Blake's 7 Series 1 and 2 Episode Guide

Compiled by Rob & Jackie Emery

Regular Cast:
Gareth Thomas (Blake), Sally Knyvette (Jenna), Paul Darrow (Avon), Jan Chappell (Cally), Michael Keating (Vila), David Jackson (Gan), Peter Tuddenham (Zen)
Stephen Greif (Travis), Jacqueline Pearce (Servalan)
Production Credits:
Series created by Terry Nation
Title & Incidental Music by Dudley Simpson
Script Editor Chris Boucher
Producer David Maloney
All season one episodes written by Terry Nation

THE WAY BACK (2nd January 1978) Director: Michael E. Briant
After finding out that he was once a great rebel leader, Blake witnesses Federation guards massacre a peaceful meeting of dissidents. He is captured, put on trial with fabricated evidence and sentenced to exile on the prison planet Cygnus Alpha.
Robert Beatty (Bran Foster), Robert James (Ven Glynd), Jeremy Wilkin (Tarrant), Michael Halsey (Varon), Pippa Steel ((Maja), Gillian Bailey (Ravella), Alan Butler (Richie), Margaret John (Arbiter), Peter Williams (Dr Havant), Susan Field (Alta Morag), Rodney Figaro (Clerk of Court), Nigel Lambert (Computer Operator), Garry McDermott (Guard).
Les Shannon, Derek Southern, John Hensen, Sandy Sinclair, Barry Summerford, Mort Jackson, Tony Powell, Chris Holmes, Frank Arbisman (Guards); Beryl Nisbett (Screaming Woman Prisoner); Reg Turner, Peter Roy, Derek Holt, Barry Hayes, Alan Crisp, Michael Mungarvan, Reg Thomason (Prisoners/Passers-by).

SPACEFALL (9th January 1978) Director: Pennant Roberts
En route to Cygnus Alpha, Blake meets Avon. Together with Jenna, they rally the prisoners to mutiny. Meanwhile, the prison ship encounters an enormous alien ship abandoned after a space battle. 'Expendable' prisoners, Blake, Jenna and Avon are sent across to investigate.
Glyn Owen (Leylan), Leslie Schofield (Raiker), Norman Tipton (Artix), David Hayward (Teague), Brett Forrest (Krell), Tom Kelly (Nova), Michael Mackenzie (Dainer), Bill Weston (Garton).
Clinton Morris (Wallace); Roy Pearce, Mark Collins, Harry Fielder (Guards); Stuart Myers, Terry Sartain (Crewmen); Reg Turner, Mike Mungarvan, Eric Kent, Barry Hayes, Michael Reynal, Reg Thomason, Kenny Whymark, Chris Holmes, Peter Roy, Alan Crisp, Derek Holt (Prisoners); Juliette James (Jenna's Mother), Robert Watson, David Bache (Guards in Vision/Avon's Brother)

CYGNUS ALPHA (16th January 1978) Director: Vere Lorrimer
Blake, Avon and Jenna explore the alien ship, finding hand-guns, a teleport system and a computer, Zen. They set a course for Cygnus Alpha to rescue the other prisoners.
Brian Blessed (Lord Vargas), Glyn Owen (Leylan), Norman Tipton (Artix), Pamela Salem (Kara), Robert Russell (Laran), Peter Childs (Arco), David Ryall (Selman)
Clifford Diggins, Del Baker, Frank Henson, Nick Hobbs (Hooded Figures/Stuntmen); Cy Wallis, Reg Thomason, Richard Sheekey, Michael Reynal, Chris Holmes, Alan Crisp, Monty Morris (Prisoners); Malcolm Taylor, Donald Stephenson, Brian Moorhead, Philip Webb, Clive Barrie, Andy Dempsey, Ray Sunby, Terry Sartain (Hooded Figures), Harry Fielder (Security Guard), Leslie Schofield (Raiker in flashback to Spacefall)

(23rd January 1978) Director: Pennant Roberts
On route to attack a Federation base on Saurian Major, the crew take on board a small projectile containing cryogenic chambers. Blake, Vila and Avon teleport down to the planet, where they meet Cally. Meanwhile, back on the Liberator, trouble is brewing.
Tony Smart, Mark McBride, Frank Henson (Aliens)
Roger Weighton, Nigel Sibley, Ian Lawrence, Geoff Cryer, Stephen Lyons, John Aston, Roy Pierce, Paul Barry, Barney Lawrence, Mark Annandale (Guards)

