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OnAir panel by EarnIT

Rebellion Roundup - 5th July 2015

THIS WEEK 5th - 12th July 2015


Smallspace 4 Model Show at The Village Hall, Hanslope, Buckinghamshire MK17 7NZ on Sunday 12th July 2015. Matt Irvine and Mike Tucker will be exhibiting props and models, which include the Whomobile (on display for the first time in twenty years) and the spaceship from City of Death. Quite a few Horizon members have announced they will be attending and displaying their own props, costumes and models - see the forum thread here: Smallspace 2015

Steven Pacey is appearing in two plays at the Swan Theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon. He plays Ferneze in The Jew of Malta until 8th September, and Sir Politic Would-Be in Volpone from 3rd July to 12th September.

Glynis Barber plays Genie Klein (Carole King's mother) in Beautiful - The Carole King Musical at the Aldwych Theatre, London.



Northern Hemisphere:
The rewatch of Season A continues with Project Avalon. Bring your rolls of silver foil and join fellow fans on Tuesday 7th July at 7.45pm UK time.

Southern Hemisphere:
The Australian Rewatch continues Season D with Gold. Join fellow fans for this excellent heist story on Saturday 11th July at 7pm Australian Eastern Standard Time, 10.00am UK time.

The full schedule of B7 and other cult TV rewatches is HERE.


Paul Darrow features in the interactive murder mystery Contradication which will be available on Steam for PC & Mac from 10th July.

Steven Pacey played Colin in episode 2 of the new Channel 4 sci-fi drama Humans. First broadcast on 21st June, it is available on demand from C4 OD

Tribute to Tanith Lee on the BBC Radio 4 obituary programme Last Word, which is available to listen to on BBC iPlayer.

Gareth Thomas plays the narrator Elias of Dereham in a specially commissioned audio drama Magna Carta - Legacy which tells the story behind the document and how it came to be housed at Salisbury Cathedral. Produced by award-winning audio dramatists Spiteful Puppet, it can be heard on their website here: Magna Carta.

Stephen Greif plays Tallyrand, the French Politician (who also acts as the narrator) in the BBC Radio 4 play Waterloo - The Ball in Brussels. First broadcast on 17th June to mark the bicentenary of the famous battle, it is available now on BBC iPlayer.

Glynis Barber was interviewed by Jonathan Ross on BBC Radio 2 on Friday 1st May. Although this was to promote her new book, they also talked about Blake's 7! The interview can be heard on BBC iPlayer Radio.
Glynis and nutritionist Fleur Borrelli appeared on This Morning on Friday 24th April, promoting their new book The In-Sync Diet. The interview is available now to view on ITV Player.
Glynis chatted to Lorraine Kelly about her role in the West End production of Beautiful: The Carole King Musical on Lorraine, broadcast on 20th January. Catch up with the interview on ITVPlayer.

Paul Darrow plays Duncan Clench in Channel 4's Toast of London. First broadcast on 3rd November, it's available to watch on the Channel 4 website 4OD. Paul's interviews for the Mark & Nina show on HFM radio are still available to listen to here: Paul on HFM 2013 and Paul on HFM Radio 2014. Paul's interview with Horizon is Here.

Calling B7 fanfic writers!
It's time to sharpen your pencils for two new July Ficlets! The prompt word is Independent or complete a scene featuring Soolin.
You can now read the January Ficlet Collection in Horizon's fan fiction area, with the following months' collections coming soon.
Huge thanks to Horizon member purplecleric for organising these challenges, and to all the writers who contributed such a great selection of stories.

Latest Blakes 7 Releases from Big Finish
Truth and Lies by Justin Richards - the sixth and final episode in Big Finish's new all cast series
Liberator Chronicles Volume 11 - three stories set during Season 2, starring Paul Darrow, Michael Keating and Jan Chappell, with new and returning guest actors.
Audiobook of Lucifer: Revelation - the second novel in Paul Darrow's Lucifer trilogy, read by Paul Darrow.
Blakes 7 - Criminal Intent by Trevor Baxendale - the latest novel in Big Finish's B7 range.

Kevin Davies' Making of Blakes 7 Documentary, Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3, which were never released on DVD, are now available to watch on YouTube.

Blogs and Podcasts
Down and Safe, a biweekly podcast where an intrepid, intercontinental crew of telly-watching people discuss B7 episode by episode. Be warned - these sometimes contain bad language!

Adventures With The Wife and Blake by Neil and Sue Perryman is complete, with Sue's rewatch of Blake.
Gauda Cheese's The Gift of B7 is now a 4-part article for Horizon.

Puzzles: Time on your hands? Try some B7 Anagrams, Jumbled Quotes, Logic Problems and Jigsaws! Grateful thanks to Horizon members winnie-l and Lurena for providing these entertaining and addictive puzzles.


Saturday 22nd August 2015 - Group outing to see Steven Pacey in the matinee of Volpone at the Swan Theatre, Stratford upon Avon. Steven has very kindly agreed to meet his fans for morning tea at 11.00am, before the show. Watch this space for further details and announcements, and join the chat on the forum thread HERE

19th September 2015- Colin Baker is among the guests at Big Finish Day 7 at the Copthorne Hotel, Slough.

4th October 2015 - Return to Gauda Prime 3 returns (can a Return return?) for another fan-fuelled fun-filled convention day at Steventon Village Hall, Oxfordshire. Watch this space for further details and announcements, and join the chat on the forum thread HERE.

