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Cygnus Alpha 4.0 Convention in 2018
CA4 was a convention to celebrate 40 years of B7 (hence the weird designation 4.0 instead of just 4). It was a three-day event held in the Holiday Inn in London Brentford on a weekend in September 2018, and it may have gone done in B7 history as the coughing-and-sniffling convention, possibly due to the stale air at the venue. Good there wasn't a pandemic at the time, wasn't it? Shock
On the following weekend, a few of us even reconvened for a location visit to Black Park (separate thread to follow!). I used the week between the two events to visit Portsmouth and fellow Horizonist LittleSue.

To name just a few of the highlights of this convention apart fromt he usual fare of costumes, props and special guests:
- Lots of cosplayers, one lady (someone from Big Finish, if I'm not completely mistaken) even showing off one of Servalan's original costumes from Gary's collection
- The apperance of the cast of Athena, a weird B7/DW cross-over fan film
- Visiting a restaurant with a chocolate fountain (those who were with me will know what I am talking about Pfft)
- A short appearance by David Jackson's son. I first spotted him across the hall, and I immediately thought, 'Hey, isn't that David Jackson?' The resemblance was really uncanny.
- Celebrating Horizon member Ellen York's birthday
- Aaaaand: a rare appearance by the hottest sci-fi lady of all times - yes, of course I am talking about the divine Josette Simon!

My photos of the event also cover some impressions of the venue as well as B7-y stuff I stumbled upon in Portsmouth. You can find them here:
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