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Park My Spaceship
Joe Dredd
Now this is somewhat cool: Park My Spaceship.

Choose a location, such as Buckingham Palace or your home, then pick a spaceship such as the Liberator (spaceship icon bottom left on lower control bar), and see how big they think it is compared to your house.

The spaceship selection menu scrolls down, so there are lots more to choose from than at first sight. The 'play' button makes the ship fly over the landscape. The festive button adds snow. And if you park your ship over the Upshift office, they say it adds lasers.
I have had the Liberator parked over my house, went on a trip to the shops and back - I did an impressive U turn - got lost on the way home so I had Zen zoom me straight home and then it snowed! Grin
This may turn out like that 80s film in which Tom Hanks gets obsessed with Dungeons & Dragons to the point where reality...yes, Zen? There's a special offer on at the local vehicle wash?....Shock
Silflay hraka, u embleer rah!
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