Blake's 7 Series 3 and 4 Episode Guide

Blake's 7 Series 3 and 4 Episode Guide
Compiled by Rob & Jackie Emery

Series 3
Regular Cast:
Paul Darrow (Avon), Jan Chappell (Cally), Michael Keating (Vila), Steven Pacey (Tarrant), Josette Simon (Dayna) Peter Tuddenham (Zen and Orac), Jacqueline Pearce (Servalan)
Principal Production Credits:
Series created by Terry Nation
Music by Dudley Simpson
Script Editor: Chris Boucher
Producer: David Maloney

AFTERMATH (7th January 1980) Written by Terry Nation
Director: Vere Lorrimer
After battling the alien invasion, the Liberator is badly damaged and the crew abandon ship. Avon lands on the planet Sarran, where he is rescued from attacking natives by a girl armed only with a bow and arrow – Dayna Mellanby. However, Avon is not the only survivor to land on Sarran; Servalan has also arrived there.
Cy Grant (Hal Mellanby), Alan Lake (Chel), Sally Harrison (Lauren), Richard Franklin and Michael Melia (Troopers), Kevin White (Voice in Space); Alan Mechen, David Christian, Bobby Webber, Jason West, Brian Montana (Sarrans); Gareth Milne, Stuart Fell (Sarrans/Stuntmen)

POWERPLAY (14th January 1980) Written by Terry Nation
Director: David Maloney (uncredited)
Returning to the Liberator, Avon and Dayna find the ship is now under the command of Federation Space Captain Tarrant and his men. Vila, alone and injured on the planet Chenga, is trying to contact Zen, while Cally is on board a hospital ship carrying war casualties. Each of them faces unexpected dangers in their attempts to return to the Liberator and regain control.
Michael Sheard (Klegg), Doyne Byrd (Harmon), John Hollis (Lom), Michael Crane (Mall), Primi Townsend (Zee), Julia Vidler (Barr), Catherine Chase (Nurse), Helen Blatch (Receptionist), Max Faulkner (Federation Guard/Stuntman); Bobby James, Bruce Guest, Pat Gorman (Federation Guards); Sarah Tarr-Byrne, Judy Towne, Val Clover (Patients in Hospital Ship); Nikki Bunsford, Sheila West, Melinda Hall, Nicola Kimber, Michael Gordon Browne, Laurie Good, Tony Christopher, Alan Humphreys, Perry Phillips, Christopher Holmes, Ian Ellis (Federation Survivors); Lara Shaw (Hitech Assistant)

VOLCANO (21st January 1980) Written by Allan Prior
Director: Desmond McCarthy
Tarrant and Dayna teleport down to the planet Obsidian to contact Hower, a friend of Dayna’s father. Tarrant explains that they are looking for a planet to use as a base from which to fight the Federation. Back on the Liberator, the others wonder why the Federation never colonised Obsidian, despite its strategic importance, and how it escaped the intergalactic war.
Michael Gough (Hower), Malcolm Bullivant (Beshar), Ben Howard (Mori), Alan Bowerman (Battle Fleet Commander), Judy Matheson (Mutoid), Russell Denton (Milus), Guy Hassan (Robi – Mechanical Man); Graham Jarvis, Karen Burch, Barbie Denham, Eric Harrison, Keith Adam (Pyroans); David Theakston, Mark Uttley, Ian Bleasdale, Barry Summerford, Guy Standeven, Rodney Cardiff (Kommandos); Tim Hindle (Natin); Karen Cooper, Jean Havilland, Sue Berkshire (Mutoids)

DAWN OF THE GODS (28th January 1980) Written by James Follett
Director: Desmond McCarthy
En route to Auron, the Liberator suffers from course deviations which draw the ship into a black hole. As they are pulled into the vortex, Cally is injured. Whilst in the resuscitation capsule, she is contacted telepathically by the Thaarn, a mythical creature of Auron legend. Meanwhile, Vila makes a space walk but discovers a floor and gravity exist outside the ship.
Sam Dastor (The Caliph), Terry Scully (Groff), Marcus Powell (The Thaarn), Steve Ismay, Ridgewell Hawkes (Guards); Kevin O’Brien, Michael Leader, Bruce Guest, David Melbourne, Bob Hargreaves (Technicians); Rory O’Connor, Keith Norrish (Salvage Men); Jimmy Muir, Barry Summerford, Brian Massy (Monsters)

