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Transcript - Ep1 The Way Back


by Terry Nation
Directed by Michael E. Briant

(c) 1977 by the British Broadcasting Corporation. Series created by Terry Nation. This is a complete dialogue transcript for research purposes and is not for sale under any circumstances.
Format (c) 1994 by Susan Clerc, Micky DuPree, Carol Reed and Susan Beth Schnitger.

Dramatis Personae
Roj Blake ----------------Gareth Thomas
Jenna Stannis-----------Sally Knyvette
Vila Restal----------------Michael Keating
Bran Foster--------------Robert Beatty
Ven Glynd----------------Robert James
Dev Tarrant--------------Jeremy Wilkin
Tel Varon-----------------Michael Halsey
Maja----------------------Pippa Steel
Ravella-------------------Gillian Bailey
Dal Richie----------------Alan Butler
Arbiter--------------------Margaret John
Doctor Havant----------Peter Williams
Alta Morag---------------Susan Field
Clerk of Court-----------Rodney Figaro
Computer Operator----Nigel Lambert
Guard---------------------Garry McDermott

Public address
Public address (male)
Female prisoner

Les Shannon-------------Derek Southern
John Hensen-------------Sandy Sinclair
Barry Summerford-------Mort Jackson
Beryl Nisbett

NOTE: ______ = unintelligible

[A security camera monitors a sterile white hallway. Throughout this scene other people pass through the area in a lackadaisical, 'out of it' manner while the P.A. broadcasts soothing music and announcements.
Blake stops and looks around before moving on]

P.A.:---------------Attention. Level thirty-eight walkways will be closed for one hour. Level thirty-eight cardholders must report to Central immediately.

RAVELLA:---------[Waiting behind a pillar labeled L/37] Roj.
BLAKE:------------Ah, Ravella.
RAVELLA:---------[She pulls him behind the pillar] Did you have any trouble?
RAVELLA:---------You followed the route I gave you?
BLAKE:------------Yes. Can we get on with it, please?
RAVELLA:---------Come on. [They begin walking]

P.A.:----------------[In the background, mostly unintelligible] ____ engineering of the new ___ of the new discovery ____

RAVELLA: ---------And eating and drinking - you've managed to do without?
BLAKE:-------------Well, since you were so insistent I've done without food or drink for thirty-six hours.
RAVELLA:----------How do you feel?
BLAKE:-------------Hungry and thirsty, of course.
RAVELLA:----------Nothing else? [She turns to check behind them]
BLAKE:-------------Ravella, is this some kind of practical joke?
RAVELLA:----------It's no joke.

[Unnoticed by Ravella and Blake, Dev Tarrant, who had been walking in a 'drugged' manner, drops that mannerism and begins to follow them at a distance]

P.A.:---------------- The President will be answering questions about new population control ____ measures.

[They walk down a metal staircase into sub forty-three]
RAVELLA:---------All our food and drink is treated with suppressants. Going without for a day and a half, they should be wearing off.
BLAKE:------------[Laughs] Not that again.

[Richie emerges from the side and kisses Ravella on the cheek]
RAVELLA:---------Dal Richie, Roj Blake. [They shake hands]
RICHIE:-----------Been looking forward to meeting you. I hear your family settled on the Outer Planets?
BLAKE:------------Brother and a sister on Ziegler Five.
RICHIE:-----------Do you hear from them much?
BLAKE:------------I get vistapes a couple of times a year. Look, what is this? I was told you had some news about them.
RICHIE:-----------No, not me. The man we're going to meet. He specially asked us to contact you so he could tell you in person. He was on Ziegler Five a few months ago.

[They have moved closer to a large, closed door]
BLAKE:------------Where is he now?
RAVELLA:---------Waiting for us. Outside.
RICHIE:-----------Don't worry. It's not all that bad. The air's fresh though it smells different.
BLAKE:------------You realise going outside is a Category Four crime?
RICHIE:-----------We do know the law.
RAVELLA:---------Yes, so whatever you see tonight you keep silent about.
RICHIE:-----------Well? Are you coming?
BLAKE:------------Let's get on with it. [Richie fiddles around with the door panel and a tool box] What are you doing?
RICHIE:-----------Picking the lock.

[Ravella looks back toward the staircase]
BLAKE:------------What is it?
RAVELLA:---------It's nothing.

[Tarrant watches from the stairs]
RICHIE:-----------Now, one more thing. If you open the door, it registers on the computer. These are circuit integrators. Now you could steal this entire section of wall and the machine would cheerfully ignore you. Ready?
RAVELLA:--------[To Blake] Now look: you report anything to the authorities, you'll find yourself implicated more deeply than you imagine.

[Richie turns a crank on a box and the door opens. Tarrant watches from the stairs as the other three exit, then follows them through the door, up a ladder, and finally outside. The city, a huge, grey dome, looms behind them against the night sky]

[They stop at a stream. Ravella scoops up a handful of water and drinks.]
RAVELLA:---------[To Blake] Try some.
RAVELLA:---------It's natural water. [Blake tries some] The stuff we get's been recycled a thousand times [Blake spits it out] - and it's dosed with suppressants.
RICHIE:-----------I'll check ahead. Watch for my signal.
BLAKE:------------Improves the flavour, if nothing else.

