Fan Fun: Jigsaw Puzzles from Lurena - more difficult ones
L21. (252) Space Command
L22. (132) the way he communicates with Orac ...
L23 .(221) our hairy hero: Og !
L24. (238) teleport console
L25 .(252) Soolin-Slave-Dayna
L26. (238) Federation Guards
L27. (240) a famous giggle that started in character, but I imagine the character can secretly giggle that way too!
L28. (228) the way he always wanted to perform the character
L29. (220) just a famous prop...
L30. (240) something horrible happened
L31. (192) This costume, like it or not, it never stopped him acting...
L32. (228) a very nice, but scary view if you belong to Blake's crew...
L33. (252) will something stupid be eating you?
L34. (252) you'll be happy when you're not their target...
L35. (260) just the girl next door...
L36. (270) love, but it's still Blake's 7....
L37. (260) I'm sure a certain Mod would like to take Tarvin's place...
L38. (228) don't loose your head...
L39. (234) red is dead... green is...
L40. (228) exciting old fashioned fruit...
L41. (228) who's that new crew member?
L42. (256) who has a secret bathroom on board Liberator?
L43. (270) taking a break, a stolen moment
L44. (252) something going on?
L45. (252) stay tuned to our fandom!
L46. (252) love how he holds that tool...
L47. (300) somewhere off screen he must have kissed her, but what a way to go
L48. (228) noble black metal, will that be a deal?
L49. (210) Once you have completed, you can try to help our heroes to find the way... (Christmas)
L50. (221) (cuddle buddy-see Urban Dictionary)
L51. (252) off screen fun, but Cally didn't get it (yet)
L52. (252) listen very carefully...
L53. (255) S & T
L54. (255) from which episode?
L55. (99) Catch them in the (Easter) act!
L56. (204) this rare moment?
L57. (252) B7 Christmas 2016
L58. (204) the television show creator
L59. (165) the first Episode Card
L60. (165) I'm fond of the B7 models as well as their creators!
L61. (260) Ruler of Silmareno
L62. (252) Blake on Silmareno
L63. (154) Here is a very special one for you Lorna!
L64. (168) And one of Jenna in Cygnus Alpha for you Lorna ... in your favourite costume!
L65. (168) Are they bride and groom? Are we waiting for their yes-word?