Getting the most out of Horizon

How to get the most out of Horizon
by M1795537 OC Virn

Q. Why should I register with Horizon Blake’s 7 Online ?
A. So that you can join in, of course. Much more fun than just eavesdropping. Don’t be a lurker forever.

Q. How does one become a lurker?
A. By wearing dark clothing and hanging out in shadows. Or by not logging in.

Q. What is Horizon, anyway?
A. As far as you can see... sorry.
This should tell you all you need to know: History of Horizon

Incidentally, has a brief history and a detailed listing of every issue of the original newsletters/magazines. Along with information about a zillion other B7 clubs and fanzines. But Horizon is the longest-running!
For a free example of an early Newsletter, logged in Horizon members can download Newsletter #5 here: NL5 1981.

Q. Who runs Horizon? And who is the Supreme Commander?
A. Which part of 'Supreme' don't you understand?

Q. Who does what in this fan club?
A. Horizon works surprisingly well, considering. And has done for a long, long time. Let's just say there's a lot of 'discussion'. Click on 'Staff' in the Navigation panel.

Q. OK, I've joined. Now what?
A. You might want to look at:
our Code of Conduct for Members (hint) and the Introduce Yourself thread.

Q. Why are there so many rules? I thought this organisation was for the rebels?
A. Rules make us safe, citizen. You should know that. And any organisation with the Supreme
Commander at the helm will have... conventions. (! Geddit?)
See also the Website and Technical area for policies and guidelines.

Q. Why are there two 'Website and Technical' sections?
A. We like it that way.

Q. What is a rewatch?
A. One year: 52 episodes. You do the maths. Find out what we're watching next from the Rebellion Roundup or the Rewatch Forum, then have your own weekly fix of Blake's 7 at home, while simultaneously, in real time, sharing your thoughts about the episode with other rewatchers via the forum threads. It's a lot more fun than it sounds. Honest.
Due to worldwide time differences, there are rewatches for both Northern and Southern Hemisphere fans that insomniacs on other continents are welcome to join.

Q. I’ve been inspired to write something for this month’s ficlet challenge: now what do I do?
A. Go to the Ficlet Challenge thread. Type/paste your piece in the Post Reply box. You can preview it if you like. Be aware that any changes need to be made in the Post Reply box, not the preview you're now looking at. Try to keep within the 500 word limit. When ready, hit the ‘post reply’ button. That’s it.
The Moderators will be in touch if there’s something they want to question. Otherwise, the ficlet challenges are there simply for you to express yourself. Go for it. And remember that this is a PG 13 site.
There's no prize, but other fans often post encouraging comments on what's written.
Previous ficlet challenges will be archived in the Articles Section - keep an eye on updates to the website.

Q. Can I send more than one ficlet?
A. Go ahead. Make my day.

Q. What if I want to write a longer fic?
A. Go to the Fan Fiction section. Click on 'New Thread', give it a title, then post it as above. Remember that this is a PG-13 site.

Q. What if I want to write about something creative that isn't fan fic?
A. Go to the Fan Creativity section. Click on 'New Thread', give it a title, then post it as above.

Q. Can I post other stuff?
A. That’s what the Forum is all about. Check which section you should be in. If necessary, start a new thread. Type your post in the ‘post reply’ box and post it. Easy. But a reminder please to first check the Code of Conduct for Members for content guidance.
Find out how to post photos/images here.

Q. What is a PM?
A. Private Messages are available for members to communicate with other members. Click on the envelope icon. Then click on Write New Message. Start to enter a name in the 'To...' box and a list of members will appear. But why not send a friendly PM to some random fan just for fun? Don’t blame me if they reply.

Q. How does the grading system work? Why are some people Alphas and others Ungraded?
A. Basically, it’s a measure of [your loyalty to the Federation as shown by] the number of posts you upload.

Q. Why does .....? And how can....? Where's....?
A. You tell me, mate. We’re all volunteers here. Don‘t expect miracles.

Q. Where can I find out more about a particular episode or character?
A. Let’s face it, whatever you are asking, it’s probably been discussed at some point during the past forty years. Start a new thread in the B7 Classic Forum.

Q. Are you all mad, or just the ones who dress up?
A. As far as the world in general is concerned, yes, it is madness to rave about a series from forty years ago. But we don’t care, see, because it’s brilliant. Costumes distinguish the die-hard fans who need to get out more. Preferably to the next B7 meeting.

Q. Is Horizon for children? Can they join?
A. Good question. B7 wasn't written for children. It's grown-up SF - well, PG13 anyway. I have seen a few cadets around, but not many. Mostly the adults seem childish enough already. Maybe they just want to keep all the fun for themselves.

Q. What is Xenon Base?
A. A 'Members Only' section of the Forum, where we keep the valuables.

Q. What is Big Finish?
A. Here you go: Big Finish - About Us. What matters is that BF commission and create new B7 stories. Most of their staff are mad, sad fans just like us.

Q. How do I find B7 releases on the BF website?
A. Good question.
If you know the exact title of the item you're looking for, the search function can help.
(Don't look in the 'Collections' tab. It's not there. Lots of other good stuff, though).
If you want to find B7 releases, hover on the 'Audiobooks' tab. You should see the four sets of B7 stuff listed.
If you click on the Audiobooks* tab, you should see a page of 'Hubs', one of which also takes you to Blake's 7.
When you reach the B7 'Hub', you can then try 'refining' your search. A bit.
Otherwise, scroll through the collections/series 'till you find it. You may discover other titles that you're interested in as well...

If you want to 'try before you buy', have a look at our Reviews section. Keep an eye on the Big Finish website for the sales that take place throughout the year, when items can be picked up for bargain prices!

*Disclaimer: OK, I know many of the B7 releases are not audiobooks as such, but apparently that's not the point.
PS The Hub is here: B7 from BF.

Q. How much is the subscription to Horizon?
A. You pay by taking part. Engage with the Forum. Support the meetings. Buy the merchandise. Keep Blake’s 7 alive.