How to Post Photos on the Forum by Joe Dredd
How to post photos on the forum

N.B. This process looks long but it's actually quite quick.

Go to a free photo hosting site such as Imgur: Click!

Click on the "New post" button at top left.

(image one)

You will be taken to the Upload page.

(image two)

You can upload your photos several ways:

1. Drag & drop - Open up the folder with your photos. Select the ones you want to upload and drag them all (by holding down the left mouse button, then moving the mouse across to the imgur upload window) to the "Drop images here" area. (Let go of the mouse button to release the photos. Don't worry, you aren't moving them off your computer. This just tells Imgur where to copy them from.

2. Choose Photo/Video - opens a file explorer window. You can navigate to the photos you want, select them and upload them.

3. Paste location - if you have the path to the photos, you can paste it here.

Let's try "Choose Photo/Video"

Click on Choose Photo/Video

(image three)

Navigate to the folder containing the photo(s) you want to upload.

Click on the photo. A blue box will appear around the photo to show it is selected. The name of the photo will also appear in the "File name" window at the bottom of the screen.

(image four)

You can upload more than one photo at a time. To select another photo, hold down the [SHIFT] key and click on another key. You will see both photos have the blue selection box around them, and both photos are listed in the "File name" box.

(image five)

You can select lots of photos this way. If the photos you want to select are next to each other, you can click on the first one, then hold down [CTRL] and click on the last photo in the run. This will select all the photos in between too. You can still use the [SHIFT] method to choose any other photos you want, too. In this way, you can pick up lots of photos that are together plus any that are scattered about.

Once you have selected the photos you want, click the Open button at bottom right of the window.

(image six)

You will see your photos appear on the screen. This may take a few second, depending on how many photos you are uploading. Wait for the "Upload complete" banner to appear above your first photo.

(image seven)

Once the photos are uploaded, hover your mouse over the top right corner of the photo. Click on the "three dots" [...] menu option and click on Get Share Links.

(image eight)

Click the "Copy Link" button for "BBCode (Forums)". This copies the link to the photo to your computer's memory.

(image nine)

Return to the Horizon forums, go to the Quick Reply window and paste in the link. (You can do this on Windows by pressing [CTRL] and [V] keys simultaneously.)

(image ten)

You can add text or extra photo links if you like. It's usually better to post each photo as separate replies, rather than make one post with two or more photos in it.

(image eleven)