THE HARVEST OF KAIROS (4th February 1980) Written by Ben Steed
Director: Gerald Blake
Tarrant’s piloting skills get the Liberator out of trouble when they are attacked by four Federation pursuit ships. Servalan gives a communication-grade worker called Jarvik the opportunity to prove his boast of being able to capture the Liberator using only three pursuit ships. Jarvik correctly anticipates Tarrant’s plan to steal Kairopan crystals, and sets a trap for him and his crewmates.
Andrew Burt (Jarvik), Frank Gatliff (Dastor), Anthony Gardner (Shad), Sam Davies (Carlon), Charles Jamieson (Guard), Jean Havilland, Sue Berkshire (Mutoids); Hywel David (Voice of Interceptor Captain and Leader Two); Christopher Douglas (Voice of Leaders One and Three); Reg Turner, Pat Gorman, Peter Caton, Richard Sheekey (Guards); Stuart Fell (Labourer/Stuntman); Tony O’Leary, Ian Sheridan, Alf Mangan, Michael Bryden, Salo Gardner, Malcolm Ross, Michael Joseph, Les Shannon, James Haswell, John Cannon, Peter Dukes, Tom Gandl (Kairos Guards and Labourers)

CITY AT THE EDGE OF THE WORLD (11th February 1980) Written by Chris Boucher
Director: Vere Lorrimer
Tarrant bullies Vila into going to the planet Keezarn to get crystals in exchange for his lock-picking skills. Vila is taken by two silent native men to an ancient city, where he encounters a gun-woman, Kerril. She brings him to Bayban the Butcher, who gives Vila one hour to open a sealed door, behind which all the planet’s riches are kept.
Colin Baker (Bayban), Carol Hawkins (Kerril), Valentine Dyall (Norl & Voice from the Past), John J. Carney (Sherm), Derry Jordan, Dustin Lord (Vila’s Guides); Chris Chivers, Ray Lavender, Tony O’Leary, Ted Lane (Guards in City); Judith Lund, Teresa Critchley (Norl’s People at Stockade); Colin Lister, Leo Kane, Mark Uttley (Guards at Stockade); Stuart Fell (Guard/Stuntman); Terence Creasey, Michael Brydon, Rebecca Semark, Patricia Clarke (Norl’s People in City)

CHILDREN OF AURON (19th February 1980) Written by Roger Parkes
Director: Andrew Morgan
Servalan seeds Cally’s home planet Auron with a deadly plague virus. Zelda, Cally’s clone sister, sends Cally a telepathic distress call. However, before the Liberator can reach Auron, Servalan arrives first and offers aid to the Aurons who are unaware that she had infected them. Servalan has plans for Auron’s cloning facility, and also intends to set a trap for Cally and the Liberator.
Sarah Atkinson (Franton), Rio Fanning (Deral), Ric Young (Ginko), Ronald Leigh-Hunt (C.A. One), Beth Harris (C.A. Two), Jack McKenzie (Patar), Michael Troughton (Pilot Four-Zero), Jim Haswell, Robert Peters, David Webb, Tony Webb (Auron Technicians), Jenny Elsden, Jackie Elsden (Auron Technicians & Mutoids), Noel Flannigan, Chris Flannigan (Auron Technicians & Orderlies); Karen Cooper, Jean Havilland (Mutoids); David Glen (Federation Medic); Johanna Briggs (Double for Cally/Zelda)

(25th February 1980) Written by Chris Boucher
Director: Fiona Cumming
Avon is being held in a Federation cell. When interrogator Shrinker enters, Avon springs a trap: Tarrant and Dayna arrive to rescue Avon and kidnap Shrinker. Avon holds Shrinker responsible for the death of Anna Grant, the woman he once loved. Meanwhile on Earth, a new rebellion against Servalan and the Federation is brewing: it’s led by a woman named Sula Chesku.
John Bryans (Shrinker), Lorna Heilbron (Sula), Peter Clay (Chesku), Donald Douglas (Grenlee), David Haig (Forres), David Giles (Hob), Philip Bloomfield (Balon), Gareth Milne, Stuart Fell (Rebels/Troopers/Stuntmen); Tony De Cosy, Nigel McLaughlin (Troopers); Reg Turner, Tony O’Leary, Ian Sheridan, Michael Leader, Peter Roy, Ray Knight, Robert Smythe, Ray Sumby, Terence Creasey, Pat Gorman (Rebels/Troopers)

