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Broken Links in Site Generated Emails
Website Mutoid
We're aware of this problem and its cause, and we are looking for a permanent solution.

In the meantime there is a work around here:

Thanks for your patience.
I had this happen. The work around worked for me, but with a caveat. Editing the link took me right back to the 'enter your email address and we will send you a new password' page, with no other apparent effect. However, on checking my email, I discovered that the site had indeed sent me a reset password.

However number 2, it was in my spam folder, even after I had set email from Horion to 'not spam' on my Comcast Server. Comcast, still throwing Horizon emails in my spam folder after how many years?

Cockatoo? What Cockatoo? I don't see a Cockatoo!
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