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UK Rewatch - C4 Dawn Of The Gods
trevor travis
The episode: Colin Four – Dawn Of The Gods (Carry On Going Baldly)
The date: Tuesday, July 23rd, 2024
The time: 7.45pm UK time

In which Orac does something really, really, really stupid; Avon does something a bit stupid; the Lord Thaaaaaaaaaaaarn does something very stupid; and Dawn doesn't do anything stupid at all, because she's not in this episode, despite it being named after her. Get out your Space Monopoly sets and your graphite writing sticks and join in with this rewatch of this undervalued gem.

Meanwhile, those of a nervous disposition are warned of just how scary the Slave Chasing Machine is. To quote the Cat, we may wish to go up to brown alert (obligatory Red Dwarf reference already taken care of.)

Episode in a word: Pencil.
Characters to cheer: Tarrant for his clever Bald Dwarf wordplay to stop the Caliph knowing the full nature of Orac, and Cally tricking the Lord Thaaaaaaaaaaaarn at the end.
Characters to boo: Orac is a prize idiot for wanting to take a closer look at a ‘fascinating’ black hole – he’d be reduced to atoms as well. And Avon, how was a spacesuit going to insulate you from a black hole? Go and sit in the thickie corner with Orac.
Is Soolin looking lovely this week?: Yes.
Recognisable Face: Terry Scully (Groff) was Vic Thatcher in the wonderful opening season of “Survivors”, who was initially left for dead in shocking style after a lie from Anne Tranter. Vic later re-appeared, confined to a wheelchair. He also played the devious Fewsham in the Doctor Who serial “The Seeds Of Death”. A very talented actor.
Best line: It has to be Vila’s “I'm in hell - and it's full of Avons”, although also deserving of a mention is: “So, the Lord Thaarn escaped. I suspect we have made another enemy. A pity.”

Blake's 7 will return in… Carry On Captain Shad
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