[Richie wades off across the stream, carrying his boots.]
RAVELLA:---------Doesn't it bother you that you spend your life in a state of drug-induced tranquility? [removes her boots]
BLAKE:------------We've got to traverse that?
BLAKE:------------[Removes his boots] Why should the Administration try to drug us?
RAVELLA:---------To keep control. They've been stepping up the suppressants because the number of dissidents is growing.
BLAKE:------------Should I take this? [Picks up Richie's box and they begin to cross the stream]
RAVELLA:---------They've seen what's happening and they want to stop it.
BLAKE:------------Stop what?
RAVELLA:---------Don't you know? Don't you remember anything about the treatments they gave you?
BLAKE:------------I've had no treatments.
RAVELLA:---------I thought there'd be something left, some trace of memory.
BLAKE:------------What about my memory?
RAVELLA:---------There's the signal. [A flashlight beam is seen waving.]

[Tarrant watches from the bushes. Blake and Ravella approach the tunnel entrance and are admitted by Richie. Tarrant follows their route.]

[The tunnel. Richie takes his box from Blake. There are many people in the corridor, wearing mainly grey toned robes very different from the garb of city dwellers. They all watch as Blake passes by them.]

BLAKE:------------They're Outsiders!
RICHIE:-----------Quite a few of them are working for our cause now.
BLAKE:------------But it's illegal to have contact with anyone who lives outside the city.
RICHIE:-----------Right, but then this whole meeting is illegal.
BLAKE:------------I'm leaving. I want nothing to do with this. You told me I was going to meet a man who could tell me some news about my family.
RICHIE:-----------Hold on, Blake. You've got to hear Foster.
BLAKE:------------I don't want to hear Foster. I should report everything I've seen to the Administration.
RAVELLA:---------You can't do that.
BLAKE:------------Why not?
RICHIE:-----------We've left documents in the city with your signature on them. Forged, of course, but convincing enough to implicate you in everything we've been doing.
RAVELLA:---------Don't have any doubts. One word in the wrong place can make you look as guilty as any of us.
RICHIE:-----------And looking guilty is all it takes.

[Foster approaches the three of them and shakes Blake's hand]
FOSTER:----------Roj! Good to see you. It's been a long time. [Persists] Bran Foster. Oh! Stupid of me. You don't remember. You had the treatment.
BLAKE:------------Look, what is this? I've had no treatments, my memory is fine. Now what is going on?
FOSTER:----------Now, now, now. [He takes Blake aside] I know, I know, it's difficult for you. Then, too, it's difficult for those of us who knew you before. But the important thing is, you're here.
TARRANT:---------[Enters and speaks to Ravella and Richie in the background] I had trouble getting out of the city, the route was crowded. For a while there I thought we'd been infiltrated.
FOSTER:----------Dev Tarrant's here. Dev! [Beckons him over] You remember Roj Blake.
TARRANT:---------Oh, yes. We met before. [They shake hands]
FOSTER:----------[To Blake] Dev Tarrant. [To Tarrant] Ah, I'm trying to persuade Roj to rejoin us.
TARRANT:---------Yes. [Takes his leave]
FOSTER:----------[Still leading Blake aside] Now, I want you to listen to what I have to tell you. After that you can do whatever you like.
BLAKE:------------All right. Now what do you know about my family?
FOSTER:----------Well, I'll come to that. There are other things you should know first.
BLAKE:------------Forget the other things. Just what do you know?
FOSTER:----------[Tarrant is visible in the background through most of this] They're dead. Your brother and sister are both dead. I'm sorry, I didn't intend you to hear it like that. They were executed four years ago just after your trial.
BLAKE:------------Executed? No, that's not true. I hear from them regularly. I had a vistape only a month ago.
FOSTER:----------Those tapes are fakes. Part of the treatment to keep your memory suppressed. Now, this isn't going to be easy for you, but I'm going to have to tell you things about yourself of which you have no memory. Will you hear me out?
BLAKE:------------Go on.
FOSTER:----------Four years ago, there was a good deal of discontent with the Administration. There were many activist groups. But the only one that really meant anything was led by Roj Blake. You and I worked together. We were outlawed and hunted. But we had supporters and we were making progress. Then someone betrayed us, I still don't know who. You were captured. So were most of our followers. They could have killed you. But that would have given the Cause a martyr.

[As Foster continues, we see Blake's memories of being tortured, captured, and beaten]
FOSTER:----------So instead they put you into intensive therapy. They erased areas of your mind, they implanted new ideas. They literally took your mind to pieces and rebuilt it. And when they'd finished, they put you up and you confessed. You said you'd been 'misguided'. You appealed to everyone to support the Administration, hound out the traitors. Oh, they, they did a good job on you. You were very convincing. And then they took you back and erased even that.

