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Gareth Thomas - NEW WEBSITE - Online Performance Biography
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GARETH THOMAS 1945 - 2016

Celebrating the life of the greatly-missed Gareth Thomas on what would have been his 78th birthday, we are excited to announce the launch on Sunday February 12th 2023 of an online Performance Biography dedicated to him.

The site has been lovingly created with the support of Horizon and is currently in its very early stages, but already covers Gareth’s first forays into acting, with programmes and photos from his schooldays and RADA, as well as an audio download of a previously unheard 15-minute opera in which Gareth performed with his wife Linda! The archive will develop and evolve as more material comes to hand.

The new website is at: GARETH THOMAS – Online Performance Biography

Please do share the URL with anyone you think might be interested.

As the website itself is not interactive, we’ve created a thread here to discuss everything to do with Gareth’s career and the Biography website. Please do let us know what you think.
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It looks like we will be getting a treasure trove of facts and photos from Gareth's early life as an actor and I'm thrilled. He was so young in the photo as Henry IV. I had to really look to realize it was him! I think we all know of Gareth's CV as an actor, but this is totally new to me seeing how he progressed from school into his career. Looking forward to much more from his early life as a fledgling actor!
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This is so fascinating, and I always love the roll-call of other actors who appeared alongside 'our' actors in their early plays. (I have a nice collection of PD programs and the minute I start looking at them find myself lost in the times). Gareth was very lucky that he had some good plays to begin with out of RADA – such classics. Of course, he was always very noticeable once he hit our TV screens.
And loving the early photos. A coup for the very kind person who put all this together.
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I agree with every word Paula and Obsidian have said. Fascinating to learn so much about Gareth's early days as an actor. Really looking forward to what new content may be added over time. Sincere thanks to those behind this.
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