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B7 Advent Calendar 2022
There Is no Word for Horizon – part 3 of 3

They dropped him off on the other side of the village. The landowner bid a fond farewell to the two airmen. He watched the balloon rise again, waved to the two occupants and remained standing for a long time to watch the vehicle rise towards the sky, becoming smaller and smaller and finally melting into the blue. Even then, he remained on the field where they had landed, gazing into the vastness that stretched above him, oblivious to the horizon that tightened not that far from him like a noose around the land.

He had a long walk ahead of him, but his step was lively. After half an hour, he met old Krautmeier, who gave him a lift to the village in his horse-drawn cart, and from there he continued on foot.

His wife was anything but pleased when he returned late at night. Abandoning the harvest! How could he! The farmhands, on the other hand, were happy for him. There was a spirit of adventure in their eyes.

The harvest went on and the usual routine of field work in the course of the year continued. But something had changed.

The landowner had always liked to forge little verses, funny quatrains to amuse the guests at wedding parties and harvest festivals. Everyone said he had a knack for a good rhyme and a well-placed punch line. But now his tone changed. Of course he continued to write his amusing little joke poems; he was and remained a welcome guest, and the farmers and villagers bent over with laughter when he gave his recitals. But that was not all. Now, when he sat in his chamber in the evening, he poured his memories of the flight into poems that described his world. Of nature he spoke, of the mountains and forests and fields around him, of the land and the people, of the narrowness of life and the longing for the vastness, and his words were not aimed at making the listeners laugh but at making them see with bird’s eyes. Some shook their heads at him. A poet, here in our midst? They said that he had become whimsical. Yes, that’s what happens when you leave your work and fly up and away in a balloon!

It did not bother him. He did not write for them, but for himself and for those who would listen to him. The heaviness of the earth had him in its clutches again, and he knew that he would never again step out of the limited circle of his peasant life, but his verses helped him escape the confines. In the language of birds, which had now become his own, there was no word for horizon.
ellen york
There has been some debate about which is larger, the Enterprise or the Liberator. Long range sensors have provided proof that the Liberator is larger.
Apologies for going out late. Just recently I lost a week in my finely-honed timetable owing to dealing with an ill and dying cat, including driving up and down the highway twice between Canberra and Sydney (3.5 hrs each way), first to get her treatment, secondly to bring her home. We would have done anything for her she was that precious to us.

MsVirn did say at the start that we could post photos of our cat, so that's what I'm going to do, plus a bit extra. You'll be pleased to know that our precious girl's name was Zelda, so not entirely off-topic. We bought her Christmas socks to protect where she'd had surgery. Shame she didn't get to share in the tinsel and baubles.

Lying down to eat c'est le dernier cri!

And, a former Christmas present tells it as it is:

My interest in the little transforming guy and his friends (and enemies) runs only to the original 1980s' cartoons.
Don't philosophise at me you electronic moron.
Me like Trevor Travis. Him the greatest. Og help Trevor Travis with calendar.

Word puzle work like this. Me give clue and some letters. You fill in rest.

Egg sample:

Clue: Longest word in English language with only one vowel.

Hint: _ _ _ E _ _ _ _ _

You fill in answer: S T R E N G T H S

Got it? If you got it, then go to doctor.
Pollution S M _ _

Fallen trees L _ _ S

Amphibian F R _ _

TT tell me look okay but don't _ _ L E

Brain does this B _ _ G L E S [Hint: Not friend of Algy and Ginger]

Running not so fast J _ _ G I N G

Bah! Humbug! S C R O _ _ E

Study of Animals Z O O L _ _ Y

Fusion of gametes from unrelated parents E X _ _ A M Y

Proenzyme Z Y M _ _ E N (Me friends with Una McCormack. She smart.)