BLAKE:------------What happened to the others?
FOSTER:----------In their benevolence, the Federation allowed them to emigrate to the Outer Worlds. Like your family, they were executed on arrival.
BLAKE:------------Why are you telling me this now?
FOSTER:----------Because we're preparing to move again. And if it were known that you were with us, we'd get more support. How do you feel? Will you help us again?
BLAKE:------------I don't know. I'm not even sure that I believe you.
FOSTER:----------It's all true.
BLAKE:------------I have to think.
FOSTER:----------Of course. We'll talk after the meeting.
BLAKE:------------Hmm. [He walks off to another part of the tunnel]
TARRANT:---------[Steps up to him] What do you think?
FOSTER:----------I don't know. There's not much left of the man I knew. We'll see. All right, let's get started, shall we?
TARRANT:---------[Announcing] All right, everybody, come on. Let's start the meeting now. You come over here and make a group.

[The rebels sit in a group on the floor and applaud as Foster steps in front of them to speak.]
FOSTER:----------Thank you for turning up. Now we all know the risks that we're running in being here, so I'll be as brief as possible. You've probably heard that the settlers in the Outer Worlds are rightly demanding greater autonomy. If we can help to unify their voices, the Administration will have to listen.

[Blake wanders through the tunnel and hides when he sees Federation troopers arrive. While this is happening, Foster's voice is heard in the background. It sounds like a repetition of his last two lines]

[Meeting area]
FOSTER:----------The security forces are already overstretched. If we can step up our campaign of civil disobedience here on Earth, they will have to concentrate their forces here, and that will give the Outer Worlds much more freedom of action. Now we must aim to have at least one world declare its independence within the next two years.
REBELS:----------Hear hear.

[Back in the tunnel, Blake changes hiding places as more troopers appear. Again, Foster's voice is in the background, apparently repeating his last lines]

TROOPER:--------[V.O. on comm link] Unit Three, move in.

[Meeting area]
FOSTER:----------Now, I think most of you know my old friend, Dev Tarrant. Dev will give you details of how we can all help.
TARRANT:---------We've got to cause as much disruption as possible in the food manufacturing division. There's nothing more effective than ration cuts to cause unrest. I've worked out methods by which this disruption can be implemented.

[Troopers enter from several directions]
FOSTER:----------[To the rebels] Now, do not attempt to resist arrest. No matter what the provocation, we must not resort to violence. [To troopers] We claim our rights as citizens, and demand to be treated as civil prisoners.

[The troopers open fire and the rebels scramble for cover that isn't there. Scene cuts between the massacre and Blake listening helplessly in the tunnel]

[Some time later, Blake emerges from hiding and sees the corpses. When he returns to the city, he is captured, triggering again the memories shown during Foster's talk with him]

[Cell. Blake is sitting cross-legged on a metal bunk, with his hands pressed to his temples. There is a droning/humming noise in the background throughout]
HAVANT:----------You're obviously suffering from a severe emotional disturbance. We must try to unravel this fantasy.
BLAKE:------------It is NOT a fantasy.
HAVANT:----------Of course it isn't.
BLAKE:------------[Looks up] Do you believe me?
HAVANT:----------To you it isn't a fantasy.
BLAKE:------------[After a pause] Get out! Leave me alone.
HAVANT:----------Reality is a dangerous concept. Each one of us interprets it in a slightly different way. Every sense impression is filtered by the brain and altered, sometimes just a little, sometimes completely, to fit our individual model of what the world is about. If that model should be challenged...
BLAKE:------------[Has started chanting over and over to himself] I am NOT insane. I am NOT insane...
HAVANT:----------No. You must put that thought completely out of your mind. You've had a shock.
BLAKE:------------[Stops chanting] Yes.
HAVANT:----------We must work together to uncover what that shock was. I'm going to prescribe a mild sedative...
BLAKE:------------No drugs!
HAVANT:----------...a mild sedative to help you to sleep. You must rest.
BLAKE:------------No! No drugs.
HAVANT:----------All right, no drugs. Now try not to think anymore. Don't worry, we'll get it sorted out.
BLAKE:------------[alone, huddled down in a corner of the cell] I can't remember. I can't remember!

[Ven Glynd's office. Blake, pacing in his cell and glaring at the security camera hidden in the ceiling light, is shown on a large screen on the far wall throughout the scene]
GLYND:------------Can he break through the memory blocks, Dr. Havant?
HAVANT:----------It's unlikely. We don't eradicate memory, of course, merely make it inaccessible. But in the normal healthy mind the barriers are impenetrable. Should he suffer anything like a nervous breakdown, where all the mental circuitry malfunctions, as it were, then he might just possibly find a route into his past.
GLYND:------------Mm. That might just possibly prove something of a problem.
HAVANT:----------Can't he be eliminated?
MORAG:-----------No, he's a symbol of opposition to the Administration.
GLYND:------------We've done cross-sectional psych readings which show that a high percentage of people, particularly the younger ones, believe that Blake's trial was a showpiece, that his statements were rigged.
MORAG:-----------His death could be used by the dissidents. They need a hero. Alive or dead, Blake could be it.
HAVANT:----------Difficult. I suppose my department could infect him, some rapidly terminal disease. Would his natural death help?
GLYND:------------I don't think so.
MORAG:-----------What we need is something to discredit him. If he could be deported to Cygnus Alpha... Doctor, am I right in thinking you can create experiences, implant them into a subject, who will then believe that they really happened?
HAVANT:----------Of course. In fact, creating an illusion of reality is quite simple.
MORAG:-----------Good. Then I think we can totally destroy Blake's credibility and get him sentenced. [to Glynd] But I'd like to do a feasibility check. [Glynd nods] Doctor, would you come with me please.
HAVANT:----------As you wish.
GLYND:------------I want to bring charges soon, Morag.
MORAG:-----------Oh, I shall report back.

