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Shadow One & Shadow Two on Ebay

Just found my 2 zines, Shadow One and Shadow Two, on Ebay for sale, certainly for a lot more than I originally sold them for back in the 1980s!
They were published by Sylvie White, Maria Przeslawska and myself back in 1985. In the end I think we produced and sold 250 copies of each.
Shadow One was originally duplicated on a Roneo, with Sylvie manually typing up the stencils, sending them to Maria who ran all the pages off and then sent all the pages down to me and I collated, photocopied and sent the zines off to all parts of the world. The first 50 were published that way, and then Hubby photocopied the next issues.
Shadow Two was manually typed by Sylvie and she sent the pages to me and Hubby photocopied them.
So there are mistakes and errors in the zines but we had no access to a word processor!!
Alison Newns did the illustrations, Dave Bowen produced drawings and cartoons, as did Michael Hather. My lovely friend Julie did all the lettering.
Both zines are available as down loadable PDFs on my ‘Bookshelf’.
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It's great to see some of the old zines we used to collect in the 'olden days'. I have dozens of them and at that time, that was the only way we could enjoy Blake's 7 other than third generation copies of it on VHS or even Beta! How times have changed and how prices have also. It seemed like the stone age then, and now- with the internet as it is, we can have the best of both worlds. Great to see your zines still have a life, Sue.
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