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OnAir panel by EarnIT

Rebellion Roundup - 14th December

THIS WEEK: 14th - 21st December 2014

*** Check Out Horizon's Advent Calendar for a fun surprise every day in the run-up to Christmas! ***

Picture GOING OUT?

Isla Blair plays Connie in the stage musical Made in Dagenham at the Adelphi Theatre, London.

Julian Glover plays The Interlocutor in the stage musical The Scottsboro Boys at the Garrick Theatre, London until 21st February 2015.


Horizon Rewatches
Northern Hemisphere:
Ahead of the traditional Xmas week rewatch of Blake, it was decided that this week's rewatch should be a more cheerful episode. Leaving aside the fact that MOST episodes are more cheerful than Blake, by popular demand (2 votes) this week's rewatch will be the delightful City at the Edge of the World. Join fellow fans to see Vila being clever and brave on Tuesday 16th December at 7.45pm UK time: Rewatch City

The Australian Rewatch of Season B concludes with Star One. Join fellow fans for Blake and Jenna's last appearances in this cliff-hanging season finale on Saturday 20th December at 8pm Australian Daylight Savings Time, 9.00am UK time: Rewatch Star One

The full schedule of B7 and other cult TV rewatches is here: Rewatch Schedule.

Paul Darrow plays Duncan Clench in Channel 4's Toast of London. First broadcast on 3rd November, it's available to watch on the Channel 4 website 4OD

Latest Big Finish Releases
Fortuitas by George Mann is the second episode in Big Finish's second all cast series, and features Tom Chadbon as Del Grant.
Liberator Chronicles Volume 10 - three stories set during Season 1, starring Gareth Thomas, Stephen Greif, Paul Darrow, Michael Keating and Jacqueline Pearce.
Blakes 7 - Criminal Intent by Trevor Baxendale - the latest novel in Big Finish's B7 range.

Adventures With The Wife and Blake by Neil and Sue Perryman is complete, with Sue's rewatch of Blake.
Gauda Cheese's The Gift of B7 is now a 4-part article for Horizon.

Kevin Davies' Making of Blakes 7 Documentary, Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3, which were never released on DVD, are now available to watch on YouTube.

Paul Darrow's interviews for the Mark & Nina show on HFM radio are still available to listen to here: Paul on HFM 2013 and Paul on HFM Radio 2014.
Paul's interview with Horizon is Here.

Puzzles: Time on your hands? Try some B7 Anagrams, Jumbled Quotes, Logic Problems and Jigsaws! Grateful thanks to Horizon members winnie-l and Lurena for providing these entertaining and addictive puzzles.


17th January 2015- Jan Chappell has now been confirmed as guest at Big Finish Day 6 at the Copthorne Hotel, Windsor. More details and full line up of guests here: BF Day 6.

15th March 2015 - Julian Glover and Colin Baker are among the guests at EM-CON in Nottingham.

4th October 2015 - Return to Gauda Prime 3 returns (can a Return return?) for another fan-fuelled fun-filled convention day at Steventon Village Hall, Oxfordshire. Watch this space for further details and announcements, and join the chat on the forum thread HERE.

Updated merchandise news is here: Merchandise News

Big Finish Announce Next B7 Novel - Mediasphere

Big Finish
Big Finish Announce Next B7 Novel - Mediasphere

After the concluding novel in Paul Darrow's Lucifer trilogy (released next May), the next new B7 novel to look forward to is Mediasphere by Kate Orman and Jonathan Blum.

The Liberator crew infiltrate the Mediasphere, a space station which produces the Federation's propaganda and popular entertainment. But who is really controlling the Mediasphere - and scripting a series of deadly encounters for our heroes?

Mediasphere will be released in November 2015 and is available now to pre-order as hardback or eBook.

For more information click on READ MORE below

Lucifer: Genesis - Artwork and Details released!

Big Finish
Lucifer: Genesis - Artwork and Details released!

Big Finish have revealed the cover art and further details about Lucifer: Genesis, the final book in the trilogy by Paul Darrow.

Expect the unexpected as Avon's enemies gather for a final battle - and take a trip back in time to uncover the shocking secrets of Servalan's childhood.

Lucifer: Genesis will be released in May 2015 as a hardback and eBook. It's available to pre-order HERE.

For more information click on READ MORE below

B7 Fortuitas - Released Today!

Big Finish
Fortuitas - the second episode in the new all-cast series was released today, 11th December 2014

The search for Dayna takes the Liberator to Solace, a former galactic tourist trap fallen on hard times. When he loses a second member of his crew, Avon is forced to investigate a series of mysterious disappearances....

Set during Season C, Fortuitas was written by George Mann and stars Paul Darrow, Steven Pacey, Jan Chappell and Michael Keating, with Tom Chadbon as Del Grant and Alistair Lock as the voices of Zen and Orac. It was directed by Lisa Bowerman and produced for Big Finish by Cavan Scott.

Fortuitas is available now from Big Finish on CD and Digital Download. You can listen to the trailer here: Fortuitas Trailer.

For further details click on READ MORE below

New B7 All Cast Series - Another Trailer and more Artwork!

Big Finish
New B7 All Cast Series - Another Trailer and more Artwork!

Hot on the heels of the release of the Trailer and Artwork for the third episode in this series, Big Finish have now released a trailer for episode four - Ghost Ship - which you can listen to HERE.

Ghost Ship is released in February 2015, and you can pre-order it on CD or digital download from Big Finish here: Ghost Ship.

For further information, and story details and cover art for episodes 5 and 6 click on READ MORE below

New B7 All Cast Series - Trailer, Artwork and Story Details Released!

Big Finish
New B7 All Cast Series - Trailer, Artwork and more Story Details!

The new all-cast audio drama series from Big Finish is set during Season C and stars Paul Darrow, Michael Keating, Jan Chappell, and Steven Pacey, with Tom Chadbon as new crew member Del Grant and Alistair Lock as Zen and Orac. The first episode, Scimitar, was released in November with the other episodes following monthly.

Ahead of this month's release of the second episode, Fortuitas, Big Finish have today released a trailer, story details and cover artwork for the forthcoming episodes Mindset and Ghost Ship.

Mindset is released in January 2015. You can listen to a trailer here: Mindset Trailer and pre-order it on CD or digital download from Big Finish here: Mindset.

For further information, story details and more cover art click on READ MORE below

Brian Croucher Interview with Toby Hadoke - 4th December 2014

B7 Cast and Crew
Brian Croucher Interview with Toby Hadoke

A regular feature on the Big Finish website is Toby Hadoke's Who's Round - a series of downloadable podcasts in which he interviews mystery figures from the 50 years of Doctor Who past.

It can now be revealed that today's interview is with Brian Croucher, and you can listen to it or download the podcast here: Who's Round

For further details, click on READ MORE below

Blake's 7 at the BFI - 5th December 2014 - MORE GUESTS!

B7 Cast and Crew
Blake's 7 at the British Film Institute - 5th December 2014

As part of their season Sci-Fi: Days of Fear and Wonder, the BFI is holding a special panel discussion of Blake's 7 with members of the cast and crew. It has now been confirmed that the guest line up will be Michael Keating, Jan Chappell, Stephen Greif and costume designer June Hudson.

Also added to the panel are Lisa Bowerman - Director of B7 Audio Dramas for Big Finish Productions, Andrew Mark Sewell - B7 Productions Executive Producer and Leon Clarance - Executive Producer, Georgeville TV.

For further information, click on READ MORE below.

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