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Thirty years is enough - Lysator to close to new posts on 21.12.2022
I recently rejoined Horizon, and decided to post this news here.

Some may remember Lysator, the earliest Blake's 7 mailing list:

Some might have been members, or might still be members; but if they are, they might have not posted there for a long time. I was in the latter category until today.

Calle Dybedahl announced last Wednesday, 20th July, under the title 'Thirty years is enough', that he will close the list to new posts on 21st December.

I give the text of his announcement below. As a member, I agree with his reasons; so his announcement was sad but not surprising.

I again congratulate Calle for all his work in setting up the list in the first place, and maintaining it for so long!

Others here might also be interested in thanking him.




In early November this year, this mailing list turns thirty years old. It's a respectable age, for a mailing list. Not a record by any means (there's at least one Star Trek mailing list still around that was started in the late 1980s), but older than most.

And I think it will have to be enough.

It's pretty obvious that the list no longer has the same function it did back in the 90s. We've gone from hundreds of messages per day to handfuls per year. A couple of weeks ago there was a B7 convention, and it wasn't even mentioned here. Fandom discussions moved on from email long ago. People in general have largely moved away from email, really.

It's also been a long time since I left Linköping University. Most of the people currently maintaining Lysator's server park (including our mail server) were born on this side of the millennium. Every time I need to do something nontrivial with the mailing list, it's usually been so long since the last time that I have to learn all over again how to do it. So looking forward, I can see a time coming when either I fail to keep up with changes, or the current Lysator members stop caring about old 20th century email entirely, and some day the list just stops. I would prefer a more deliberate and clearer end.

So, unless someone somehow manages to change my mind, this is what's going to happen. On 5 November, the list turns 30. There may be some posts about that, if people (including me) remember. Then, on 21 December (when else?), I close the list to new posts and start figuring out what to do with three decades of mailing list archives.

That sound reasonable to you?

/Calle, B7 list owner for more than half his life
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