[Morag and Havant exit through the main door and Tarrant enters from a back corner]
GLYND:------------You heard?
TARRANT:---------I heard.
TARRANT:---------Not yet. He can identify me. My whole operation is at risk. I'll be satisfied when the risk is eliminated.

BLAKE:------------[VO] Remember. Remember. Remember. Remember.

[Glynd's office, later. Morag is already seated]
GLYND:------------Varon. Come in. [Varon enters] Do sit down.
VARON:------------Thank you.
GLYND:------------You know Morag, don't you?
VARON:------------Yes. Morag.
GLYND:------------I've got a defence assignment for you. Not a very pleasant one, I'm afraid.
VARON:------------[Takes a plastic flimsy from him] Ah.
GLYND:------------Morag is prosecuting.
MORAG:-----------The evidence is indisputable. If I were you, I should concentrate on the mitigation.
GLYND:------------Varon, I'm aware that I needn't say this to you of all people, but I will say it because I feel so very strongly about this case. I want you to do everything in your power to help the man. Our first concern must be to see that he has justice.

[Prison. Varon gives a guard the plastic flimsy and the guard pushes some buttons]
P.A.:---------------[V.O.] Security clear on cell unit M-3 for Justice Department access.

[Varon walks over to a small table facing onto the glass wall of Blake's cell. Blake is lying on his back on the bunk]
VARON:-----------I'm Tel Varon, Justice Department. I've been assigned to defend you.
BLAKE:------------I don't need a defence. I'm going to plead guilty.
VARON:-----------Come now. Certainly the evidence against you is strong -
BLAKE:------------I just want to make a statement in open court. I want those responsible for the massacre brought to trial.
VARON:-----------I'm sorry?
BLAKE:------------There can be no justification for deliberate murder.
VARON:-----------There's nothing in the charges about murder. There are a number of other counts. Assault on a minor, attempting to corrupt minors, moral deviation...
BLAKE:------------Let me see that! [He gets up and reads the sheet Varon presses against the glass] All involving children! None of this is true!
VARON:-----------Of course not. That's why you surprised me when you said you'd plead guilty.
BLAKE:------------[Splutters] Well, yes, but not to this, not to these charges.
VARON:------------They are the only ones that have been brought against you. And I must tell you frankly the evidence against you is very damaging.
BLAKE:------------Well, if there is any evidence, it's been faked!
VARON:-----------I've had the opportunity of talking to the children - that is, the prosecution witnesses - and they do seem very certain of their facts.
BLAKE:------------Oh, yes, yes. Yes, their briefing would have been perfect. [Sits back on the bunk]
VARON:-----------If I may, I'd like to outline how I think we should conduct your case.
BLAKE:------------[In the background behind Varon's lines] They set me up beautifully.
VARON:-----------There is a possible approach if we could cite your record: your breakdown after your involvement with those illegal political groups, the remorse that you felt, the guilt you carried has placed you under an enormous strain. And we can submit that these assaults, these aberrations were carried out whilst you were mentally unbalanced.
BLAKE:------------I will offer no defence, but I will plead not guilty.
VARON:-----------These are grave charges. Without extenuating circumstances, you might face deportation. A mental institution would be better than spending the rest of your life on Cygnus Alpha.
BLAKE:------------[Firmly] I will offer no defence. Right?
VARON:-----------Won't you reconsider?
BLAKE:------------Even if you could prove me innocent, the charges have been made. I've got to hand it to them. [To the security camera] You've done a brilliant job!

[Courtroom. Varon enters and joins Blake in an alcove]
VARON:-----------Good morning.
BLAKE:------------I've had a chance to think things through. It's vital that I have the opportunity to make that statement to the open court.
VARON:-----------Well that's up to the Arbiter. It's not usual.
BLAKE:------------There's no way you can prove my innocence, is there?
VARON:-----------[protests] You've given me no chance to try.
BLAKE:------------IS THERE?
VARON:-----------It is doubtful.
BLAKE:------------I AM innocent.
VARON:-----------I've spoken to the children. Their statements were all verified by lie detector. And that puts them beyond dispute.
BLAKE:------------[Motions for him to sit down] The Administration has gone to enormous trouble - I mean, they've even put themselves at risk. There must be a number of people involved who know the truth. Now why? Why would they take that chance?
VARON:-----------There's no possible reason that I can think of.
BLAKE:------------Look, I know you've heard the evidence, but, just for the moment, assume that I am innocent.
VARON:-----------All right.
BLAKE:------------Now at first, I thought they wanted to silence me because I was the witness to the murder of twenty people. The only witness.
VARON:-----------If they're as ruthless as you suggest, then why didn't they simply eliminate you?
BLAKE:------------Because I was something of a political figure - or so you told me.
VARON:-----------It's true, you, you had a considerable following, but then you publicly denounced your whole movement and pledged support to the Administration. It's suggested there are still people who secretly believe you were coerced into that statement.
BLAKE:-----------Exactly. And my death would merely reinforce those beliefs. It, it's exactly the same as if I were arraigned for being at a proscribed political meeting. And so they trump up these charges against me.
VARON:-----------If it were true, do you realise the implications of what you're saying? It would mean there is corruption at a high level of the Administration.

