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Rebellion Roundup - 31st August


Picture GOING OUT?

Nothing much happening this week, so why not get together with friends for a drive in the country?


Steven Pacey's episode of Agatha Christie's Poirot - The Big Four is repeated on Saturday 6th September at 7.00pm on ITV Encore.

Horizon Rewatches
The next Northern Hemisphere event is a relisten to Liberator Chronicles 5.2 – Risk Management, starring Gareth Thomas and Sally Knyvette. This is a fun tale, a bit of much needed light relief between the other two stories in this collection, which are quite dark. Join fellow fans to listen and discuss on Tuesday 2nd September at 7.45pm UK time.

The next Australian Rewatch is Redemption. Join fellow members downunder to see Orac's prediction come true on Saturday 6th September at 8pm Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST), 11.00am UK time.: Rewatch Redemption.
The full schedule of B7 and other cult TV rewatches is here: Rewatch Schedule.

Latest Big Finish Releases

Liberator Chronicles Volume 9. Horizon's review is HERE.

Caged by Cavan Scott and Mark Wright is the sixth and final episode in the all cast series, and features Hugh Fraser as the President. The other episodes of Big Finish's full cast Series-within-Season B - Fractures, Battleground, Drones, Mirror and Cold Fury - are available from Big Finish Classic B7 Audio.
Lucifer Revelation, the second book in Paul Darrow's post-Gauda Prime trilogy of novels is available in hardback and eBook.
Liberator Chronicles Volume 8 has three stories by Simon Guerrier, Marc Platt and James Goss and stars Gareth Thomas, Jan Chappell, Jacqueline Pearce, Peter Miles, Dan Starkey and Jemma Churchill.
Big Finish's Fourth Doctor Adventures, Last of the Colophon, stars Tom Baker and Louise Jameson and features Gareth Thomas as Morax.

Vortex: The August edition of Big Finish's Vortex Magazine has an interview with Tom Chadbon, Cavan Scott and Mark Wright. Vortex 66. Previous editions of Vortex include interviews with Gareth Thomas (January 2014), Jan Chappell (February 2014), Michael Keating (March 2014) and Sally Knyvette (April 2014) and Paul Darrow (May 2014). Vortex Magazine is free to download from the Big Finish website and is available in PDF and Word formats: Vortex.

Blogs: Adventures With The Wife and Blake by Neil and Sue Perryman is now complete, with Sue's rewatch of Blake. Gauda Cheese's The Gift of B7 is now a 4-part article for Horizon.

Kevin Davies' Making of Blakes 7 Documentary, Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3, which were never released on DVD, are now available to watch on YouTube.

Paul Darrow's interviews for the Mark & Nina show on HFM radio are still available to listen to here: Paul on HFM 2013 and Paul on HFM Radio 2014.
Paul's interview with Horizon is Here.

Puzzles: Time on your hands? Try some B7 Anagrams, Jumbled Quotes, Logic Problems and Jigsaws! Grateful thanks to Horizon members winnie-l and Lurena for providing these entertaining and addictive puzzles.


Saturday 13th September 2014 - Big Finish Day 5. Venue will be the Copthorne Hotel in Slough. Guests include Tom Baker, Phillip Hinchcliffe - and the Big Finish team.

Saturday 20th September 2014 - Horizon group outing to Avebury - film location for Children of the Stones. Further details to be announced.

Saturday 27th September 2014 - Sally Knyvette is doing a signing in Barking. *** Please note: this is instead of her previously scheduled appearance on 23rd August.***

Updated merchandise news is here: Merchandise News

Josette Simon Nominated for #EightWomen Award

B7 Cast and Crew
Josette Simon has been nominated in Media Diversified's #EightWomen Awards 2014

In September 2013, Media Diversified asked its social media followers: “Which 8 women of colour do you think have changed the UK?” and the #EightWomen awards were born. Now in its second year, the #EightWomen awards is an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of women of colour across the UK and to spread awareness of the amazing work they do.

