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Started: 09 July 2016

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Avon: A Terrible Aspect (1991)
Steve White

Did anyone ever read the Paul Darrow book way back when? I bought it when it came out and I remember enjoying it at the time. just wondered what anyone else thought of it, as I've never spoken to anyone else who's heard of it Grin
I read it for the first time just last week

and I for one loved it.

It's a bit like an Ian Fleming novel in space... with bits of I, Claudius.... it's very good and Darrow's take on 'Kergulien's background is fascinating.

And the ending is perfect Smile
President Solvite
Yes, back in '91/92, I wanted to love it, but it didn't impress me much I'm afraid. It just didn't feel like a B7 novel at all. Although I appreciate PD's enthusiasm for B7 in general and it's fandom as a whole. No doubt about it, PD has some good ideas, but this and the more recent Lucifer needed/needs a serious bit of editing, in my view.

With the right support both of these projects could have been better although It showed the odd glimmer of promise, it was a pity it couldn't be a bit more sustained throughout.

I will approach any new efforts with an open mind, as with any effort, if you at first don't first succeed try try again.
I agree with you 100% President Solvite. Kudos to Paul for his enthusiasm towards writing and Blake's 7 as a whole, but what I think he could have used was a judicious and wise editor to help him shape the story and head it in a more Blake's 7 sort of direction.

I find many parallels between A Terrible Aspect and Lucifer. I am interested in reading Paul's next volume of his PGP Avon saga to see how it proceeds and I hope for the best. And again, as I've always maintained, I view Paul's writing as celebrity fan fiction and judge it as that, and I mean no slight to it or him by that comment. That is just how I see it. -Paula
Zil: Oneness must resist the Host.
trevor travis
I actually really enjoyed this when I read it circa 1991. I'd have been around 18. Most of what I'd read before were Doctor Who Target novelisations (the staple reading of my childhood).

I re-read it (or rather started to read-it) 3 or 4 years ago, and couldn't get into it at all.

Paul Darrow is a brilliant actor, but I don't think he's such a good writer. As people have said the ideas are there, maybe he just needs a decent editor.
Personally I found this book and Paul's follow up, to be far better books than 'Afterlife' (for example which is probably my most disliked Blakes 7 book of all time, followed closely by Archangel).

To appreciate Paul's books, the Blakes 7 fan should definitely read Paul's unaired Blakes 7 script written for Series 4, 'Man Of Iron' which is available right here at Horizon(Contact SC and for a small fee, you can have a copy mailed to your door step).

In 'Man Of Iron' Paul's writing shows he's clearly interested in the action sequences more than anything else. He enjoys a story on the run. In Lucifer there's a bit more dialogue but the action is what excites Paul as a writer from what I've read.

My only gripes would be that in haste, the details(PS mentions detail and this is one of mine) and that is his descriptions of vehicles and equipment is a touch not-scifi/Blakes 7 enough. By this I mean, references to helicopters and descriptions that echo the fantasies of a James Bond fan, imagining there characters in a 21st century style scene instead of describing the futurisitic scenes.

Other than this and using your own imagination to paint over the errors as it were, you'll find Paul Darrow's books rather entertaining, not to mention filled with surprises.

Most striking is Paul's view of Avon, which is one of a much harder to the point character than what is depicted in the series televised episodes(although personally that's how Avon always comes across to me as he reminds me of several friends over the years). A lot of fans tend to indulge in massive explanations on Avon's 'complexities' but personally and from what Paul writes, the character is much more straight forward. What is that saying 'the truth is often a lot simpler than the stories told of legends' or something like that.
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