CLERK:------------Now be silent. By the authority of the Terran Federation, this tribunal is in session.

[The Arbiter enters, escorted by several troopers]
CLERK:------------The Arbiter will permit submissions.

[Troopers take reddish plastic boxes from Varon and Morag]
ARBITER:----------Let the accused be brought forward. [This is done] Have you, the accused, been made aware of the charges that are laid against you? And do you fully understand the nature and gravity of those charges?
ARBITER:----------Who speaks for the Federation?
MORAG:------------I do.
ARBITER:----------Who speaks for the accused?
VARON:------------I do.
ARBITER:----------Are you both satisfied that the evidence was fairly obtained? And that all statements were certified as true and correct by lie detector?
MORAG:------------I am.
VARON:------------I am.
ARBITER:----------Is the accused satisfied that his defence has been fully and fairly prepared?
BLAKE:-------------The charges against me are totally false. I am not guilty, therefore I offer no defence.
ARBITER:----------Your guilt or innocence is what we are here to determine. If there are no further submissions, the case will be examined.

[The clerk presents each advocate with one of the boxes, from which they remove clear spheres] Let it be seen that the evidence for the prosecution is sealed and approved by the defence.

ARBITER:----------Let it be seen that the evidence for the defence is sealed and approved by the prosecution. [The spheres are placed into the justice machine] Let the matter be assessed and may justice prevail.

[The spheres blink alternately, but one stops before the other]
ARBITER:----------The accused has been found guilty on all charges.

[The charges appear on the large screen behind the arbiter - see Addenda after transcript for their text.]
ARBITER:----------His crimes have been accorded a Category Nine rating, and as such are adjudged most grave. In sentencing you, the judgment machine has taken into account your past record, your service to the State, and your loyalty to the Federation. None of these have mitigated in your favour. It is the sentence of this tribunal that you be taken from this place to an area of close confinement. From there you will be transported to the penal colony on the planet Cygnus Alpha, where you will remain for the rest of your natural life. This matter is ended.

BLAKE:-------------I wish to make a statement.
ARBITER:----------There can be no more said regarding this case. The matter has been assessed and judgment made.
BLAKE:-------------But the evidence is false. These charges are lies.
ARBITER:----------If you have any complaint against the conduct of this tribunal, it must be directed through your advocate.
BLAKE:-------------You've got to listen to me.

[Guard injects Blake. As he passes out, he sees Tarrant. Blake's memories are again shown under Foster's voice]
FOSTER:-----------[V.O.] They erased areas of your mind, they implanted new ideas. They literally took your mind to pieces and rebuilt it. And when they'd finished, they put you up and you confessed. You said you'd been 'misguided'. You appealed to everyone to support the Administration, hound out the traitors. Oh, they, they did a good job on you. You were very convincing. And then they took you back and erased even that.

[Transit cell]
PRISONER: [Screams as she is dragged along by guards] Let me go! Let me go! No! No! No! No! Let me go! Let me go! No! No! No! No! Let me go!

[Jenna follows the scene from behind the bars and then walks between the cots and watches Vila steal the unconscious Blake's watch. As Vila reaches for more, Blake comes to and pushes him away. Jenna observes their exchange]

VILA:---------------Easy! Take it easy! I hate personal violence, especially when I'm the person.
BLAKE:-------------Who are you?
VILA:---------------I'm Vila Restal. [They shake hands]
BLAKE:-------------Where are we?
VILA:---------------In a transit cell.
BLAKE:-------------I don't understand.
VILA:---------------You're on your way to the penal colony on Cygnus Alpha. Or you will be when the prison ship's refueled. Try to look on the bright side. It must have something. None of the guests have ever left early. In fact, none of them have ever left at all.
BLAKE:-------------Why are you going there?
VILA:---------------They didn't give me a choice. I steal things. Compulsive, I'm afraid. I've had my head adjusted by some of the best in the business. But it just won't stay adjusted.
BLAKE:-------------A professional thief.
VILA:---------------More a vocation than a profession. Other people's property comes naturally to me.
JENNA:-------------[Sits down next to Blake. To Blake] What's the time?
VILA:---------------[Hands the watch back. To Blake] Just taking care of it while you were unconscious. The place is full of criminals.
BLAKE:-------------[To Jenna] Thanks.
VILA:---------------[Indicating her] Jenna.
BLAKE:-------------[Also to her] Blake.
JENNA:-------------What's your story?
BLAKE:-------------Well, I'm innocent - of what I was charged with, anyway.
VILA:---------------We have something in common, then. We're all victims of a miscarriage of justice.
BLAKE:-------------It's true!
JENNA:-------------Of course it is.
BLAKE:-------------What about the others?
VILA:---------------Oh, a very antisocial bunch. Murderers, liars, cheats [Looks at Jenna]... smugglers...
JENNA:-------------[To Vila] - thieves -
VILA:---------------...and they're the nice people.
BLAKE:-------------How long before we take off?
JENNA:-------------About twenty-four hours. If you're expecting a last-minute reprieve you'd better forget it. [Her hand is in his hair] Once they get you this far there's no going back. You'd better get used to the idea. Nobody out there gives a damn about you. [She nudges his head]

