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Sally Knyvette: The Liberator Poems - Update

B7 Cast and Crew
Sally Knyvette: The Liberator Poems, Raising Funds for AgeUK

Sally Knyvette has created a wonderful fund-raising idea for these strange and worrying times.

Sally filmed herself reading a series of uplifting poems, which fans can view on YouTube. She called these her LIBERATOR POEMS, after the most beautiful ship in the galaxy, in the hope that they will raise the spirits of those watching.

Sally was particularly moved by the stories of the way lockdown affected the elderly; whether in care homes or relying on support at home. The Liberator Poems were intended to raise funds for AgeUK London, her wonderful local branch of AgeUK.

On her JustGiving page, Sally introduces her idea and shares photos taken on her daily walks in Richmond Park. She realises, of course, that not everyone is able make a donation, however, if you can give even a small amount, it would be much appreciated. And please spread the word...

To date, over £3,000 has been raised - more than 100% of the target. Sally said: "Enormous thanks to all of you who have been so generous...I am thrilled with the response."

The first poem, Hokusai Says by Roger Keyes, is on YouTube: HERE

The second poem, Away and See by Carol Ann Duffy, is on YouTube: HERE

The third poem, About Love by Andy Blackford, is on YouTube: HERE

The fourth poem, When in disgrace with Fortune by William Shakespeare, is on YouTube: HERE

The fifth poem, The God Forsakes Anthony by Constantine P Cavafy, is read by Stephen Greif, and can be viewed on YouTube HERE

The sixth poem, The Wild Geese by Mary Oliver, is on YouTube: HERE

The 7th poem, In Blackwater Wood by Mary Oliver, is on YouTube: HERE

The 8th poem, On Being Exhausted by John O Donahue, is on YouTube: HERE.

The 9th and final poem, Kindness by Macsen Brown, is on YouTube: HERE.

Sally’s JustGiving page with her photos and message is here: HERE


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