Big Finish: Blake's 7: Origins - Released Today!
Big Finish


Big Finish have released the complete first season of Blake's 7 (+ Redemption) as a limited edition collection of novelisations.

Based on Terry Nation's original scripts, plus additional reference material, each book comprises two episodes from the TV series. These have been adapted by well-known writers into full-length hardback books, and released as a single box set limited to just 1,500 copies.

The Way Back/Space Fall by Paul Cornell
Cygnus Alpha/Time Squad by Marc Platt
The Web/Seek-Locate-Destroy by Gary Russell
Mission to Destiny/Duel by Jacqueline Rayner
Project Avalon/Breakdown by Steve Cole
Bounty/Deliverance by Una McCormack
Orac/Redemption by James Goss

Producer and Commissioning Editor Peter Anghelides said: “Our wonderful writers bring their talent, imagination and wit to these new novelisations. Each of them already has an impressive track record as a novelist, not to mention a wide range of other writing in prose and other media.

“Unlike conventional novelisations, which tend to be written before a TV show or movie has been completed, these are all informed by the available reference materials, 45 years of the show, and the inventiveness of our authors. They are all big fans of the series — our very own ‘Blake’s 7’ for this unique collection.

“The Nation Estate very helpfully allowed us to see original drafts written by Terry, some hand annotated, to reference as the origins of the TV show. Where appropriate, we’re staying faithful to the original series. For example, some draft scripts feature the characters Arco Trent and Brell Klein, who make it onto Liberator – but (spoiler alert) they won’t be escaping Cygnus Alpha in our novels.

“However, along with BBC filming, camera, and rehearsal scripts, those early drafts have informed these brand-new novels for all thirteen episodes of that first season. And with Redemption as the conclusion of Terry Nation’s original fourteen-story run, it’s the first time that any of the second season has been novelised!”

Blake’s 7: Origins is published today, 27 March 2023, marking 45 years since the original broadcast of the first season’s final episode, Orac. The box set of seven books is still available at the pre-order price of £99.99 (plus postage & packing) for a limited time, exclusively from Big Finish.

Watch the promo video here: Click!