[Varon's quarters. Varon clears his throat in the doorway and Maja turns in bed]
MAJA:--------------What time is it?
MAJA:--------------Come to bed. [He does and they kiss]
VARON:------------There's something wrong, you know.
VARON-------------Mmm. The prosecution evidence was so complete that I accepted it. I assumed Blake was guilty and concentrated on justification and appeals for mercy.
MAJA:--------------Well, what else could you do? You interviewed all the victims, the witnesses. None of them had any doubts.
VARON:------------Perhaps they should have. [Kisses her again]
MAJA:--------------What do you mean?
VARON:------------I don't know. Perhaps Blake is guilty. Even so it's... too perfect.
MAJA:--------------Where are you going?
VARON:------------The Public Records computer.
MAJA:--------------To look for what?
VARON:------------I don't know.
MAJA:--------------Give me one minute and I'll come with you.

[Public Records Office. The operator is very involved in listening to music on a sort of walkman with glasses]
VARON:------------I'm Tel Varon with the Justice Department. I want to run a check on the medical records of those children. [Lays a piece of paper on his desk]
OPERATOR:-------It'll have to wait until morning.
VARON:------------I want them now. [Shows ID]

[The operator grudgingly complies]
OPERATOR:-------Alpha three-three-seven five. C-six-one-two: Leesal, Renor.

[As they are called out, each record appears on a large screen on the wall across from the operator's desk - see Addenda for transcript of these records.]
OPERATOR:-------Three-four-one-seven: Deca, Carl. Three-five-one-two: Fen, Payter.
VARON:------------[To Maja] Nothing. Admissions to clinic, treatment records. It all tallies with the evidence. [To operator] Let me have the school attendance records on those three.
OPERATOR:-------Alpha three-three-seven-seven: Leesal, Renor.

[Each record appears in turn on the screen - see Addenda for their text.]
VARON:------------[To Maja] Well that's interesting. He was absent from school on the afternoon before the assault.
OPERATOR:-------C-four-one-seven: Deca, Carl.
MAJA:--------------So was he.
OPERATOR:-------C-five-one-two: Fen, Payter.
VARON:------------[To Maja] Well that makes it more than a coincidence. Now where were they? [To operator] Give me the admissions to the Central Clinic on that day.
OPERATOR:-------Alpha zero-zero-eight-eight-alpha

[The screen flashes red]
MAJA:--------------What's the matter?
OPERATOR:-------The information has been classified. It can be obtained by the priority three clearance.
VARON:------------But I need that information.
OPERATOR:-------Not possible.

[Maja hands Varon a brooch]
VARON:------------Look, the Justice Department can get a clearance. [Places the brooch on the desk] But it takes time.
OPERATOR:-------This didn't happen, of course.
VARON:------------No, of course it didn't.

[Operator pushes more buttons and records again appear on the screen]
VARON:------------Look at that: outpatient admission, identity unrecorded. And there's another. And a third.
MAJA:--------------Three unidentified admissions on the date the victims weren't at school.
VARON:------------It's not absolute proof, but it gives us somewhere to start.
MAJA:--------------But why would they have been to the clinic?
VARON:------------Mental implantation?
MAJA:--------------What's that?
VARON:------------A fictional experience and emotion, implanted into the mind so vividly and permanently that it becomes reality.
MAJA:--------------Is that possible?
VARON:------------The process was perfected years ago, but prohibited by the medical profession. But if it is being used again -
MAJA:--------------Blake could be telling the truth.
VARON:------------And that could blow the top off the whole Administration. Come on.
MAJA:--------------Where are we going? [They exit]
OPERATOR:-------[Into comm] Security.

