Out Now! The Clone Masters - The Rule of Death Novel
Big Finish

The Worlds of Blake's 7 - The Clone Masters: The Rule of Death
by Trevor Baxendale

When Orac picks up information about a Clone Master living in secret on an outlying planet, Blake is intrigued. Then, a message from the freed bond-slave, Rashel, makes visiting the outpost a priority: the Blake Clone is dying. But things are never as straightforward as they seem, and with psycho-strategist Carnell lurking in the shadows, this visit soon becomes a life or death battle for all the Liberator crew…

Celebrating a decade of Blake's 7 at Big Finish, the first of three collectable tie-in novels in the Worlds of Blake's 7 range was released today, and is now available as a handsome hardback and eBook from Big Finish here: The Rule of Death Novel.

Writer Trevor Baxendale said: “It’s so good to see The Rule of Death published as a hardback – it was great fun to write the audiobook version. Blake’s 7 fans who would like to read the story for themselves will find it full of all the action, romance, drama and intrigue they’d expect, plus a few surprises! This is a chance to catch up with the Liberator crew in an exciting new adventure and find out what happened to Blake’s clone, the slave Rashel and the Clone Masters…”

Range Producer Peter Anghelides added: “Trevor’s novel cleverly links to our Clone Masters audio box set from The Worlds of Blake’s 7, and incorporates elements of the Blake’s 7 TV story, Weapon. It’s particularly satisfying to read another novel featuring Blake and his second season crew – in fact, you get two Blakes for the price of one with this adventure!”

The audiobook version, read by Glynis Barber, is still available on CD and Download from Big Finish here. Our spoiler-free review is here: Rule of Death Audiobook

The full cast audio drama box set, The Clone Masters, starring Sally Knyvette, Jan Chappell, Brian Croucher and Stephen Greif is available on CD and Download here.

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