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As Sunday was Brian Croucher's 80th birthday, I decided to watch Trial last night. Brian has always said it was his favourite episode and definitely I think his strongest performance - that look he gives Servalan! It's been a long time since I've watched Trial and I really enjoyed it. The supporting cast/characters were all very good, the interplay between the crew is excellent, and it's great to have Rontane and Bercol back. I really like the episodes where we see inside the Federation. Thania is really interesting, kind of like the love-child of Travis and Servalan but who didn't turn out as either of them would have hoped. What I enjoy least about the episode is the stuff with Zil. How does she speak the same language as Blake? Gareth Thomas was of course a fine actor and I think Claire Lewis does very well as Zil and I think they could have done that part of the story without any dialogue if the programme makers had been a bit braver. Overall, I really enjoyed watching Trial again. Thank you Brian, and happy birthday! Just wondered what other people think of Trial.
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