[Transit cell. Varon and Maja talk to Blake through the bars. Jenna watches from the side. Vila sidles up and startles her, earning a dirty look]
VARON:------------The meeting place - how did you get to it?
BLAKE:-------------I, I don't know. It was dark.
VARON:------------Which exit did you use?
BLAKE:-------------Sub forty-three.
VARON:------------Forty-three - that would be on the north side. All right, where did you go from there?
BLAKE:-------------Well, we walked for about three miles. There was a stream.
VARON:------------Is there anything else you can tell us?
BLAKE:-------------Yes, there was a man. I saw him in court just before I passed out.
MAJA:---------------What about him?
BLAKE:-------------Well, I'd seen him before, at the meeting. I, I thought he was one of them. He must have betrayed them. His name was Tarrant.
VARON:------------Dev Tarrant?
BLAKE:-------------Do you know him?
VARON:------------He works in the Outer Worlds most of the time. He's in Security.
BLAKE:-------------He's a murderer.
VARON:------------Then he'll come to trial like everyone else in this coverup.
BLAKE:-------------And what about me?
VARON:------------Well, first I'm going to talk to my superior and get a holding order on you so that at least you can stay here on Earth while I investigate.
BLAKE:-------------You haven't got much time.
VARON:------------With luck I'll get you taken back to the city detention area within... couple of hours.
VARON:------------Listen, I, I'm sorry I didn't believe you. I'll be in touch. [He and Maja leave]

[Jenna and Vila approach Blake]
VILA:---------------Friends in high places? Can't you put a word in for me?
BLAKE:-------------I'll try and think of one.
JENNA:-------------Leaving us?
BLAKE:-------------I hope so. [Vila chuckles. Blake to Jenna.] Nothing personal. Why are you here? You didn't tell me.
JENNA:-------------I was trading 'round the Near Worlds. I'm a free trader.
VILA:---------------A smuggler. She's a big name. It's an honour to be locked up with her.
JENNA:-------------I'm glad you're pleased.
P.A.:----------------[V.O. male] Attention security personnel. Launch is advanced to seventeen hundred hours Earth time. That is all.
VILA:---------------That's about eight hours.

[Glynd's office]
VARON:------------Well, it looks to me as though we've all been used. It wasn't Morag's fault of course, but the prosecution case was based on a very well-organised deception.
GLYND:-------------But why?
VARON:------------Well, Blake claims he was arrested after he went Outside.
VARON:------------Yeah, about three miles beyond sub forty-three.
GLYND:-------------What did he go Outside for?
VARON:------------An anti-Administration meeting. He says everyone there was murdered by security forces.
GLYND:-------------Leaving him a sole survivor?
VARON:------------No, and, and a security agent named Tarrant. He says Tarrant organised the massacre.
GLYND:-------------Ah, I can't believe that. Still, it will bear examination.
VARON:------------Then you'll order an inquiry?
GLYND:-------------Yes. You've raised a reasonable doubt. The whole matter must now be investigated.
VARON:------------Thank you.
GLYND:-------------Now go home and get some rest.
VARON:------------Not yet. I, I'd like your authority to go Outside the city.
GLYND:-------------To look for those tunnels? No, I'll have a team make a survey of the area.
VARON:------------All right. And Blake's holding order?
GLYND:-------------You leave everything to me. Go home and get some sleep. You've done as much as you can.

[Varon exits office and joins Maja in the hall outside and the scene now cuts between the office and hallway as Varon and Maja eavesdrop]
MAJA:---------------Is he going to be all right?
VARON:-------------Something... there's something not... "to look for those tunnels"... I didn't say anything about tunnels.

GLYND:-------------[Into phone] Link me with Dr. Havant, Central Clinic.
HAVANT:-----------[V.O. over comm] Doctor Havant.
GLYND:-------------Ven Glynd. I think we may have a problem. Might be best if you were unavailable for a few days.
HAVANT:-----------[V.O.] Is it a very serious problem?
GLYND:-------------No, no, no, nothing that can't be handled.
HAVANT:-----------[V.O.] I'll take a few days leave and stay at home.
GLYND:-------------Good. Arrange to take calls only from me. Goodbye. [Breaks link]

MAJA:---------------What does it mean?
VARON:-------------It's obvious. He's involved.
MAJA:---------------Then where do we go from here?
VARON:-------------Higher up. Even to the President if we have to. But if we're going to make accusations against Glynd we'll need the strongest possible evidence.

P.A.:-----------------[V.O.] A limited supply of protein cultures are now available from the gourmet section of the food dispensing units.

[Varon and Maja enter a room]
VARON:-------------I'm going to try something. [Opens comm link] Central Clinic, Doctor Havant. [To Maja] Tell them it's Glynd.
HAVANT:------------[V.O. over comm] Doctor Havant.
MAJA:---------------Doctor Havant, I have Glynd for you.
VARON:-------------Sorry to call you again, but are there any clinical records about the matter? Treatment charts, medical notes?
HAVANT:------------[V.O.] Yes, of course. They're in my office. You want them?
VARON:-------------Yes, I'd like to have a look at them. Leave them at reception and I'll have them picked up.
HAVANT:------------[V.O.] I'll get my assistant to bring them down now.
VARON:-------------Thanks. Goodbye.
HAVANT:------------[V.O.] Goodbye. [Breaks link]
VARON:-------------We've got them. You go to the clinic and pick up the records, then go home and collect the tape camera.
MAJA:---------------Where are you going?
VARON:-------------To talk to a thief and borrow a lockpick. I'll meet you in two hours at sub forty-three.

