Big Finish B7 Price Reductions
Big FinishPermanent reductions on several B7 prices!

Six volumes of The Liberator Chronicles are now reduced from £19.99 to £11.99 (on download)
The collector's edition CD box sets of Volume 7 (starring Gareth Thomas and Paul Darrow), Volume 8 (starring Jan Chappell and Jacqueline Pearce) and Volume 10 (starring Michael Keating and Stephen Greif) reduced from £24.99 to £14.99 while stocks last.
The hour-long special, Remnants, is now available to download for just £4.99.

Four box sets from Blake's 7: The Classic Adventures range: The Spoils of War, Crossfire Part 1, Crossfire Part 2 and Crossfire Part 3, are all now reduced from £34.99 to £24.99 (on collector's edition CD) and from £29.99 to £19.99 (on download).

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