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RIP Chris Boucher
trevor travis
It feels like we've lost the heart and soul that made B7 stand out from the crowd.

RIP Chris Boucher
Vote Og.
So sorry to hear this. It's like a close friend had passed! RIP Chris and thank you.
Resist the Host

You expect everyone to last forever. Chris Boucher has his own immortality in the stories he wrote and the characters he created. Rest in peace x
Silflay hraka, u embleer rah!
Cygnus Bazza
If it hadn't been for Chris B, we wouldn't still be discussing, debating and delighting in B7 40 years later. Quite a legacy, helping to create something that endures in so many people's hearts for so many decades. Great job, Chris!
Meanwhile back in the year one...
R.I.P, Chris. If it weren't for the episodes you wrote, we might not be here today, 41 years later, still talking about B7.
So sad. On the production side Chris for me was the man who made B7 the programme it was. Other than Terry nation obviously who came up with the idea in the first place and wrote more episodes than anyone else. Chris was certainly No2. in importance.
I am deeply saddened by this news. He really was an inspiration to me. Rest in peace, Chris Boucher.
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Moon Disc
Very sad news. Rest in peace, and thank you.
Joe Dredd
B7 was truly an ensemble piece. The more I think about who made B7 what it was (and is), the bigger the list gets. But right in the heart of it, absolutely indispensable, is Chris Boucher.

I was extremely fortunate to be in touch with Chris over the years. Only in a minor way, but whenever we corresponded, he was always professional, warm, amusing, intelligent, approachable, and helpful.

RIP Chris. You were one of the very best.
Joe Dredd
I hope it is okay to post something I was working on for the Advent calendar in tribute. Chris Boucher - "Bard of Avon".
Very sad news.
I can't thank you enough, Chris, for the immense contribution you made to something that will always be so special to me.
"Time really is getting short, you know..."
Absolutely numbed when I heard the news. Chris Boucher has been a constant inspiration, for his brilliant lines, intelligence and wit. For me, just quietly, it has always been Chris Boucher's Blake's 7. It would never have been what it was without him. And Robots of Death, when I finally got around to seeing it, moved to the top of my list of favourite Dr Who stories. RIP Chris. Never forgotten.

And Joe Dredd, thank-you for sharing.
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Obviously missed this sad news during my absence... and Mr Boucher's notice of death wasn't mentioned in our news/papers, so I'm late...
R.I.P. Mr Boucher, thank you for your writing talent; I raise my glass!
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