New Audiobook from Big Finish - The Terra Nostra: Zero Point
Big Finish

The Terra Nostra: Zero Point

Big Finish have released the latest audiobook in their Worlds of Blake's 7 range. Written by Mark B Oliver, and read by Stephen Greif, this audiobook is set early in the third series of B7, and ties in with the previous Big Finish full cast box set The Terra Nostra

During a skirmish with a small patrol of Federation pursuit ships, Orac is badly damaged. There is only one person who can repair the super-computer: Federation Doctor Brynn Pellas. Avon and Tarrant take Orac to her base, unaware that the planet she lives on is now under the control of the Terra Nostra - and Pellas is in the crime syndicate's back pocket. Pellas can repair Orac — but first, the Liberator crew must steal a secret Federation weapon for the Terra Nostra. Codename: Zero Point.

Mark B Oliver said: “Zero Point is set at the very beginning of Series C, not long after the events depicted in the television episode Volcano. Avon, Cally, and Vila have returned to the ship after the intergalactic war, but with Blake and Jenna missing, the power dynamic has very much changed. This period is a marked inflection point in the series that was ripe for further exploration, and oh, what fun I had doing that!”

Stephen Greif said: “The main joy of this sci-fi series is the number of friendships that I’ve continued to enjoy along the way. But of course, sadly, there have been a number of losses, including my dear friend Paul Darrow. It’s always hard work preparing the material for audiobooks, but doing Paul’s voice as Avon was very easy for me. He had a distinct way of speaking which was very effective and very Paul! It was a pleasure and while I was doing it, he was with me and that, of course, was an even greater pleasure because he was a lovely boy.”

Zero Point is available now on download exclusively from Big Finish. It will also be published as a hardback book and eBook in December, and available now to pre-order here

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Cover design by Mark Plastow
Photo of Stephen Greif courtesy of Big Finish