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Yorkshire Locations - 2018
We also made it up to Yorkshire in August and took in multiple locations including:

How Stean Gorge:

Thrusscross Dam:

Almscliffe Crag:


Great to see these! That was one of the outings in which I didn't take part (mind you, I flew four times to the UK in 2018 to participate in as much 40th anniversary celebrations as possible). I hope that one day, I can make it to the Yorkshire locations - they look really fascinating! (I just have to be careful of all the sentry birds...)
Yes a lovely set of locations, looks the same as when it was filmed and when a bunch of sad 'muppets' visited it some years later.

My goodness was it that long ago? In the last century, first calendar Smile
My gang gets free extra strong mints for the rest of their lives!
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