Updated merchandise news is here: Merchandise News

Gareth Thomas in Magna Carta - Legacy

B7 Cast and Crew
Gareth Thomas in Magna Carta - Legacy

Gareth Thomas plays the narrator Elias of Dereham in a special audio drama commissioned by Salisbury Cathedral to accompany their exhibition commemorating the 800th Anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta.

Magna Carta - Legacy is a compelling historical tale of feuding Barons and an unpopular King with Popes, Archbishops and paupers thrown in for good measure.

For further information click on READ MORE below

Stephen Greif in BBC Radio 4 Play - 17th June 2015

B7 Cast and Crew
Stephen Greif in Waterloo - The Ball in Brussells

Stephen Greif plays Prince Tallyrand, the French Politician, who also acts as the narrator, in a new audio play to mark the bicentenary of the Battle of Waterloo.

Waterloo - The Ball in Brussells will be broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on Wednesday 17th June at 2.15pm, and available afterwards on BBC iPlayer.

For further information and synopsis of the play, click on READ MORE below

Return to Gauda Prime 3 - Update!

Return to Gauda Prime 3 Fan Convention

Date: Sunday 4th October 2015
Time: 11.00am - 4.00pm
Venue: Steventon Village Hall, Oxfordshire

Costume Designer June Hudson and actor Nick Joseph (Muller's Android - Headhunter) have confirmed their attendance. There will be a display of original Blakes 7 costumes, with a special focus on those designed by June.

*Special Appeal*
If anyone has costumes from Redemption, Shadow, Weapon, Horizon, Pressure Point, or Killer, please bring them to this event! We are keen to reunite June Hudson with some of her creations! If you are unable to attend, and are willing to lend any of these costumes, please contact B7Gary.

There will also be displays of Clanger68 and Exterminator's models and props. Once again, there will be a Memorabilia Swap Table. Bring an item and swap for something else in return for a donation to charity. This is open to all, whether or not you bring items.

Munchies Sandwich Bar is located across the road from the Village Hall. See online menu and price list here: Munchies.

Watch this space for further announcements, and check updates on the forum HERE.

Return to Gauda Prime 3 is organised by Horizon member clareblues1.

Stephen Greif News – May 2015

B7 Cast and CrewRadio
Stephen Greif played Phil Carter in the BBC Radio 4 drama The Carter Mysteries in April.
This month he plays Teacher in Ed Harris' dramatisation of Kafka's The Castle on BBC Radio 4.
In June, Stephen plays Tallyrand, the French Politician (who also acts as the play’s narrator), in BBC Radio 4's Waterloo - The Ball in Belgium, to mark the bicentenary of the battle.

Stephen has just finished recording the narration for Mega Oil Iraq, an 8-part TV documentary series about the origins and development of the largest untapped oilfield in the world - The West Qurna Oil field in Iraq.

Stephen plays Caiaphas, High Priest of the Sanhedrin in Risen (previously titled Clavius), a new movie directed by Kevin Reynolds, starring Joseph Fiennes, Tom Felton and Peter Finch. Filmed last year in Malta, the movie is due for release in January 2016.

Signing Appearances
Stephen will be attending the Cygnus Alpha Convention on 7th June.

For more information click on READ MORE below

'Lucifer: Genesis by Paul Darrow' - Out Now!

Big Finish
Lucifer: Genesis - the final instalment of Paul Darrow's epic trilogy - out now!

Expect the unexpected as Avon's enemies gather for a final battle - and take a trip back in time to uncover the shocking secrets of Servalan's childhood. Follow the adventures of Avon from his days as a young man in the Chinese Empire, through his time on the Liberator, to his later exploits as an old man. No matter what age he is, Avon is always a formidable adversary for the mighty Federation!

Lucifer: Genesis is available to order from Big Finish as a hardback and eBook from Big Finish.
A free PDF of the Prologue is available to download HERE

For more information click on READ MORE below

Blake's Heaven - Release Date Announced!

Blake's Heaven to be released on May 12th!

For many fans, Blake's 7 has had a profound effect on their lives that goes far beyond the appreciation of a TV series. Blake's Heaven is an anthology of B7 fan reminiscences, which according to the editor John Davies, are about "...where and when you first watched these stories, how they made you feel and whatever other thoughts they've put into your head. These are not reviews, they're so very much more than that!"

It has now been announced that the complete anthology Blake's Heaven will be released as a paperback by Watching Books on 12th May. Contributors include several Horizon members (past and present) and a Foreword by Paul Darrow. The book will retail at approximately £15 with all the royalties going to Children in Need.

For further details, click on READ MORE below

Cygnus Alpha Convention - 7th June 2015 - Latest Guest is Sally Knyvette!

B7 Cast and Crew
Cygnus Alpha Convention - Sunday 7th June 2015
The Lost Theatre, 208 Wandsworth Road, London, SW8 2JU

The latest guest to be announced is Sally Knyvette! She joins fellow Liberator crew mates Gareth Thomas, Jan Chappell and Michael Keating, to face up to the Federation in the form of the two Travises Stephen Greif and Brian Croucher. The exciting line-up of guests includes other actors, directors and model makers.

Cygnus Alpha is a fan run event celebrating and revisiting Blake's 7. Thirteen guests have been confirmed, and included in the price of admission will be two autographs from each guest (apart from sponsored guests - yet to be announced). There will be on-stage interviews, photo sessions and a display of original costumes and models.


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