THE WEB (30th January 1978) Director: Michael E. Briant
Under the influence of a telepathic alien, Cally sabotages the Liberator, which becomes trapped in a web. Their captors require the Liberator's help to power their laboratory, which is under attack by Decimas.
Richard Beale (Saymon), Ania Marson (Geela), Miles Fothergill (Novara), Deep Roy, Gilda Cohen, Ismet Hassm, Marcus Powell, Molly Tweedly, Willie Sheara (Decimas).

(6th February 1978) Director: Vere Lorrimer
Blake and crew raid Centero to steal the cypher unit. At Space Headquarters, Servalan instructs Travis to seek, locate and destroy Blake. When Cally is inadvertently left behind on Centero, Travis plans to use her as bait to trap Blake.
Peter Craze (Prell), Peter Miles (Rontane), John Bryans (Bercol), Ian Cullen (Escon), Ian Oliver (Rai), Astley Jones (Eldon, Voice of Servalan's Secretary, Voice of Doctor)
Frank Maher (Stuntman/Guard); Kevin Sullivan (Robot Operator); Franklyn Arbisman, James Muir, Alan Forbes, Scott Thomas, Douglas Roe, Terence Ward, Lionel Sansby (Guards); David Glen, William Wyatt, Jason Good, Michael Gordon-Browne (Laboratory Technicians).

MISSION TO DESTINY (13th February 1978) Director: Pennant Roberts
The Liberator encounters the Ortega. Its pilot is dead and the crew unconscious. When the crew revive they explain that the ship was en route to their homeworld, Destiny. Blake offers to continue the mission in the Liberator, while Cally and Avon remain on the Ortega.
Barry Jackson (Kendall), Beth Morris (Sara), Stephen Tate (Mandrian), Nigel Humphreys (Sonheim), Kate Coleridge (Levett), Carl Forgione (Grovane), John Leeson (Pasco), Brian Capron (Rafford), Stuart Fell (Dortmunn)

DUEL (20th February 1978) Director: Douglas Camfield
Federation pursuit ships, under Travis' command, attack the Liberator. During the space battle, Blake and Travis are removed from their ships to an alien world, where two mysterious women command them to engage in a duel to the death.
Isla Blair (Sinofar); Patsy Smart (Giroc); Carol Royle (Mutoid)
Christopher Holmes (Mutoid); Cliff Diggins (Blake's stunt double); Frank Maher (Travis' stunt double)

PROJECT AVALON (27th February 1978) Director: Michael E. Briant
Whilst attempting to rescue a resistance leader named Avalon, the Liberator crew find they have sprung a Federation trap. They manage to escape, only to find that Avalon has been replaced by an android replica with a deadly purpose.
Julia Vidler (Avalon), David Bailie (Chevner), Glynis Barber (Mutoid), John Baker (Scientist), John Rolfe (Terloc), David Sterne, Mark Holmes (Guards)
Stuart Fell, Cyd Child (Stunt Artistes/Subterrons), Frank Maher (Stuntman/Guard), Roy Pearce, George House, Peter Whitaker, Eddie Le Roy, Leslie Weekes (Scientists), Chris Holmes, Michael de Wilde, Christina Halstead, Roberta Kingsley, Monique Briant (Mutoids), Kavid Ianson, Kelly Varney, Bruce Guest (Prisoners), John Cannon, John Jenson, Doug Roe, Peter Dukes (Guards) Bunty Garland (Double for Avalon), Gaye Hopkin, David Charles, Jay Dyer (Subterrons/Mutoids)

BREAKDOWN (6th March 1978) Director: Vere Lorrimer
Both Gan's limiter and the Zen computer malfunction. Avon is able to repair Zen, but the crew are forced to seek the help of neurosurgeon Professor Kayn in order to save Gan. Kayn fixes the limiter, but also betrays them to the Federation.
Julian Glover (Kayn), Ian Thompson (Farren), Christian Roberts (Renor)
Sue Crosland (Double for Jenna); Michael Gaunt (Voices)

