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UK Rewatch - C8 Rumours Of Death
Thank you for your company.
I will not be here next week I'm afraid. I will be busy getting things ready for the new course season.
But I will be joining you for the next rewatch on 6 September.
*No, I am not. I am not expendable, I'm not stupid, and I'm not going.*
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No, that's a middling to high for me. Not as good as City at the Edge of the World, for example. But I like to think that Anna was sincere, that she loved Avon and when she guessed that he was with Blake she became a convert to the political cause for his sake (ironically, more of a convert than he ever was), and that he destroyed a woman who would have been a valuable ally. The episode seems to demand that, IMO.

But certainly, this is where his mental decline sets in.
Love that episode. And on that 'high' note, I'll say good night. Good night!
Resist the Host

Thanks for the rewatch. I won't be around next week, so see you for strange blue men and giant brains.
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