Fan Fun: Blake's 7 Simple Jigsaw Puzzles from Lurena

Blake's 7 Jigsaws by Lurena

20 simple puzzles without rotation of pieces.
The number of pieces is indicated in brackets, but can be altered by clicking on 'Play As' at the top right of each puzzle.

L01. (204) Blakes 7 Logo
L02. (192) Liberator
L03. (153) Original Cast
L04. (150) Orac
L05. (204) Jenna
L06. (156) Avon
L07. (130) Gan
L08. (180) Danger!!
L09. (200) Servalan and Dayna
L10. (90) Are you puzzled? Well, so are they!
L11. (80) Beyond doubt!
L12. (70) Was B7 a costume drama?
L13. (100) Our beloved lockpick!
L14. (91) Fun for Two
L15. (90) Series Two Episode Card S2 E7
L16. (120) Alien Rebel!
L17. (120) Cabin
L18. (150) Board Game 1
L19. (108) Hero or anti-hero? It's him, anyway...
L20. (120) In memory of a wonderful and beloved actor, who gave life to Lurena's first favourite character and the other computers