Fan Fun: Jigsaw Puzzles from Mrs Underhill
U01. Soolin and Zeeona
U02. Red Lobster suit as June Hudson saw it
U03. Season 4 cast photo: PD, JP, GB
U04. Avon and Cally sitting on a sofa...

"Shadow" collection:
U05. Adopting a Moon Disc
U06. A pro keeps it simple
U07. I think we've outstayed our welcome

Sopron Collection
U08. May I offer you this rock
U09. I am about to extract a momentous admission
U10. The most sophisticated life form

A couple from Voice from the Past:
U11. "You lead. We don't take commands."
U12. Badass Avon and Cally
U13. Shivan unmasked

Krantor's cat puzzles:
U14. Krantor's cat and a mirror
U15. Krantor's cat with its humans
U16. Krantor's cat meets Avon and Vila

More puzzles with our exquisite Supreme Commander / Madam President:
U17. Servalan in furs
U18. Teasing Travis
U20. Tricking Vila
U21. Maximium power!

Puzzles with cast photos:
U22. Season 1 promo: GT, PD, MK.
U23. Season 1 promo: JC, GT, PD.
U24. Season 2 promo: GT, SK, JC.
U25. Season 2 cast photo on the Liberator
U26. GT and PD having fun on set
U27. PD and BC trying to keep warm on Exbar set
U28. Season 3 promo photo with full cast
U29. Season 4 behind the scenes: GB, JS, SP enjoying nice summer day

Season 3:
U30. Servalan's beautiful talking head
U31. Avon and Vila sitting on the sofa, d r i n k i n g
U32. Avon and Vila with somewhat proddy tools
U33. Cally and Co challenge Avon to do the right thing
U34. Avon and Cally
U35. Last minute escape from the tomb

Season 2, "Trial"
U36. Blake is having a drink
U37. Avon tempting Vila

Leisure on the Liberator:
U38. Listening to music time
U39. Board game time
U40. Party time

And some more:
U41. Avon in grey parka
U42. Avon and Cally in "City"
U43. Avon and Cally in "Moloch"
U44. Blake's team in "The Web"
U45. And a Sinofar screenshot - you know which one