Out Now! The Terra Nostra - Zero Point Novel
Big Finish

The Worlds of Blake's 7 - The Terra Nostra: Zero Point
by Mark B Oliver

During a skirmish with a small patrol of Federation pursuit ships, Orac is badly damaged. There is only one person who can repair the super-computer: Federation Doctor Brynn Pellas.

Avon and Tarrant take Orac to her base, unaware that the planet she lives on is now under the control of the Terra Nostra - and Pellas is in the crime syndicate's back pocket.

Pellas can repair Orac - but first, the Liberator crew must steal a secret Federation weapon for the Terra Nostra. Codename: Zero Point.

Celebrating a decade of Blake's 7 at Big Finish, the third of three collectable tie-in novels in the Worlds of Blake's 7 range was released today, and is now available as a handsome hardback and eBook from from Big Finish here: Zero Point Novel.

Mark B Oliver said: “I’ve adored Blake’s 7 ever since I saw the first episode back in 1978 – it had interesting characters, solid plots, witty dialogue, and the best spaceship ever to grace the small screen. A full-length novel afforded me the opportunity to give each Liberator crew member a substantial story strand and set the story in numerous locations. Audiobooks are wonderful, but there’s something very special about turning a page to see what comes next. I’m delighted that Big Finish are releasing Zero Point as a printed book.”

Range Producer Peter Anghelides said: “Mark’s book is an action-packed story that gives every member of the Liberator crew a significant role to play. I love the interaction they have with each other, and with the distinctive new characters they encounter. It’s an inventive and exciting third novel in our Worlds of Blake’s 7 trilogy from an author who knows and loves these characters.”

The audiobook version, read by Stephen Greif, is still available on CD and Download from Big Finish here. Our spoiler-free review is here: Zero Point Audiobook

The full cast audio drama box set, The Terra Nostra, starring Sally Knyvette and Michael Keating, with Karl Howman as The Enforcer is available on CD and Download here, and our spoiler-free review is here: The Terra Nostra.

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Cover artwork by Mark Plastow