News from Big Finish February 2024
Big FinishSteven Pacey stars in a brand-new box set of audio drama set in The Worlds of Blake’s 7, due for release in June 2024 from Big Finish Productions.

The three stories in this box set are:

The Authorised Version by James Goss
Gamblers, lovers, presidents. All have sought out the Dream-Makers demanding they decide their future.
Del Tarrant has come to ask them to help decide his past.

Behemoth by Andy Lane
When hunting down Blake and the Liberator, Commander Del Tarrant’s Federation pursuit ship encounters a vast abandoned space vessel.
What dark secrets does it contain about the Federation and alien life? And can Tarrant save his crew and himself before it’s too late?

Bomb by Gary Russell
Tarrant and Dayna’s rendezvous in an abandoned Federation refinery puts them in unexpected danger when their broker changes the terms of the deal.
Can they survive until Liberator returns for them? And why is an old nemesis lurking in the shadows?

The cast of Tarrant also includes Raj Ghatak (Dead Set, Ackley Bridge), Rosalyn Landor (The Devil Rides Out, The Amazing Mr Blunden), and Esmonde Cole (Ted Lasso).

Big Finish Blake’s 7 range producer Peter Anghelides said
: “What a treat to have Steven Pacey back in studio as Tarrant! I wrote his very first Blake’s 7 story for Big Finish in 2013, and have long wanted to involve him in The Worlds of Blake’s 7.

“The character has such a storied background, and over the years we’ve speculated on the truth about some of those stories. Our three episodes encompass Tarrant’s time at the Federation Academy through to his arrival as a new crew member aboard the Liberator. And so, it’s also wonderful to welcome back Yasmin Bannerman as Dayna and Alistair Lock as Orac.”

Actor Steven Pacey added:
“I learned a lot more about Tarrant. It’s great to concentrate on Del’s psyche, to a greater degree than was allowed or possible in the television series, so I’ve enjoyed it very much.

“It takes me back to joining this whole series, with Josette Simon who played Dayna at that time, and what an experience that was. And now here we are, doing an audio version with Yasmin playing Dayna. Every actor brings something different to a role, but she brings something very unique and wonderful to it, and it’s lovely to have that opportunity.”