Me get wet S _ _ G Y _ _ G Y

Big piggy H _ _

Me greet her S N _ _

Italian for bed sheets T _ _ A

It can't define dead L _ _ I C

There were three of them S T O _ _ E S

Me keep diary B L _ _

Switch on or off T _ _ G L E

Me dance like Madonna V _ _ U E

Ninja calls front seat S H _ _ U N

The proto Avon B _ _ A R T

How me find answers G O _ _ L E

Me breathe this at night time. Me think. N I T R _ _ E N

What me owe to TT A P O L _ _ I E S
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This is hard. Me stuck on number three.
trevor travis
Planning conference in Og’s shed at the bottom of TT’s garden:

TT: I’ve got such big plans for this year’s Horizon advent calendar story. It’s going to be the grandest, most epic tale full of obligatory references to Red Dwarf and Blackadder, and…
Og: TT, me think we’ve got a problem.
TT: What is it, Og?
Og: We’re on a bit low on cash for this year’s production.
TT: I guess that’s no surprise in a year when we’ve had two Presidents, three Supreme Commanders, rampant inflation and the year has ended with both the Mutoids and the Psychostrategists on strike and the Freedom Party 20 points ahead in the polls. So how much money do we have?
Og: Five credits.
TT: Five credits? That wouldn’t even buy us one of the buttons on Avon’s shirt or a cigarillo case.
Og: What are your plans for this year, TT?
TT: It’s an alternative ending to Weapon that sees IMIPAK only able to tickle you, while Blake, Avon, Gan, Travis and Servalan all die from its effects, and then we go off to the lakeside of Gardinos alongside Jenna, Cally, Dayna and Soolin, with Vila as our butler, and we all live happily ever after.
Og: Hmmm, me think we can’t afford to build an IMIPAK.
TT: Right, I’ll scrub that from the story.
Og: Me think we can’t afford to hire, Blake, Avon, Gan, Travis, Servalan and Vila.
TT: Right, I’m crossing them out too.
Og: Is Carnell is your story? As you mentioned, he’s on strike.
TT: Removing Mr. Smooth right now.
Og: Me think we can’t afford the Space Taxi fare to Gardinos and we can’t fly there ourselves, since rocket fuel has doubled in price within the last six months.
TT: That’s a big blow. There’s a terrific scene when Soolin - who is looking lovely - is bathing in the lake, with the golden rays of sunshine reflecting off her…
Littlesue: Steady!
Og: Me think we can’t afford Soolin either. Or Cally, Dayna and Jenna for that matter. What else was in the story?
TT: Well, there’s so many breaks in the fourth wall that it collapses.
Og: Me think we can’t afford to buy a fourth wall from Space Ikea this year. What’s left?
TT: Nothing! Smeg!
Og: Don’t worry TT, we’ll just have to use this shed as the location and also just use what we’ve got in here to make the story.
TT: But all that’s in here is your six remaining blow-up Dayna dolls, the ones you haven’t punctured with your horns or thrown off a hillside; an A4 pad of which only the last six pages haven’t been used: and some sticky-back plastic. How can we make a story from that?
Og: Me stumped too.
TT: Hold on Og! What’s this all over the floor?
Og: Me bring back half the beach when we went on holiday to Paignton earlier this year. Me had it all stuck in me fur.
TT: That’s it, Og! I’ve got it. Go up the shops and use the five credits to buy some coloured crayons. I’m about to put your creative drawing skills to use.
Og: What are you planning?
TT: I’ll explain later.


[Two hours later]
TT: Og, those are superb likenesses. I’ve going to stick them onto the faces. Here’s the story – what do you think?
Og: Brilliant TT! Me think this could work!
TT: I think so too! We only light your shed by candlelight these days, since the electricity got too expensive, and if I place these in the corners, no-one can see them properly.
Og: Me don’t think we should give any more spoilers to the story to those reading this on Horizon.
TT: Let’s crack on then!

TT and Og productions proudly present (on a budget of five credits):

SAND: The alternative ending had Og been part of the crew

Vila was dead. Tarrant was dead. Avon was dead. Blake was dead. Ace Rimmer was dead. Lord Flashheart was dead.

Og was alive.

He was the dominant male.

“Merry Christmas everybody”, said Og.

Vote Og.
Hi Everyone,

On the 22nd day of December - it's Tyce's birthday!

This is good all round because you get to indulge in my birthday present. :-)

One of my wonderful friends created this artwork. He created it for my birthday AND for my Horizon friends. I told him I'd signed up on the B7 Avent calendar but I didnt know what I was going to do for it this year, so he jumped in. :-)

As you can tell from the artwork, my friend is into Anime and he assures me that the Japanese letters in the artwork 'may or may not' spell out Blake's 7. LOL (He googled the translation - so fingers crossed.)

I confess I'm impressed - I hope you like it also.

