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Stephen Greif - 17 Apr 22 - Just A Little Murder
Supreme Commander
Is anyone seeing the show this time around?

Although I've not organised a group outing this time, wondering if any of you are planning to see Stephen, with Sian Phillips, at the Crazy Coqs, Brasserie Zedel (London - by Piccadilly Circus) this Sunday 17th April?

I can see there are still some tables left so still time to book. Tickets are £25 each.

I've now seen the show 3 times (once with Sian Phillips, and previously twice with Fenella Fielding) and thoroughly enjoyed it each time. I might be going again on Sunday as my friend, American fan Jon Manzo who some of you may remember) is over in the UK and it's on his list of fun things to do. I only saw it a few months ago so currently undecided, though it's always wonderful to meet up with Stephen so who knows...

Stephen Greif and Sian Phillips share the stage to perform a vibrant English translation of Greek classics.

In this stunning translation by David Stuttard, they lead us on a journey through the looking glass of ancient Greece to reveal beguiling female sensitivity and tough hardened masculinity, a heady cocktail that often leads to lust.

In an afternoon where laughter is underscored with searing pathos, Phillips and Greif interact brilliantly to weave moments of wit and humour with wisdom and high drama. So, whether your preference is for tears and treachery, sex and seduction, or whatever lies in between, this is a must-see show.

Director David Stuttard’s translations of Greek poetry and drama are bang up-to-date – so fresh they might have been written yesterday. For fact is, the ancient Greeks may be long gone, but they saw it all (well, perhaps not lockdown). And human nature and emotions have changed not one jot.

"Some days are better than others, Section Leader"
Wish I could have but Easter Day was impossible. Loved the previous one though!
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AmandaDH wrote:

Wish I could have but Easter Day was impossible. Loved the previous one though!

It was great, wasn't it. Alas I wasn't well on the day and unable to go but I know several fans did go and enjoyed it too.
"Some days are better than others, Section Leader"
I'm going to see it on Sunday 25 September at 3pm
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