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Welcome to Blake's 7 Online

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Rebellion Roundup - 12th April

THIS FORTNIGHT: 12th-26th APRIL 2014

News Editor Travisina is going on holiday for two weeks. Normal Service will be resumed thereafter.

Sunday 13 April 2014 - Return to Gauda Prime 2. Fan gathering at the Village Hall in Steventon, Oxfordshire. See also Fan Event Forum Thread.

Steven Pacey reprises his role of Peter Ingleton, the Countess of Marshwood’s witty and sophisticated nephew in Noel Coward's comedy Relative Values at the Harold Pinter Theatre in London's West End until 21st June. There are group theatre outings being planned - see Forum Thread.

Paul Darrow has recorded a new Interview on HFM for the Mark & Nina Show. His 2013 interview for HFM is still available to listen to here: Paul on HFM 2013, and his interview with Horizon is Here.

Mirror, the latest episode in Big Finish's full cast Series-within-Season B has been released, and is available on CD and Digital Download here: Mirror. The first three episodes, Fractures, Battleground and Drones, are available from Big Finish Classic B7 Audio.
Liberator Chronicles Volume 7 is available from Big Finish here: LC7
The latest release in Big Finish's Fourth Doctor Adventures, starring Tom Baker and Louise Jameson, features Michael Keating in a guest role. Doctor Who - The Evil One is available here: 4th Doctor.

Vortex: The April edition of Big Finish's Vortex Magazine includes an interview with Sally Knyvette: Vortex62. Previous editions of Vortex include interviews with Gareth Thomas (January 2014), Jan Chappell (February 2014) and Michael Keating (March 2014). Vortex Magazine is free to download from the Big Finish website and is available in PDF and Word formats: Vortex.

The next Horizon Rewatch is Aftermath. Join fellow members from around the world on Tuesday 22nd April at 7.45pm UK time: Rewatch Aftermath. The full schedule of B7 and other cult TV rewatches is here: Rewatch Schedule.

Part One of Kevin Davies' Making of Blake's 7 Documentary, which was never released on DVD, is now available to watch on YouTube.

Blogs: Adventures With The Wife and Blake by Neil and Sue Perryman is up to Voice from the Past. Gauda Cheese's The Gift of B7 is now a 4-part article for Horizon.

Puzzles: Time on your hands? Try some B7 Anagrams, Logic Problems and Jigsaws! Grateful thanks to Horizon members winnie-l and Lurena for providing these entertaining and addictive puzzles.


Saturday 13th September 2014 - Big Finish Day 5. Venue will be the Copthorne Hotel in Slough. Full round up of guests to be announced, but so far include Tom Baker, Phillip Hinchcliffe - and the Big Finish team.

Updated merchandise news is here: Merchandise News

Michael Keating in 4th Doctor Audio Adventure

B7 Cast and Crew
Michael Keating features in The Evil One - the latest Fourth Doctor Adventure from Big Finish

Big Finish's Fourth Doctor Adventures is a series of full cast audiobooks, starring Tom Baker as the Doctor. In this latest series, he is accompanied by Louise Jameson as Leela.

The Evil One features Michael Keating as Calvert. This is not the first Doctor Who that Michael has done for Big Finish, having previously appeared with Paul McGann and Colin Baker. It is also not the first time that he has appeared with Tom Baker and Louise Jameson, although the previous occasion was on the original TV series Doctor Who and The Sun Makers in 1977!

You can listen to a trailer here: Trailer
The Evil One is available on CD and digital download from Big Finish HERE. Other releases in their series of Fourth Doctor Adventures can be found here: BF-DW4

For further details click on READ MORE below

'Blake's 7 - Mirror' Available Now from Big Finish!

Big Finish
Mirror, the fourth episode of Big Finish's series of all-cast audio adventures has been released today

Gareth Thomas, Paul Darrow, Michael Keating, Jan Chappell and Sally Knyvette are joined by Brian Croucher as Travis II and Alistair Lock as the voices of Zen and Orac, with guest actors Bethan Walker as Locklan and Hugh Fraser as The President. This episode was written by Peter Anghelides, directed by Ken Bentley and produced by David Richardson.

You can listen to a trailer HERE. Horizon's review is here: Review

Mirror is available to order on CD and digital download from Big Finish here: Mirror

Click on READ MORE below for further details

B7 Full Cast Series - More Cover Art and Details Released

Big FinishBig Finish have released the cover art and further details about the final two episodes of their full-cast series.

In Cold Fury, the destination is the uninhabited ice world Horst Minor, a planet that holds many secrets...
In Caged, Blake and the President of the Terran Federation stand face to face, meeting for the first and last time...

Both episodes were written by Cavan Scott & Mark Wright, who have been nominated for an award for The Armageddon Storm.

For more information click on READ MORE Below

Cavan Scott & Mark Wright Nominated for Award

Big Finish
Writers Cavan Scott & Mark Wright have been nominated for an award for Blake’s 7:The Armageddon Storm

The International Association of Media Tie-In Writers has announced the nominees for the 2014 Scribe Awards, recognising excellence in the field of media tie-in writing; books based on movies, TV shows and games. The winners will be announced, and awards presented, in July at the San Diego Comic-Con.

Part of the series of Big Finish's Liberator Chronicles series of enhanced audiobooks, The Armageddon Storm broke the mould by being a multi-cast, 3-part epic, and features the return of Tom Chadbon as Del Grant. Widely acclaimed by fans, it's available from Big Finish on CD and digital download and you can read Horizon's review here: LC3 Review.
Horizon wishes Cavan and Mark the very best of luck!

Photo of Paul Darrow and Tom Chadbon together with writers Mark Wright and Cavan Scott courtesy of Big Finish

Return to Gauda Prime 2 - Coming Soon!

Return to Gauda Prime 2 Fan Convention is nearly here!

Date: Sunday 13th April 2014
Time: 11.00am - 4.00pm
Venue: Steventon Village Hall, Oxfordshire
Entry price: £12 for adults and £5 for kids up to the age of 16. Any residual funds after the event will be donated to the event's chosen charity, Macmillan Cancer Support.

Mat Irvine has now confirmed that he will be there with a selection of his models, there will be displays of costumes, artwork, fan collections...

For further details click on READ MORE Below

Paul Darrow in Law & Order UK

B7 Cast and CrewPaul Darrow returns to his recurring role of Judge Prentice in Episode 3 (I Predict A Riot) in the latest series of Law & Order UK.

This episode airs on Wednesday 26th March at 9.00pm on ITV1, and is repeated on ITV1+1 at 10.00pm.

It will be repeated on Saturday 29th March at 9.25pm on ITV1 and available to watch on demand on ITVPlayer for a month afterwards.

Unstoppable Cards Announce Release of Blake's 7 Trading Cards Series 2

MerchandiseUnstoppable Cards have now released their second series of Blake's 7 collectible trading cards which covers Blake's 7 Seasons C and D.

As before, this collection includes episode cards (two cards for each episode, featuring a still from the episode on the front and synopsis on the reverse), autograph and double-signed cards, foil cards and sketch cards.

Full details on prices, special offers and ordering are on their website here: Unstoppable Cards.

Here on Horizon there's a Discussion Thread, a thread dedicated to Swapping and Trading cards and a Behind The Scenes article about the writing of the episode synopses.

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