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Hunda - (Traitor)
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Out Now! The Palluma Project

Big Finish
Out Now! New Blake's 7 Audio Novel from Big Finish!
The Palluma Project by Tim Gambrell
read by Sally Knyvette

When the Liberator discovers a mysterious penal outpost in an obscure part of the galaxy, the crew soon find themselves fighting for their lives - not only against the convicted criminals the Federation are using as scientists, but against the horrifying results of their experiments.

What is the deadly secret of the people of Palluma 25 and why is it so valuable to the Federation? Only Gan holds the key to unlock what is really going on...

Writer Tim Gambrell said: “The Palluma Project was a joy to write. I played out each scene in my head as I wrote it on the page, in all its 1970s glory. This helped me judge the pacing of the action and ensure the narrative was always driving forward. And now Sally has added another wonderful layer, painting such pictures with my words for the listeners.

“With The Palluma Project, I wanted to write a story that gave Gan a chance to shine, and where his having a limiter was a positive for a change. But most of all, I set out to write a story that I thought would work well as part of the TV series, and wouldn’t seem out of place during the first half of the second series.”

Producer / Editor Xanna Eve Chown added: “The Palluma Project is a great story - there's lots going on, and some very challenging situations facing the Liberator crew at a spooky Federation laboratory with more than one dark secret. And it's a real treat to hear Sally Knyvette's familiar voice reading it to us.”

Speaking exclusively to Horizon, Sally Knyvette said: "The Palluma Project was recorded in the new home studio that I built in my hut in the garden. It was hard work but great fun, and I had a fantastic remote sound recordist called Paul who really helped. I hadn’t done an audio book for a while, and it was quite daunting as I had to play all the Liberator crew and other characters. As many of them are no longer with us, it felt an enormous responsibility. However, the powers that be at Big Finish seem to be happy with the approximations! This has rekindled my interest in Blake's 7 and all things ‘Jenna’ .... reviving the freedom fighter and space pirate/smuggler that she always should and could have been, is both exciting and full of new promise."

The Palluma Project was released in July 2021, and is available now from the Big Finish website here: Palluma Project.

You can read our spoiler-free review here: Review.

The full range of original Blakes 7 novels, audiobooks and audio drama series from Big Finish can be found on their website here BF B7 Hub.

Photos of Sally Knyvette courtesy of Big Finish
Cover artwork by Mark Plastow


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