SARCOPHAGUS (3rd March 1980) Written by Tanith Lee
Director: Fiona Cumming
The Liberator crew encounters an alien craft adrift in space. Cally, Vila and Avon board it and realise that it is a sarcophagus. Cally takes a ring from the corpse. They return to the Liberator, bringing with them an egg-shaped artifact, which Orac is unable to analyse. Then a hostile alien spirit starts to make its presence felt aboard the Liberator.
Val Clover, Barbie Denham, Celestine Carroll (Mourners), Sandra Arabian, Karen Cooper, Martine Cherrell, Wendy Smith (Mourners/Corpse)

(10th March 1980) Written by Trevor Hoyle
Director: Vere Lorrimer
Vila is teaching Orac about jokes and riddles when the Liberator encounters a metallic planet. Cally teleports down, and the crew later receive a message from her asking for help. Avon, Dayna and Tarrant teleport into the planet. Avon realises that the planet is a giant computer, while Tarrant discovers that the inhabitants intend to drain all the information from their minds.
Ronald Govey (Relf), Peter Richards, Stephen Jenn and Ian Barritt (Ultras), Jack Macguire, Tony O’Leary, Glen Hayes, Hugh Cecil, Norman Gay, Stephen Kane, Reg Woods, Ridgewell Hawkes, Charles Rayford (Menials); Tex Fuller (Menial/Stuntman)

MOLOCH (17th March 1980) Written by Ben Steed
Director: Vere Lorrimer
The Liberator follows Sevalan’s ship to a planet contained within an energy barrier. Unable to use the teleport, they plan to get Tarrant and Vila to the planet via a passing troop carrier. The planet has machines that can replicate matter. Servalan was tricked into coming so that her ship can be replicated. Meanwhile, Moloch, the all-powerful ruler, has plans for the Liberator.
David Harries (Donan), John Hartley (Grose), Mark Sheridan (Lector), Deep Roy (Moloch), Debbi Blythe (Poola), Sabina Franklin (Chesil), Stuart Fell (Federation Guard/Stuntman); Peter Hannon, Keith Norrish, Tony De Cosy (Federation Guards); Nikki Dunsford (Servalan’s Mutoid Aide); Mary Eveleigh (Gila, Servant Girl); Steve Ismay, Keith Guest, Buddy Prince, Len Gilbey, John Clamp, Mort Jackson (Convicts/Troopers); Tommy Reilly (Harmonica-Playing Convict)

DEATH-WATCH (24th March 1980) Written by Chris Boucher
Director: Gerald Blake
Deeta Tarrant learns that he has been designated First Champion of Teal, and that the Vandor Confederation has declared war. This is fought as a duel to the death between the two systems’ champions. The Liberator travels to the system to view the battle. They are shocked to discover that the Teal Champion is Tarrant’s brother, and the neutral arbiter is none other than Servalan.
Mark Elliot (Vinni, Voice of Teal Control & Voice of Director), Stewart Bevan (Max & Voice of Teal Star Captain), David Sibley (Commentator), Katherine Iddon (Karla), Stuart Fell (Assassin/Stuntman); Jean Hastings (Female Voice on Teal Star); Philip Webb, Roy Seely (Arbiters); David Bartlett (Medical Orderly)

TERMINAL (31st March 1980) Written by Terry Nation
Director: Mary Ridge
Avon alters the Liberator’s course and refuses to explain his actions. On the way, he takes the ship through a cloud of fluid particles with no apparent ill-effect. Upon arrival at their destination, an artificial planet called Terminal, Avon insists on teleporting down alone. Meanwhile, particles from the cloud that collected on the Liberator’s hull are beginning to consume it.
Gareth Thomas (Blake), Gillian McCutcheon (Kostos), Heather Wright (Reeval), Richard Clifford (Toron), David Healy (Sphere Voice), Stuart Fell, Gareth Milne (Links/Stuntmen); Deep Roy (Link); Nicholas Frankaus, Tony Christopher, Peter Farmer (Guards)