BOUNTY (13th March 1978) Director: Pennant Roberts
Blake and Cally try to persuade ex-president Sarkoff to return to governing his people. Meanwhile, the Liberator picks up a distress call from another ship. When Blake and Cally return to the Liberator, they find it under the control of Amagon pirates.
T.P. McKenna (Sarkoff), Carinthia West (Tyce), Marc Zuber (Tarvin), Mark York (Cheney), Derrick Branche (Amagon Guard)
Stanley Hollingsworth (stunt driver), Derek San-Sellus, Neville Rofaila, Geronimo Sehmi (Amagon Guards), Doug Charlton, Rex Browne, Bob Sutherland, Ronald Nunnery, John Aston, Paul Berry, Barnie Lawrence, Keith Norrish, Andy Dempsey (Federation Guards), Roberta Gibbs (Double for Cally)

DELIVERANCE (20th March 1978) Director: Michael E. Briant
After witnessing a ship crash on the planet Cephlon, the Liberator crew check for survivors. Rescuing young Ensor, they find out about a computer called Orac, and an attempt by Servalan to take it for her own nefarious purposes.
Tony Caunter (Ensor), Susan Farmer (Meegat), James Lister (Maryatt)
Terry Plummer, Terry Richards, Billy Horrigan, Chris Webb (Stunt Scavengers), Pat Gorman, Harry Fielder, Steve Kelly, Ron Tarr, Bill Hemmings, Joe Santo, Steve Ismay, James Linton, Derek Suthern, John Hogan, Reg Woods, Ian Munro, William Perrie (Scavengers)

ORAC (27th March 1978) Director: Vere Lorrimer
The Liberator crew travels to Aristo to find out more about Orac. Travis and Servalan are there, too. Ensor gives Orac to Blake, before dying of a heart attack. Back on the Liberator, Orac makes a bleak prediction.
Derek Farr (Ensor/Orac), James Muir, Paul Kidd (Phibians)
Barry Hayes (Double for Travis), Tony Caunter (Ensor - flashback to Deliverance), James Lister (Maryatt - flashback to Deliverance)

Regular Cast:
Gareth Thomas (Blake), Sally Knyvette (Jenna), Paul Darrow (Avon), Jan Chappell (Cally), Michael Keating (Vila), David Jackson (Gan), Peter Tuddenham (Zen/Orac)
Brian Croucher (Travis), Jacqueline Pearce (Servalan)
Principal Credits:
Series created by Terry Nation
Title & Incidental Music by Dudley Simpson
Script Editor Chris Boucher
Producer David Maloney

REDEMPTION (9th January 1979) Written by Terry Nation
Director: Vere Lorrimer
The Liberator is reclaimed by its original owners, who call it DSV2. With Orac's help, Blake and crew manage to regain control of the Liberator. Orac then destroys DSV1, thus fulfilling his prophecy.
Sheila Ruskin (Alta One), Harriet Philpin (Alta Two), Roy Evans (Slave)
Fred Haggerty, Les White, Terry York (Stuntmen/Alta Guards), David Charles, Gordon Somers, Paul Menzies, Dave Ponting, Peter Clare, John Curry (Alta Guards/Slaves), Peter Roy, Mike Mungarvan, Ray Faulkner (Alta Guards)

SHADOW (16th January 1979) Written by Chris Boucher
Director: Jonathan Wright Miller
Blake and crew travel to Space City, to try to enlist the support of the Terra Nostra, a resistance organisation and drugs cartel. Meanwhile, Orac is taken over by a telepathic alien.
Derek Smith (Largo), Karl Howman (Bek), Adrienne Burgess (Hanna), Vernon Dobtcheff (Chairman), Archie Tew (Enforcer/Voice of Duty Officer)
Les White, Fred Haggerty (Stuntmen/Guards), Graham Kennedy Smith (Peety)

WEAPON (23rd January 1979) Written by Chris Boucher
Director: George Spenton-Foster
IMIPAK, a new Federation weapon, is stolen by Coser, the scientist who developed it. With the help of the Clonemasters, Servalan has made a clone of Blake. The real Blake goes to meet Coser, whose every move has been predicted by Carnell, the psycho-strategist.
Kathleen Byron (Fen), John Bennett (Coser), Scott Fredericks (Carnell), Candice Glendenning (Rashel), Graham Simpson (Officer)
Harry Fielder, Reg Turner, Bob Smythe (Guards)

