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Blake's 7 Vindictus
Hi all, we have attempted that most difficult of tasks, writing a sequel to our much loved show.

Blake’s 7 Vindictus
By Louella Richardson and Neil Shearer

Decades after the death of Roj Blake, the Federation has located Orac on Gauda Prime, forcing the super-computer that once belonged to him and his crew of freedom fighters to protect itself. The outcome is a chain of events which inadvertently results in a group of disparate outcasts starting a fresh resistance under a young leader with a strong tie to the past. Familiar and unfamiliar faces attempt to put aside their differences as they acquire a ship and are forced into action due to circumstances beyond their control. Pursued by new foes they plunge headfirst into missions that put them in contact with an outlying society, the ruthlessness of the Federation’s expansion program while also being caught in the middle of a political and family feud. Distrust, tragedy, and for one veteran rebel unexpected happiness awaits.

Blake’s 7: Vindictus is an unofficial sequel to the BBC TV Series Blake’s 7 which ended its original broadcasting run in 1981. The publication is not-for-profit, fan created and does not intend to infringe any copyrights and the authors acknowledge and respect all copyright holders. No profits will be made by any person or group from this publication and any profits gained after costs will be donated to charities chosen by the authors.

If you want to find out more here is our online places

Thanks for your interest
The link doesn't work for me. Where can one get this novel?
If your looking for this book it can be ordered from (hardback) or (paperback).
If you missed out on the Black Friday deal from Lulu I've just received an email that reads:

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It's good for 20% off any print product through December 02, 2022. 
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