Merry Christmas.
Cally watched as Jenna and Blake glided by, swept along by the music and the other dancers. Jenna was staring stony faced into the distance, a look of bleak despair on her face. Blake was cheerful and smiling, enjoying the few brief, carefree moments here in the plaza, the people of Roval celebrating the winter festival, before the cold season arrived, which could last for six months sometimes. Jenna felt sick and giddy as if she'd drank that glass of the local brew Vila had been offering her earlier. She stared up at the stars sparkling above as tears stung her eyes. Tonight was the night she finally knew he could never love her. It had hit her like a punch to the stomach, leaving her breathless, as they danced in this glorious square, music and laughter filling the air. She knew that she'd never looked more beautiful and in every glance, every gesture she'd revealed to him what her lips couldn't speak. As he held her close he spoke of freedom and allies, of weapons and treachery, touching his lips to her ear in excitement he whispered "Liberty Jenna, for all!!"
Cally, her eyes following them as they moved across the square, could sense the misery and could guess the reason. Just then Avon returned. "Where's Vila?" she said" "He says he'll be at least an hour but I doubt it, there's not a guard in sight, I think the whole town is here" "Where's Blake?"
She nodded and he followed her gaze as the music slowed and Jenna and Blake appeared and disappeared as the lights and the other dancers hid them from view then picked them out once more. He stood watching them for a moment. Cally said with an impish smile "Would you like to dance?" Well now, why not?" he said catching her by surprise, and taking her hand he led her into the crowd. Cally slid her arms around his neck and looked into his eyes but he gazed back impassively, there was no way of telling what he was thinking, even for an Auronar!! This is so magical, she thought, I'll never experience this again. Of this she was sure, her instincts were telling her so and she knew enough to trust them. She laid her head on his shoulder and he tightened his arms about her waist.
Like Jenna she stared up at the stars swirling above them, feeling giddy with the joy of this moment, of being alive, here and now!, the soft music and gentle breezes mingling with the lights and the movement of their bodies so close together causing her heart to sing. Just then Avon's bracelet chimed. It was Vila. "Where IS everybody?" he whined. "Am I the only one working tonight?" "Have you finished?" Avon asked. "Yes I have" came the reply "and I suggest we leave as soon as possible. I've just seen that ship landing and I've made a right old mess of their latest security set up. "Go to the warehouse gate, we're on our way" said Avon
Thanks to Orac before long they were back on the ship. As they stepped onto the flight deck Vila handed the crystals to Blake and went to pour himself a drink. "Jenna?" he said as she passed him, offering her a glass. She nodded and taking the glass, sat down. The others surrounded Orac, trying to extract more information about why these particular crystals were so important to the Federation, so important that they were prepared to divert Travis to come here and collect them.
After listening to this for a while Jenna stood "I'm going to my cabin" she said "my head aches." I'm going too" said Avon, "Orac, monitor Travis's movements overnight, I need to know if he has to visit anywhere else on the planet before he leaves." Cally laid aside the bracelet she'd been checking and said to Blake, "Can this wait until the morning?" He nodded briefly and turned his attention back to Orac.
Avon waited for her at the entrance to the corridor and they walked companionably together towards their cabins. Avon's was closest and as they neared the door she felt his fingers touch hers and she allowed him once again tonight to take her hand. He opened the door and as he gently drew her inside she looked up to see Jenna approaching from the other end of the corridor. Their eyes met for one brief second and then Cally stepped inside and the door softly slid shut.
Just to wish everyone on this forum who have kept me sane these last few years, a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year.
I don't think I could have coped.
Anyway, here is one of my fave piccies.
The original was taken at the Cult Event in the Old Cinema Museum back in 2013, by my lovely Daughter Sarah.
This is the 2nd one after she had growled "Smile!" at Mr D.
And then she did this for me for Xmas that year...
Cold! You don't know the meaning of the word cold!
Cold is when you have ice on the INSIDE of your window!!

Sue's Book Shelf

Rebel Run Video
Joe Dredd
There was a Cruel Lady

There was a cruel lady who chased after Blake;
What a mistake to chase after Blake - the perfidious snake!

There was a cruel lady who assigned her gorilla;
He was a killer with a pursuit ship flotilla!
She sent out the gorilla to chase after Blake;
What a mistake to chase after Blake - the perfidious snake!

There was a cruel lady who sent her mutoid
How she enjoyed sending out her mutoid.
She sent the mutoid to help the gorilla,
She sent out the gorilla to chase after Blake;
What a mistake to chase after Blake - the perfidious snake!

