD and digital download from Big Finish - Restoration
Read our review HERE.

Outlaw, the B7 audiobook by Trevor Baxendale, read by Stephen Greif.
Available on CD and digital download from Big Finish.
Read our review HERE.

For our list of recommended blogs and podcasts, click Here

For updated news of the Blake’s 7 cast and crew, click Here


A gathering by and for Australian fans, hosted by Horizon Member Tyce. There’s a possibility that those on other continents may be able to Zoom in at certain times, so watch this space for further information, and follow the forum thread here: Tyce-Con.

Misty Moon Presents: An Evening with Carol Royle
Carol Royle (the Mutoid Keira in Duel) in conversation with Misty Moon's Stuart Morriss, discussing her Film, TV and Stage career. To attend this Zoom webinar, register here: Carol Royle.

THURSDAY 17th December 2020 7.45pm
Terry Pratchett Re-Read
Join us to discuss Hogfather, Terry Pratchett’s seasonally appropriate Xmas novel!
The threads for Pyramids, Guards Guards, Wyrd Sisters, The Wee Free Men, Mort, Thief of Time, Witches Abroad, Men at Arms, The Truth and Maskerade are still open for comments.

Cygnus Alpha - Teleport Day
A day full of Blake’s 7 zoom chats with members of the original cast and crew! Watch this space for further announcements.

Forever Avon has now been rescheduled to take place on Sunday 18th July 2021. Huge thanks to Team Blake for this sensible decision, and for making arrangements with the venue, hotels, ticket holders and guests to ensure a smooth transition of the event to next year.
Further details on the forum Here.

Big Finish £2.99 Special Offers!

Special £2.99 Offers from Big Finish!

Big Finish are offering downloads of 20 audios at the bargain price of £2.99. From their B7 range, these are:

The first full-cast audio, Warship by Peter Anghelides.

Series 1 of the 6-ep full cast audios at £2.99 per episode, comprising:
1.1 Fractures, by Justin Richards.
1.2 Battleground, by Andrew Smith.
1.3 Drones, by Marc Platt.
1.4 Mirror, by Peter Anghelides
1.5 Cold Fury, by Cavan Scott & Mark Wright
1.6 Caged, by Cavan Scott & Mark Wright

Also on offer is This is Colin Baker - Colin’s own story, in conversation with interviewer Nicholas Briggs.

A further download of interest to B7 fans is the children's book Rebecca's World, written by Terry Nation and narrated by Paul Darrow.

Hurry! These offers expire 23:59 (UK time) on 9th December 2020!


Happy Birthday Deep Roy

Birthday Greetings

Happy Birthday, Deep Roy!
1st December

Out Now! Chosen, the New B7 Audiobook from Big Finish

Big Finish
Out Now! Chosen, the new B7 Audiobook from Big Finish

The new Blake's 7 audiobook from Big Finish Chosen was written by Niel Bushnell, edited by Xanna Eve Chown and read by Olivia Poulet.

As a damaged Liberator drifts in the skies above, Blake, Vila and Jenna scope out the planet below. But what they believe to be an abandoned mining facility turns out to be less deserted - and more dangerous - than they could have known. Meanwhile, the crew members left on board are facing problems of their own...

Set between the TV episodes Mission to Destiny and Duel, the story takes place in the early part of the series, while the crew are still getting to know each other.

Chosen is available on download only, exclusively from the Big Finish website. Order from Big Finish Chosen

You can listen to a trailer HERE and read our special interview with the author HERE

For more information click on READ MORE below

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