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OnAir panel by EarnIT

Rebellion Roundup - 19th October

THIS WEEK: 19th-26th October 2014

Picture GOING OUT?

Members of the Big Finish Team are among the guests at Dimensions 2014 on 24th-26th October 2014 in Newcastle upon Tyne.


Horizon Rewatches
The Northern Hemisphere rewatch continues Season A with Seek Locate Destroy. Join fellow fans to meet Servalan, Travis and the Hugbot and abandon Cally on Tuesday 21st October at 7.45pm UK time. Rewatch S-L-D.

The next Australian Rewatch is Killer. Put on your Michelin Man outfits (Beetle Capes are optional) and join fellow fans on Saturday 1st November at 8pm Australian Daylight Savings Time. Please note that this will be 9.00am UK time, due to the clocks Downunder going forward and ours going back. Grateful thanks to Horizon member Tyce for the timey-wimey information! Rewatch Killer.
The full schedule of B7 and other cult TV rewatches is here: Rewatch Schedule.

Latest Big Finish Releases

Liberator Chronicles Volume 9. Horizon's review is HERE.

Caged by Cavan Scott and Mark Wright is the sixth and final episode in the all cast series, and features Hugh Fraser as the President. The other episodes of Big Finish's full cast Series-within-Season B - Fractures, Battleground, Drones, Mirror and Cold Fury - are available from Big Finish Classic B7 Audio.
Lucifer Revelation, the second book in Paul Darrow's post-Gauda Prime trilogy of novels is available in hardback and eBook.
Big Finish's Fourth Doctor Adventures, Last of the Colophon, stars Tom Baker and Louise Jameson and features Gareth Thomas as Morax.

Vortex: The August edition of Big Finish's Vortex Magazine has an interview with Tom Chadbon, Cavan Scott and Mark Wright. Vortex 66. Previous editions of Vortex include interviews with Gareth Thomas (January 2014), Jan Chappell (February 2014), Michael Keating (March 2014) and Sally Knyvette (April 2014) and Paul Darrow (May 2014). Vortex Magazine is free to download from the Big Finish website and is available in PDF and Word formats: Vortex.

Blogs: Adventures With The Wife and Blake by Neil and Sue Perryman is now complete, with Sue's rewatch of Blake. Gauda Cheese's The Gift of B7 is now a 4-part article for Horizon.

Kevin Davies' Making of Blakes 7 Documentary, Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3, which were never released on DVD, are now available to watch on YouTube.

Paul Darrow's interviews for the Mark & Nina show on HFM radio are still available to listen to here: Paul on HFM 2013 and Paul on HFM Radio 2014.
Paul's interview with Horizon is Here.

Puzzles: Time on your hands? Try some B7 Anagrams, Jumbled Quotes, Logic Problems and Jigsaws! Grateful thanks to Horizon members winnie-l and Lurena for providing these entertaining and addictive puzzles.


Saturday November 1st 2014 - Brian Croucher is among the guests at The Sheffield Film & TV Expo, a new event in the heart of Sheffield. There may be other B7 Guests - watch this space for updates.
Saturday November 1st 2014 - Sally Knyvette is doing a signing in Barking.

Saturday November 8th 2014 - Julian Glover and Isla Blair are among the guests at the London Film Convention which is celebrating 80 Years of Hammer.

Updated merchandise news is here: Merchandise News

Happy Birthday Glynis Barber

Birthday Greetings

Happy Birthday, Glynis!
25th October

New B7 Novel - 'Criminal Intent' - Prologue Available Now!

Big FinishThe latest original B7 novel from Big Finish - Blake's 7 – Criminal Intent by Trevor Baxendale is released in November, and the Prologue to the novel has been made available as an exclusive PDF. This tantalising 'pre-title sequence' can be downloaded here: Prologue

Blake's 7 – Criminal Intent will be published in hardback and ebook formats, and is available to pre-order now.


Glynis Barber in 'Beautiful - The Carole King Musical'

B7 Cast and CrewGlynis Barber will be playing Genie Klein (Carole King's mother) in the London production of the Broadway hit Beautiful – The Carole King Musical, which opens in the West End’s Aldwych Theatre on 24th February 2015.

Glynis is a lifelong fan of Carole King, and loves the fact that she's going to be surrounded by Carole King music all year. She won't be singing, though. She says: "Ha ha, no of COURSE I won't be singing. I'm leaving that to all the lovely and beautiful young people in the show!"

Further information about the show and booking details are available HERE.

Big Finish All Cast Series 2 - Update

Big Finish
Big Finish have today announced further details of their new all cast series, together with a trailer for Scimitar!

Set during Season C, the series stars Paul Darrow, Steven Pacey, Jan Chappell and Michael Keating, with Alistair Lock as Zen and Orac. They are joined by Tom Chadbon, returning to the Liberator as Del Grant.

You can listen to the trailer for Scimitar HERE.

Scimitar by Trevor Baxendale is released in November and Fortuitas by George Mann is out in December. The episodes are directed by Lisa Bowerman and the series is produced by Cavan Scott.

For a full list of episode titles and synopses of the first two episodes, click on READ MORE below.

Liberator Chronicles Volume 10 - Trailer Released!

Big Finish
November 2014 sees the release of Liberator Chronicles Volume 10 and a new trailer has been released!

Set during Season 1, the stories in this 3-CD box set are:

Velandra by Steve Lyons, performed by Gareth Thomas as Blake and Stephen Greif as Travis.

Retribution by Andrew Smith, performed by Michael Keating as Vila and John Banks as Lang.

The Ministry of Peace by Una McCormack, performed by Paul Darrow as Avon and Jacqueline Pearce as Servalan.

Liberator Chronicles Volume 10 is directed by Lisa Bowerman and Ken Bentley, and was produced by David Richardson.

You can listen to the trailer here: LC10 Trailer and pre-order the box set on CD or digital download here: Big Finish LC10

For further details click on READ MORE BELOW

Big Finish Announce Details of Eps 1 and 2 of Full Cast Series Two

Big Finish
Big Finish have today announced details of the first two episodes in their new all cast series!

Set during Season C, the series stars Paul Darrow, Steven Pacey, Jan Chappell and Michael Keating, with Alistair Lock as Zen and Orac. They are joined by Tom Chadbon, returning to the Liberator as Del Grant.

Scimitar by Trevor Baxendale is released in November and Fortuitas by George Mann is out in December. The episodes are directed by Lisa Bowerman and the series is produced by Cavan Scott.

Both episodes are now available to pre-order from Big Finish on CD or digital download.

For further details click on READ MORE below

Danger - Mutoid at Work

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