Series 4
Regular Cast:
Paul Darrow (Avon), Michael Keating (Vila), Steven Pacey (Tarrant), Josette Simon (Dayna), Glynis Barber (Soolin), Peter Tuddenham (Slave and Orac), Jacqueline Pearce (Servalan)
Principal Production Credits:
Series created by Terry Nation
Music by Dudley Simpson
Script Editor: Chris Boucher
Producer: Vere Lorrimer

RESCUE (28th September 1981) Written by Chris Boucher
Director: Mary Ridge
After the destruction of the Liberator, the crew are stranded on Terminal. The base was booby-trapped, and Cally is killed in the explosion. A man called Dorian arrives on Terminal, and Avon forces him to take them on board his ship, Scorpio. Arriving at Dorian’s base on Xenon, they are greeted by his companion Soolin, who seems to have been expecting them.
Jan Chappell (Voice of Cally); Geoffrey Burridge (Dorian), Rob Middleton (The Creature), Stuart Fell, James Muir (Links); Harry Van Engel, Peter Finn, Albert Welch (Disintegrating Dorians); Bruno Tonioli (Dead Young Man)

POWER (5th October1981) Written by Ben Steed
Director: Mary Ridge
Food in Xenon Base is running low, and the crew need access to Scorpio. The ship is sealed in its silo, and not even Vila can open the door. On the planet’s surface there is a power struggle between two warring tribes, the Hommiks and the Seska. Captured by the Hommiks, Avon has to face their leader Gunn Sar in close combat.
Dicken Ashworth (Gunn Sar), Juliet Hammond-Hill (Pella), Jenny Oulton (Nina), Paul Ridley (Cato), Alison Glennie (Kate), Linda Barr (Luxia), Terence Brooks, Gordon Hann, Richard Reid, Steve Kelly, Pat Gorman, David Robert Long, Derek Suthern (Hommiks in Wasteland); John Holland, Ron Tarr, Steve Ismay, Terry Medlicott, Terry Duran, Ridgewell Hawkes (Hommiks in Base); Annette Paris (Unconscious Luxia)

TRAITOR (12th October 1981) Written by Robert Holmes
Director: David Sullivan Proudfoot
Orac informs Avon that the Federation has a new weapon that is allowing them to sweep through their sector towards Xenon. The command network is based on Helotrix. Scorpio travels there, and Dayna and Tarrant teleport down to investigate. Meanwhile, the President-Elect of Helotrix discovers the true identity of Commissioner Sleer, the genius behind the Federation’s new pacification drug, Pylene-50.
Malcolm Stoddard (Leitz), Christopher Neame (Colonel Quute), Robert Morris (Major Hunda), John Quentin (Practor), Edgar Wreford (Forbus), Nick Brimble (General), Davd Quilter (The Tracer), Neil Dickson (Avandir), Cyril Appleton (Sgt Hask), George Lee (Igin), Ian Ellis, James Muir, Bobby James, Peter Dayson, David Enyon, Paul Baden, Paul Heasman, Barry Holland, Peter Jessup, Bryan Payne, Eddie Sommer, Terry Stuart, Philip Compton, Richard Reid, Bruce Callander, Pat Gorman, Mike Mungarvin, Sue Bishop, Fiona McAlpine, Kevin O’Brien, Barney Lawrence, Maxine Walker, Wendy Smith, Annette Paris, Derek Holt, John Hartley Horton, Richard Olley (Federation Guards/Attendant/Helot Rebels/Adapted Helots)

STARDRIVE (19th October 1981) Written by Jim Follett
Director: David Sullivan Proudfoot
Scorpio collides with an asteroid and is badly damaged. While Avon and Tarrant are carrying out repairs, three pursuit ships appear but suddenly explode. Back at Xenon base, they discover that the ships were destroyed by a small craft moving at phenomenal speed, piloted by a Space Rat. They travel to Caspar, base of the Space Rats - psychopaths who thrive on speed and violence.
Barbara Shelley (Dr Plaxton), Damien Thomas (Atlan), Peter Sands (Bomber), Leonard Kavanagh (Napier), Mike Potter (Double for Atlan); Terry Forrestal (Double for Bomber); Sue Crosland (Double for Dr Plaxton); Jim Dowdall (Space Rat/Stuntman); Stephen Whyment, Reg Woods, Annette Paris, Sally Sinclair, Martin Kennedy, Lisa Clifton (Brig/Space Rats in Base)

