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Box Hill Location Visit 2018
2018 was the year of the 40th anniversary of B7. There were events galore, and I completely went ape and went to the UK four times to take part in five of the events - a theatre outing watching (and meeting!!!) the divine Josette Simon, three location visits and the Cygnus Alpha 4.0 convention.

The first of the location visits led us to Box Hill a.k.a. Xenon. While the original bridge where the killer android was electrocuted no longer exists, there is a newer one just a few yards from the former site (this time made from wood so that it cannot be elelectrified). For this outing, we were even accompanied by a very special guest (in the original costume!).

Not far away is Betchworth Quarry, the scene of many a planet in B7 (and the site of countless white Jag crashes).

See my photos here:

I hope they will soon be complemented by the photos of my fellow participants in this location visit. There are at least two famous group shots we did on the bridge...
Love Og being prepared for his wonderful location shot. Think I might have passed out if I had been that close to the headless wonder though...
Silflay hraka, u embleer rah!

OneSparePart wrote:

Think I might have passed out if I had been that close to the headless wonder though...
Nah, it was very friendly, greeting all passers-by in a very polite manner!
Another fine day out in that short wet summer of 2018, a few more pics from me:


Many thanks for uploading these, Scott! It's good to see the pictures from the Smith & Western again, and of course the antics of the Oggies!

I wonder who has the group photos that we did at the bridge - LittleSue, was that you?
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