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Josette Simon interview
New to this forum but very long-time fan of the programme and Horizon. I have a lot of old newsletters safely stored away!
Just wanted to let folk know about an interview with Josette Simon I listened to recently. You will find it as part of the Gaby Roslin series of podcasts.
Time is limited and I often fail to search out any mention of the cast, so it always comes as a surprise when I stumble across something and although I have seen odd written snippets of Josette when she's being interviewed for a current project, I don't think I've ever heard her speak before.
The interview was a delight! Gaby Roslin is always so welcoming to her guests anyway but with this chat, time just seemed to slip away, and it was over all too soon. Josette seems a lovely, warm person and I'd definitely like to hear more from her.
I was a bit apprehensive about any mention of B7 since I'd heard she doesn't like to talk about it but that wasn't the case here at all and although it only has two brief mentions, she spoke kindly of the programme and the fans.
If anybody seeks it out, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did
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