ANIMALS (26th October 1981) Written by Allan Prior
Director: Mary Ridge
Dayna goes to the planet Bucol 2 to meet her former tutor, Justin. She discovers that Justin has been genetically engineering animals, some of which have escaped form their compound with their leader Og. Meanwhile, Commissioner Sleer has received reports about a planet hopper that can move at incredible speed and is curious to find out what it was doing on Bucol 2.
Peter Byrne (Justin), William Lindsay (Captain), Max Harvey (Borr), Kevin Stoney (Ardus), David Boyce (Og), Jill Goldstone, Janine Orgill, Ellison Kemp (Mutoids on Sleer’s ship); Ralph Morse (Animal on Screen); Nick Joseph, Mike Vinden, Colin Cook, Joe Phillips, Ray Hatfield, Ian Durrant, Mark Howard (Animals in Forest and Cages); Anite Jayne, Olwen Atkinson, Amanda Gee (Mutoids on Bucol 2)

HEADHUNTER (2nd November 1981) Written by Roger Parkes
Director: Mary Ridge
Tarrant and Vila go to Pharos to collect Muller, a cyberneticist. Vila teleports Muller to the ship and Tarrant follows, clutching a sealed box he found in Muller’s lab. Muller goes mad with rage when he sees the box, but Vila subdues him. On arrival at Xenon, Orac recommends that Scorpio be quarantined in orbit, as he believes a hostile force is at work.
John Westbrook (Muller), Lynda Bellingham (Vena), Douglas Fielding (Technician), Nick Joseph (Android & Muller’s Corpse)

ASSASSIN (9th November 1981) Written by Rod Beacham
Director: David Sullivan Proudfoot
Intercepting a message from ‘Utiliser’ to ‘Cancer’ (an infallible assassin) the crew of the Scorpio fly to the planet Domo where the meeting between Utiliser and Cancer is due to take place. Avon is captured by the inhabitants and made ready to be sold at the slave auctions. In his cell, Avon meets a man called Nebrox who offers to help him escape.
Betty Marsden (Verlis), Richard Hurndall (Nebrox) Caroline Holdaway (Piri), John Wyman (Cancer), Peter Attard (Benos), Adam Blackwood (Tok), Mark Barratt (Servalan’s Captain), James Muir (Pirate Guard on Cell); Harold Messias (Pirate Guard in Fight); Les Clarke, Carl Graeme, Nelson Ward, Bryan Godfrey, Raymond Sargent, John Gooch, Jonathan Truss, Bruce Guest, Harold Gasnier, John Brattle, Wayne Reed, Ken Halliwell, Glen Francis, David Browne, Lee St John, Alan Hardy, Nigel Skeete, Keith Daly (Pirates/Slaves/Bidding Agents/Attendants); Karen Willis, Diane Graeme, Sue Dorning (Slaves)

GAMES (16th November 1981) Written by Bill Lyons
Director: Vivienne Cozens
Avon plans to steal a consignment of Feldon crystals, one of the most valuable substances in the universe. Meanwhile Belkov, the man in charge of the Feldon crystal mines, watches on his monitor as three men take part in a deadly video game. One man survives and calls Scorpio for help. He tells Avon that the Federation is on its way to investigate Belkov’s mining activities.
Stratford Johns (Belkov), David Neal (Gerren), James Harvey (Guard), Rosalind Bailey (Gambit) Michael Potter (Guard, Burning Mecron/Stuntman); Michael Gaunt (Computer Voice); Tim Oldroyd, Graham Cole (Gerren’s Associates); Ken Halliwell, Harry Fielder, Pat Gorman, Sean Islip (Federation Guards); Trisha Clarke (Mutoid); John Brattle, David Browne, Les Clarke, Harold Gasnier, Nelson Ward, Bruce Guest, Wayne Reed, Raymond Sargent, Nigel Skeete, Vaughan Collins, Bobby Hart, Alan Hardy (Mecronians, Federation Guards)

SAND (23rd November 1981) Written by Tanith Lee
Director: Vivienne Cozens
En route to Virn, a planet covered with green sand, Servalan reviews an old transmission that explains how the Federation research team there died one by one. Orac picks up a communication reporting something of value on Virn, so Avon decides that they should claim it. On arrival, Servalan’s ship crash-lands, and Scorpio’s systems malfunction. Tarrant and Servalan become trapped together in the research team’s base.
Stephen Yardley (Reeve), Daniel Hill (Chasgo), Peter Craze (Servalan’s Assistant), Jonathan David (Keller), Michael Gaunt (Computer), Andy Bradford (Stunt Double for Reeve)

