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Prop Models
A while back, Century Castings, started selling some Unofficial, unlicensed Blake's 7 model kits on ebay. I had a few bought for me as gifts, which was a lovely thoughtful gesture,
I'm not into making kits, never have been so they sat in the loft for the last few years.
Anyway I finally decided to do something with them.
They're not perfect (as I say its not something I'm into) but I am actually pleased with them and they will now be displayed in my home.
In this picture I have Krantor's Communicator, Travis' Federation Blaster and a Federation Trooper Hand Blaster

what props/models do you have?
Share your pictures here
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apologies - I'm having trouble uploading a photo - I'll find out how to do it then update the post
Steve White

Century castings produce some of the best versions of props. I really want a Federation Trooper rifle and the Liberator gun.

I've just completed their Liberator Teleport bracelet, which I've had kicking around for a few years

And, although its not a Century Castings kit I've recently finished a Scorpio I picked up on eBay a few years ago...

The Scorpio's not screen accurate, but it doesn't look too bad...
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Been looking for model of the Liberator. Seen some on eBay but downside is the cost factor. By the time you pay the currency exchange rate plus the postage it will cost me close to the $1k Aust mark.
I thought of building my own & started to with somewhat poor results. In which case that project was aborted. I'll keep looking on eBay & other sites & hope for the best.
Cheers one & all.
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