There was a cruel lady who used a rude man
He was a man with an open-shirt plan.
She sent out the man to scorn the mutoid,
She sent the mutoid to help the gorilla,
She sent out the gorilla to chase after Blake;
What a mistake to chase after Blake - the perfidious snake!

There was a cruel lady that hired a crab;
Oh what a scab, to hire a crab!
She hired the crab to replace the mere man,
She sent out the man to scorn the mutoid,
She sent the mutoid to help the gorilla,
She sent out the gorilla to chase after Blake;
What a mistake to chase after Blake - the perfidious snake!

There was a cruel lady who transmuted the gold;
It never gets old transmuting the gold.
She transmuted the gold to pay the crab,
She hired the crab to replace the mere man,
She sent out the man to scorn the mutoid,
She sent the mutoid to help the gorilla,
She sent out the gorilla to chase after Blake;
What a mistake to chase after Blake - the perfidious snake!

There was a cruel lady who changed her name;
She changed her name to win the endgame!
She changed her name to get all the gold,
She transmuted the gold to pay the crab,
She hired the crab to replace the mere man,
She sent out the man to scorn the mutoid,
She sent the mutoid to help the gorilla,
She sent out the gorilla to chase after Blake;
What a mistake to chase after Blake - the perfidious snake!

There was a cruel lady who had no remorse;
...she won, of course!
This is what Virn looked like when it snowed.

Hope you all have a very Merry Chrismas and a Happy New Year. Thanks for being there, all of you!
"You're not sulking, I hope?"
Joe Dredd
Trooper Charlie, the conversion victim and a mutoid.
After Quentin Blake.
Kwik Qwiz!

Can you spot the difference between these 3 images? (Irritatingly some B7 fans seem to find this difficult...)
We’ll see if this works… I drew Avon as a snowman for a festive family activity last weekend.
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The Blake’s 7 section of my blog, where I post fics, art, essays, etcetera.
Thank you for starting this year's Calendar Joe Dredd! And thank you all for your contributions! I love them!

I apologise for being away for so long, but sometimes things like work get in the way.
I haven't even got time to create something new for this Advent Calendar, but I think you may enjoy playing this game which I created a few years ago and which was posted on the previous (or the pre-previous???) Horizon Forum.

B7 main characters have dressed up for Christmas! Can you find out which cosplay belongs to which character by matching the pairs?
Just give it a try and enjoy!
An hour ago, I spent a bit time to create a Christmas card, but I can't choose which one to send.
Maybe you can help me out?

Which card do you choose?

There was a photo shoot session, but it turned out that everyone objected more or less to a Christmas bow in their hair. It probably took a few photographers.
Now I don't know which card I would choose; maybe you can help me out, which one would you take?

1 Blake - quickly teleported himself away from that bow. (Did he secretly like it?)

2 Jenna - got confused about her attitude; she tried to form a heart with her hands (was it a handsome photographer?), but the bow distracted her too much.

3 Vila - had his doubts and didn't like it. Afterwards, an expensive camera had disappeared.

4 Cally was clear, "may you die alone..."

5 Avon – who never shows his true feelings, was quick-on-the-draw, but that weird bow obscured his view and he missed the photographer. Bet Avon is still sulking about that.

6 Gan - was simply not happy about it and thought ,“if only my woman was able to see this…”

7 Tarrant - started to point his weapon menacingly at the photographer, it is not known if the photographer survived.

8 Dayna - suggested hand-to-hand combat. The photographer was taken to hospital.

9 Soolin - thought it was so silly that she refused to cooperate. No one was harmed.

10 Servalan - felt good about it, but can she be trusted? It has not been announced whether the photographer survived.

11 Travis 1 - activated his laseron. Hopefully that was just a sign for the photographer to stop photo-shooting.

12 Travis 2 - saved the energy of his laseron and used a Fed sidearm. It is not known whether he really fired.

13 Unknown Trooper – as every trooper, in that helmet he had a poor eyesight, but he felt honoured by the invitation to joint he photo shoot.

14 Roj Bear - was blown away by it, hence landed upside down. It was not intended to pose that way and now this picture is probably not usable as a Christmas card.

Anyway, with or without a Christmas card, I wish you all a Merry Christmas!!!

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*No, I am not. I am not expendable, I'm not stupid, and I'm not going.*
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