HORIZON (30th January 1979) Written by Allan Prior
Director: Jonathan Wright Miller
The Liberator crew need some R&R. They arrive on the planet Horizon, whose inhabitants are under Federation control. With Blake's help, Horizon's leader overthrows the Federation governors and restores his planet's freedom.
William Squire (Kommissar), Dariell Angadi (Ro), Souad Faress (Sebna), Brian Miller (Assistant Kommissar), Paul Haley (Chief Guard)
Kelly Varney, Martin Clarke, Jennifer Ellen, Valerie Hastings (Slaves), Al Wade, David Charles, Paul Bassett, Ceri Morgan, Adrian Varcoe, Paul Strike, Jay Eden Winn, Samura Khan, Mike Kenwright, Paul Menzies, David Pople, Brian Chaplin, Les Hill, John Curry (Slaves/Guards)

PRESSURE POINT (6th February 1979) Written by Terry Nation
Director: George Spenton-Foster
Thinking he has found the Federation's Computer Control Centre, Blake stages a raid. It is, however, a trap set by Servalan and Travis. During their escape, Gan is caught in an explosion and killed.
Jane Sherwin (Kasabi), Yolande Palfrey (Veron), Alan Halley (Arle), Martin Connor (Berg), Sue Bishop (Mutoid)
Sally Sinclair, Maggie Pilleau (Mutoids), Ridgewell Hawkes, James Muir, Mark Holmes, Patsy Peters, Barbara Hampshire, Barry Summerford (Kasabi's Rebels)

TRIAL (13th February 1979) Written by Chris Boucher
Director: Derek Martinus
Blake goes to an uninhabited planet in order to come to terms with Gan's death. Meanwhile, Servalan puts Travis on trial for constantly failing to catch Blake. After making peace with himself, Blake plans an attack on Space Command Headquarters.
John Savident (Samor), John Bryans (Bercol), Peter Miles (Rontane), Victoria Fairbrother (Thania), Claire Lewis (Zil), Kevin Lloyd (Par), Graham Sinclair (Lye), Colin Dunn (Guard Commander)
Peter Tuddenham (Tannoy Voices), Harry Fielder, Derek Southern (Guards), Brian Moorehead, Michael Finbarr (Officers)

KILLER (20th February 1979) Written by Robert Holmes
Director: Vere Lorrimer
Whilst trying to steal a Federation Communication T-P crystal, the Liberator crew come up against a virulent space plague.
Paul Daneman (Bellfriar), Ronald Lacey (Tynus), Colin Farrell (Gambrill), Colin Higgins (Tak), Michael Gaunt (Bax/Voice of Boarding Party), Morris Barry (Wiler)
Colin Higgins (Voice of Boarding Party), David Charles, Gordon Somers, David Pople, Mark Alan, Adrian Varcoe (Boarding Party/Guards/Firefighters), David Glen, Ray Chaney (Medicos Frell and Joson), Bobby James, Mark Kirby, Robert Van Kaphengst (Men in Dust Suits/Firefighters), Tony O'Leary (Wardin)

HOSTAGE (27th February 1978) Written by Allan Prior
Director: Vere Lorrimer
Travis takes Blake's cousin Inga hostage, so Blake and the Liberator crew go to the planet Exbar to rescue her. However, Travis has laid a trap for Blake, and is waiting on Exbar with a band of crimmos.
John Abineri (Ushton), Judy Buxton (Inga), Kevin Stoney (Joban), Andrew Robertson (Space Commander), Judith Porter (Mutoid), James Coyle (Molok)
Cliff Diggins, Del Baker, Dinny Powell, Rocky Taylor (Stuntmen/Crimmos), Margaret Pilleau, Barbara Hampshire (Mutoids), Walter Turner, David Roy Paul, Robert Smythe, David Glen (Crimmos)

