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Welcome to Blake's 7 Online

B7 Logo

Rebellion Roundup – 24th September 2017

THIS WEEK: 24th – 1st October 2017

For updated news of the Blakes 7 cast and crew, click Here


Michael Keating, Colin Baker and John Leeson are guests at Who's at the Playhouse on Sunday1st October 2017 at Epsom Playhouse, Ashley Avenue, Epsom, Surrey, KT18 5AL.

Jacqueline Pearce is appearing at Coventry Comic Con on Sunday 1st October 2017 at Sports Connexion, Leamington Rd, Ryton-on-Dunsmore, Coventry CV8 3FL.

Steven Pacey plays the eccentric Mr Burgess in The Knowledge at Charing Cross Theatre, The Arches, Villiers Street London WC2N 6NL from 4th September to 11th November 2017. There is a group outing to see the matinee on Saturday 28th October.

Glynis Barber plays Alice Russell in Gore Vidal’s award-winning political thriller The Best Man, starring Martin Shaw as presidential candidate William Russell. At Theatre Royal, Brighton New Rd, Brighton BN1 1SD from 25th to 30th September, then transferring to Richmond Theatre from 2nd to 7th October. Future venues for this tour are Bath, Cambridge and Sheffield.


Grateful thanks as always to rewatch organisers Trevor Travis and Gauda Cheese.

The Northern Hemisphere continues rewatching Season B with B9: Countdown. Join us for super-cool action and a fiery mercenary on Tuesday 26th September at 7.45pm BST.

There will be a Special Tribute Rewatch of A12: Deliverance on Tuesday 3rd October, in memory of Suzan Farmer (Meegat) who passed away last week.

The Southern Hemisphere begins its rewatch of Season D with D1: Rescue, postponed again-again from last week. Join us to meet Dorian, Soolin and Slave on Saturday 30th September at 7.00pm Australian time (AEST), 10.00am UK time (BST).

Coming soon: Blake's 7 - Crossfire Part One. Click Here for more information about this new audio series!

Details of their previous release, Blake's 7 - The Spoils of War, can be found here, and you can read our review here.
Coming in November 2017: a new anthology of B7 short stories Blake's 7 – Heroes. More information here.
The full range of new audio dramas starring the original cast, interviews and novels can be found on the Big Finish website.

There's still time to try our September challenges!
1. Word Prompt: Fall
2. Write a B7 fairy tale
Post your ficlets HERE.
Grateful thanks again to Horizon member purplecleric for organising the ficlet challenges!

Write a ficlet based on this scene featuring Vila, Cally, Jenna and...?.
Grateful thanks again to Horizon member Lurena for providing the artwork.

Overlong ficlets may not fit in the monthly collections, so please try to limit your contributions to 500 words.
This is a family-friendly website so stories should be rated no higher than PG-13.
Comments and suggestions for future ficlet challenges are invited HERE
Previous Ficlet Collections can be read in Horizon's Fan Fiction Section.

Highly recommended: @MakingBlakes7 on Twitter. The year is 1977. We're charting the production of Blake's 7 as it happened 40 years ago. Every memo, every script, every effect, every episode.
With rare photos and fascinating behind-the-scenes facts, this is a must-follow for all fans!

For our list of other recommended Blakes 7 blogs and podcasts, click Here


17-19 November 2017 Colin Baker, John Leeson, Lisa Bowerman and Kevin Jon Davies are among the guests at Pandorica 2017 at Future Inn, Bond Street South, Bristol BS1 3ENL.

30th November 2017 - 20th January 2018 Josette Simon plays Cleopatra in the Royal Shakespeare Company's production of Antony and Cleopatra at the Barbican Theatre Silk St, London EC2Y 8DS. There is a group outing to see the evening performance on Saturday 6th January.

27th January 2018 Studio54 and Sgt Bilko’s Emporium present Blakes 40, a special signing event with cast & crew from B7 at The Box in FarGo Village, Far Gosford Street, Coventry CV1 5ED. Guests announced so far: Laurie Goode (Hi-tec patient in Powerplay), John Leeson, Peter Miles, Nick Joseph and Jacqueline Pearce.

28th - 30th September 2018 Cygnus Alpha 4.0, a full weekend celebration of B7's 40th Anniversary.

Fan Anthology Blake's Heaven is available from Amazon in paperback and on Kindle.

Horizon member Clanger68's celebration of the model, prop, sets and visual effects design that went into all four series of Blake's 7 is on YouTube here - B7 Models.

Kevin Davies' Making of Blakes 7 Documentary, Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3, which were never released on DVD, are now available to watch on YouTube.

Try Lurena's Match-the-Pairs Puzzles!

Sally Knyvette Doing 25km Walk for Alzheimers Society

B7 Cast and CrewSally Knyvette is doing a major charity walk for the Alzheimer's Society, in memory of her parents Sheila and Trevor James.

On Saturday 9th September, Sally will be walking 25km across 16 London bridges, from Putney to Tower Hill! She says: "I'm probably insane... but I believe this is a very good cause, so have been training very hard. If you feel you could put in a couple of pounds towards this charity challenge I would be very grateful indeed."

Donations can be made via Sally's Just Giving page.

Glynis Barber in The Best Man

B7 Cast and Crew
Glynis Barber in The Best Man by Gore Vidal

Glynis Barber joins a star-studded cast led by Martin Shaw in the UK premier of Gore Vidal’s award-winning political thriller.

Produced by Bill Kenwright, Vidal's drama is about two presidential party candidates who are level in the polls for their party's nomination. All that separates an ex-Secretary of State and a populist newcomer is an endorsement from a former President. Glynis plays Alice Russell, wife of presidential candidate William Russell played by Martin Shaw.

The production will open at the Theatre Royal, Windsor (12th to 23rd September) before touring to Theatre Royal Brighton (25th to 30th September), Richmond Theatre (2nd to 7th October), Theatre Royal Bath (9th to 14th October) and Cambridge Arts Theatre (16th to 21st October). It is hoped that a West End run will follow.

For further information click on READ MORE below

Big Finish 'Crossfire' Cover - HORIZON EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW!

Big Finish


The lovely people at Big Finish have given us an exclusive preview of Lee Johnson's artwork for their forthcoming B7 box set!

Crossfire Part 1 is the first four-episode box set in the new series of full cast B7 audios from Big Finish. Set during Season C, it stars Paul Darrow, Jan Chappell, Michael Keating, Steven Pacey and Jacqueline Pearce, with Yasmin Bannerman as Dayna and Alistair Lock as the voices of Zen and Orac. It also features the return of Hugh Fraser as The President!

The episodes were written by Steve Lyons, Simon Clark, Mark Wright and David Bryher, and directed by John Ainsworth and Nigel Fairs.

Due for release next month, Crossfire Part 1 is a 5-CD box set available on CD and Digital Download. You can pre-order it here: Blake's 7 - 4.1

For further details click on READ MORE below

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