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UK Rewatch - C3 Volcano

Lurena wrote:

Vila has the final line.
Do you think that it is a good line/thought?
It was a very popular line in the days of the making of this episode.

Vila's line makes sense, Cally's doesn't. The Pyroans didn't win, they were murdered by a mad dictator.
I always find that episode very unsettling. Maybe because we see that Avon's luck is just as bad as Blake's?
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Not exactly the best of episodes, but a lovely rewatch - thank you all for the company! Good night and nice dreams of flashing groins! Frown
OK, Avon's right, Servalan won again. Which makes this a good episode. Thanks for your company. Stay safe, everyone.
"You're not sulking, I hope?"
I agree with Vila, I think! Thanks for the rewatch everyone. See you next week.
I think I am going to watch another B7 episode now. Just to get rid of the
"unsettling" (yes OSP) feeling.
Hope to see you all next week (sometimes I get a last minute call for work and then I can't join you)
Take care if you are not used to high temperatures!
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