GOLD (30th November 1981) Written by Colin Davis
Director: Brian Lighthill
Avon meets up with Keiller, an old acquaintance who is now the purser on board a pleasure liner. Keiller proposes to steal 17 billion credits worth of gold. The snag is that the gold is black, as its atomic constitution is changed before shipping. Keiller suggests they interfere with the processing so that the next shipment is delivered in its unchanged state.
Roy Kinnear (Keiller), Antony Brown (Doctor), Dinah May (Passenger), Norman Hartley (Pilot), Mike Potter, Mark McBride (ZVP Guards/Stuntmen); Maurice Connor, James Muir, Derek Suthern, Reg Woods, Les Conrad, Malcolm Harvey (Guards on Space Princess); Bookie Daniels, Pauline Lewis-John, Elaine Williams, Doris Littlewood, Pat Butler, Chris Bradshaw, Leslie Adams, Giles Melville, Charlie Stewart, Les Conrad, Malcolm Harvey, Anne Higgins, Kathleen Heath (Passengers on Space Princess); Lee St John, David Browne, Carl Graeme, Nelson Ward, Harold Gasnier, Keith Daly, Nigel Skeete, Bryan Godfrey, Wayne Reed, John Gooch (ZVP Guards/Federation Guards)

ORBIT (7th December 1981) Written by Robert Holmes
Director: Brian Lighthill
Egrorian, a famous scientist, contacts Avon to offer him a tachyon funnel – a powerful weapon that can destroy anything at any distance. He wants Orac in exchange. Avon and Vila travel to Malodar in Egrorian’s shuttle to complete the deal. However, each plans a double-cross: Avon has no intention of really parting with Orac, while Egrorian has sabotaged the shuttle for Avon and Vila’s return trip.
John Savident (Egrorian), Larry Noble (Pinder)

WARLORD (14th December 1981) Written by Simon Masters
Director: Viktors Ritelis
Avon plans to unite the non-allied border worlds against the Federation. He tells them of the threat of Pylene-50 and offers them an anti-toxin, but they must all work together to manufacture it. When Zukan arrives with the components he was asked to supply, the other leaders begin to trust him. Tarrant is pleased to see another cargo from Zukan’s ship: his daughter, Zeeona.
Roy Boyd (Zukan), Bobbie Brown (Zeeona), Dean Harris (Finn), Simon Merrick (Boorva), Rick James (Chalsa), Charles Augins (Lod), Brian Spink (Mida), Walter Henry, Mike Vinder, Arthur Parry, Barney Lawrence, Douglas Auchterlionie, John Giles (Zukan’s Technicians); Ina Claire, Jean Channon, Sally Carpenter (Inhabitants of Zondawl); Mykel Mills, Joe Phillips, Salo Gardner, Denis Hayward, Ray Knight, Fred Reford, Ray Martin, Phillip Shelley, Toby Byrne, Harry Fielder, Bryan Jacobs, Tony Pryor, Stephen Whyment, Michael Gordon-Browne (Inhabitants of Zondawl/Federation Guards)

BLAKE (21st December 1981) Written by Chris Boucher
Director: Mary Ridge
Xenon base has been destroyed. The Scorpio crew are now searching for a new figurehead for the struggle against the Federation. Avon thinks he’s found the perfect candidate who is currently operating as a bounty hunter on Gauda Prime. His name is Blake. Will Blake agree to join Avon and his crew again, or is it time for a final showdown?
Gareth Thomas (Blake), David Collings (Deva), Sasha Mitchell (Arlen), Janet Lees Price (Klyn), Terry Forrestal (Technician/Stuntman); Michael Bauer, Max Mundy (Bounty Hunters in Cabin/ Federation Guards); Steve Durante, Mike Mungarvin, Tony Starr, Cy Town (Technicians/ Federation Guards); Pat Gorman, Jeff Wayne, Douglas Roe, James Muir, Harry Fielder, Peter Benfield, Graham Cole, Peter Gates Fleming (Federation Guards); Barry Summerford, Stephen Whyment, Steve Kelly (Bounty Hunters in Plantation)