COUNTDOWN (6th March 1979) Written by Terry Nation
Director: Vere Lorrimer
Looking for Space Major Provine, Blake and crew teleport down to the planet Albian, whose people are revolting against the Federation government. Avon has to defuse a solium radiation device before all life on the planet is destroyed. Provine tells Blake of Star One.
Tom Chadbon (Grant), Paul Shelley (Provine), James Kerry (Cauder), Lindy Alexander (Ralli), Robert Arnold (Selson), Geoffrey Snell (Tronos), Sidney Kean (Vetnor), Nigel Gregory (Arrian)
Rocky Taylor, Cliff Diggins (Stuntmen/Albians/Guards), Peter Roy, Toby Byrne (Albians), Derek Suthern, Peter Caton, Tony Snell, Robert Smythe, Ray Knight, Ernie Goodyear (Albians/Guards)

VOICE FROM THE PAST (13th March 1979) Written by Roger Parkes
Director: George Spenton-Foster
Under telepathic control, Blake orders the Liberator to asteroid P-K118, where he meets the resistance leader, Shivan. Together they travel to a summit meeting. However, Shivan is revealed to be Travis in disguise, and the summit is another of Servalan's traps.
Frieda Knorr (Governor Le Grand), Richard Bebb (Glynd), Martin Read (Nagu)
Harry Fielder, Reg Turner, Robert Smythe, Pat Gorman (Guards), Ian Munro, Reg Woods, Alva Shelley, Jules Walter, Barry Summerford, Judy Crowne, Karen Cooper, Count Prince Miller, Joe MacKlaine (Glynd's Rebels)

GAMBIT (20th March 1979) Written by Robert Holmes
Director: George Spenton-Foster
Believing that Docholli, a cyber-surgeon, holds the key to the location of Star One, Blake and crew trace him to Freedom City. Unfortunately, Travis has already found Docholli and Servalan also has a surprise in store.
Aubrey Woods (Krantor), Denis Carey (Docholli), Nicolette Roeg (Chenie), Sylvia Coleridge (Croupier), Paul Grist (Cevedic), John Leeson (Toise), Harry Jones (Jarriere), Michael Halsey (Zee), Deep Roy (Klute)
Norman Bacon, John Cannon (Cevedic's Heavies), Mike Mungarvan, Pat Gorman, Jan Murzynowski, Joe Kaye, Bill Gray, Robert Smythe, Derek Southern, Steve Kelly, John Holland, Ronald Horn, Barry Summerfield, Ridgewell Hawks, Stephen Kane, Karen Cooper, Karen Apted, Fay Hillier, Donna Scarfe, Arnold Lee, Willow, Shenoo Rethna, Ohjah Maharaja, Steve Margo, Tawny Sands, Mark Kirby, Dave Holland, Gita Santana (Runner/Trantian/Customers/Bouncer/Gamblers/Thrylce)

THE KEEPER (27th March 1979) Written by Allan Prior
Director: Derek Martinus
Blake teleports down to the planet Goth, searching for a brain print which holds the exact location of Star One. On board the Liberator, Avon spots and destroys Travis' ship. However, Travis is already on Goth, and searching for the brain print himself.
Bruce Purchase (Gola), Freda Jackson (Tara), Shaun Curry (Rod), Cengiz Saner (Fool), Arthur Hewlett (Old Man), Ron Tarr (Patrol Leader)
Nosher Powell (Stuntman/Goth Warrior/Fight Double), Stuart Fell, Dinny Powell, Paul Weston (Stuntmen/Goth Warriors), Steve Kelly, Jan Murzynowski, Jeff Howard, Eric French, Ridgewell Hawks, Paul Taras (Goth Guards), Eileen Brady (Harpist)

STAR ONE (3rd April 1979) Written by Chris Boucher
Director: David Maloney (uncredited)
The crew of the Liberator reach Star One. Star One's technicians have been taken over by Andromedans, who are planning to invade our galaxy. Travis has sold out to them, and the Liberator is all that stands between the Andromedans and the destruction of the human race.
Jenny Twigge (Lurena), David Webb (Stot), Gareth Armstrong (Parton), John Bown (Durkin), Paul Toothill (Marcol), Michael Maynard (Leeth)
Jim Dowdall (Stuntman/Travis Double), Derek Broome, David Cann, Mark Allington, Giles Melville, Bobby James, Christopher Holmes, Geoffrey Whiteson, Mike Finbar (Searchers), Michael Spice (Voice of Pilot/Other Voices), Hugh Dickson (Voice of Keldon Controller/Other Voices), David Glen, William Wyatt (Bodyguards), Giles Melville, Bobby James (Corpses)
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