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RIP Blake's 7- Christian Roberts, Jane Sherwin and Ian Thompson
It is with deep regret that we announce the passing of actor Christian Roberts, who played Dr. Renor in Breakdown. Christian was born March 17th, 1944 and died December 27th, 2022.

Along with Christian, we also wanted to announce the recent passing of actor Jane Sherwin, who played Kasabi in Pressure Point. Jane was born November 3rd, 1934 and died December 16th, 2022.

And lastly, we wanted to announce the passing of actor Ian Thompson, who played Farran in Breakdown, along with Christian Roberts. Ian was born August 11th, 1939 and passed away July 16th, 2022.

All of them fine actors and all will be sorely missed.
Resist the Host

So much sadness. RIP.
Silflay hraka, u embleer rah!
They are all so alive in my mind. Deepest sympathies to their families.
Play the hand fate deals you.
Joe Dredd
RIP and thanks to Christian Roberts, Jane Sherwin and Ian Thompson.

All excellent in their roles.
That is indeed very sad news. I hope they all rest in peace, and my deepest sympathies to their families.
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Sorry to read this sad news.
Thank you for entertaining us with your great work, R.I.P. Christian Roberts, Jane Sherwin and Ian Thompson.
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Very sad news indeed.
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