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**POSTPONED** Zooming Into Tyce-Con 2022
I'm starting a separate thread for this, so that people can sign up (and hopefully volunteer for the late shift)

As before, we're planning to run two Zoom sessions, so that those of us in the Northern Hemisphere can attend the convention remotely. However, as NOT before, our respective clocks have gone backforwards, which makes the timing rather more challenging. However, here we go:

Session 1:
Saturday 28th May, 10.30am UK time / 7.30pm Australia

Session 2:
Saturday Night / Sunday Morning, 28/29 May, 11.00pm UK time / 8.00am Australia

I'll be running the first session, which will replace the usual Saturday morning Downunder rewatch. We're hoping to get another Guest of Honour to visit - watch this space.

However, 11.00pm is WAY too late for me, so somebody else will need to host the second Zoom. Hopefully the Supreme Commander will be able to do this, but it would be useful to know if anyone else could volunteer - a European Night Owl, an Australian Lark, or an American Afternoon Bird? You will need to have a reliable internet connection and some experience in hosting Zooms.

Meanwhile, please could you sign up on this thread and let me know the following:
1. Which session/s you'd like to attend.
2. Where to send the Zoom links (PM or Email) - they won't be posted here for the usual reasons.

Looking forward to seeing you!
Edited by Travisina on 09-05-2022 17:55
There is no point being grown up if you can't be childish sometimes
Hi, Travisina. I'd like either or both sessions, thanks! Wherever there's room. Zoom to my e-mail, please.
"You're not sulking, I hope?"
Please add me to the list for the first session (notification via e-mail, please). Frown

The second one would be at midnight my time so I think I will have to pass on that one. Sad
Hi Travisina,

Please add me for both sessions (please send Zoom links to email).

Thank you, DJTJ.
Unfortunately I wont be joining you. With my poor hearing I find zooms with multiple people very confusing. But I hope you all have fun.

Further information on the Tyce-Con thread HERE
There is no point being grown up if you can't be childish sometimes
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