You can see the full list of nominees and cast your vote here: Eight Women Vote

The eight women who receive the most votes from the public will be revealed at the “Complicit No More” panel event, highlighting themes and challenges of black feminism and intersectionality on the 15th September 2014 at the Khalili Lecture Theatre, School of Oriental and African Studies, Russell Square, London WC1H 0XG.

Tickets to the event are available here Eight Women Event, but hurry, as places are limited.

Big Finish Announce Two More B7 Novels

Big Finish
Big Finish have announced the next two novels in their B7 range

Criminal Intent by Trevor Baxendale is set in Season A of Blake's 7, and will be released in November 2014.

Lucifer: Genesis, the final part of Paul Darrow's PGP trilogy will be released in May 2015.

For further details, click on READ MORE below

Happy Birthday Stephen Greif

Birthday Greetings

Happy Birthday, Stephen!
26th August

Stephen Greif News – August 2014

B7 Cast and CrewStephen Greif plays Caiaphas, High Priest of the Sanhedrin in Clavius, a new movie directed by Kevin Reynolds, starring Joseph Fiennes and Peter Finch
Clavius (Joseph Fiennes) is a Roman soldier charged with investigating claims of resurrection by Christ's followers. The film is a detective-style look at the disappearance of the body of Christ, described as a 'first-century epic thriller'. Filming begins in Malta next month and the movie is due for release in 2015.

Stephen has just done a National Theatre Commissioned rehearsed play reading at RADA. Directed by Robert Price, the play deals with the Hungarian Uprising of 1956 and its effect on a family over the next 40 years. The play is still work in progress but Stephen says it would be a 'cracking good role' if it gets produced!

New Audiobook read by Steven Pacey

B7 Cast and Crew
Released today: Audiobook of The Incorruptibles by John Hornor Jacobs, read by Steven Pacey

In the contested and unexplored territories at the edge of the Empire, a boat is making its laborious way upstream. Riding along the banks are the mercenaries hired to protect it – from raiders, bandits and, most of all, the stretchers, elf-like natives who kill any intruders into their territory. The mercenaries know this is dangerous, deadly work. But it is what they do...

This modern fantasy has been described as "a fast paced, action packed mix of the Wild West, Steampunk and the Roman Empire."

The Incorruptibles is available from Audible, who carry a huge range of audiobooks narrated by Steven, including crime fiction, fantasy, children's stories, thrillers, action adventures... The full list can be found here: Audiobooks by Steven Pacey.

Liberator Chronicles Volume 9 - Out Now!

Big Finish
Big Finish have announced the release of Liberator Chronicles Volume 9

Set during Season C, this collection features three stories written by Mark Wright and Cavan Scott. Paul Darrow (Avon), Steven Pacey (Tarrant), Jan Chappell (Cally) and Michael Keating (Vila) and joined by Tom Chadbon as Del Grant, and a new character is introduced - Solvin Tavac, played by David Warner.

You can listen to a teaser trailer here: LC9 Trailer.
Liberator Chronicles Volume 9 is available on CD and Digital Download here: Big Finish LC9

For further details, click on READ MORE below

Paul Darrow in 'Luther Arkwright' - Big Finish Special Offer

Big Finish Big Finish are celebrating their 15th Anniversary with a daily range of special offers. Saturday 7th August is Day 7, and on offer is their 2005 release The Adventures of Luther Arkwright, a parallel universe adventure adapted by Mark Wright from the comic series by Bryan Talbot. It stars pre-Doctor Who David Tennant as Luther Arkwright and features Paul Darrow as Cromwell. More details about this special offer, and behind-the-scenes notes from Mark Wright are HERE.

The Adventures of Luther Arkwright is available on CD at the bargain price of £5 from Big Finish - Luther Arkwright

But hurry - this offer lasts for 48 hours only!

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