[Transit cell. Blake and Jenna are standing at the bars]
JENNA:-------------You're running out of time.
BLAKE:-------------They've had long enough to issue a holding order.
JENNA:-------------It's a long process, formalities. Don't worry, they'll get it. I wish someone was working for me. 'Til now, it doesn't seem real. Now it's getting close, I'm getting scared.

[Sub forty-three. Maja descends the staircase and looks around]
VARON:-------------Maja. [She turns] Did you get everything?
MAJA:---------------[Nods and hands it over] And there are the records from the hospital.
VARON:-------------Good. [Examines them] Yes, we can build a case on these.
MAJA:---------------Did you get what you wanted?
VARON:-------------Come and see.
MAJA:---------------I've never been Outside before.
VARON:-------------I have, years ago. I didn't like it much; it's very strange.

[An alarm sounds, apparently back at security. A trooper sits down at a keyboard much like that for the Public Records computer and Varon and Maja appear on his viewscreen. He watches as the door opens, and they go through. He pushes some more buttons]

[Outside the city. Maja and Varon approach the entrance to the tunnels]

[Transit cell. A guard is prodding the prisoners to move]
GUARD:-------------All right, listen to me, all of you. Move out of here in single file into the embarkation channel. Come on, let's get started. Move! [Rousts Jenna] You! Come on. Move! Out. Pick up your bag. Go! Come on, faster, move. [To Blake] I said move. Single file! With one behind the other. Keep them in line, guards. You in front, move!

[In the tunnel. Varon and Maja find the corpses]
VARON:-------------Stay here. I'll, uh, I'll search the bodies and get picture tapes. [He pulls out a camera and begins recording]

[Exterior of the London]

[The London. The prisoners shuffle in. Blake takes a seat by the window]
VILA:---------------[In the background as the guard is yelling] ___ it's going to be a very very long eight months, I'm telling you ___ Do you know how to work these harnesses? You just stick it in here ___ it's going to be a very very very long eight months.
GUARD:-------------All right, come on, move. Keep moving. Come on, faster. Keep your voice down. Find the seat that's allocated to you and sit in it. Fasten the harness. Stand by for lift-off. Keep your voices down. You, fasten your harness. You, down in the front. That's your seat. Come on, move. You, stop talking. Fasten your harness.
BLAKE:-------------How long before lift-off?
GUARD:------------You in a hurry to get there?
JENNA:-------------Don't worry. There's still time.

[Tunnel. Varon finishes recording and rejoins Maja]
VARON:-------------I've got everything we need.
MAJA:---------------Enough to keep Blake here on Earth?
VARON:-------------More than enough.

[Exterior shot of the London]

[The London. Blake has not buckled his harness and the guard approaches him]
GUARD:------------You different to everybody else? Fasten your harness.
GUARD:------------Hm. Maybe we can help you hear better. You can start with a couple of hours confinement. You'll be surprised how quickly your hearing improves. [To guard near a control panel] Seat eleven, confinement!

[The other guard presses a few buttons. Blake's seat spins away from the window and constraints emerge from the sides to encircle him]

[Exterior of the London taking off]

[Outside. Tarrant and two troopers watch as the London blasts off past the Dome]

TARRANT:----------[turns to look down at the ground] I think a transporter accident. Killed instantly. Very tragic. [To troopers] See to it, will you?

[One of the troopers nods. The shot cuts to reveal the corpses of Varon and Maja lying on the ground]

[Exterior shot of the London in flight]

[The London. Blake cranes his neck to look out the window at Earth and the Moon]
GUARD:------------Take a long look. That's the last you'll ever see of it.
BLAKE:-------------No, I'm coming back.


I. The Arbiter's wall screen at the end of the trial:
3. ML563/MIN
guilty of all charges
[The last line blinks]

II. The medical records of the children:


BD GRP. BG (AN) TEMP. 94.8 p/80
X42. .1.5. B2 MATERNITY 731814 11
DR. A.J. GLOBBS 812714
X42. .4.3. VAC AD NA 713094
X42. .10.6. CARD. CX 617
X43. .5.3. 1 TNA VMA 902
X45. .1.5. C27 714
X46. .5.3. X TR 107
X49. .3.7. P CR 202

A 3375 C417 DEC
BD GRP BG (AN) TEMP 94.8 p/80
X43. .6.2. B6 MATERNITY 731224
X43. 10.11 VAC AD XX PA 713132
X48. .4.3. BLT TREAT Z 093
X48. .8.8. BLT C P2 618

A 3375 C512 FEN PAYTER
BD GRP BG A TEMP 94.8. pulse 82
X43. .2.1. B4 MATERNITY 731002
DR. CAEN VEN 812753
X43. .8.4. VAC AD CA 713913
X44. .5.3. CHEST A 52 512
X46. .7.3. 1 TV (RG2) 912
X47. .6.8. 6 AST 2163
X48. .4.4. LR2 TLO 107
X49. .7.5. MLO (M UNIT) 3257

III. The school records of the children:
[Note: much of the screen is obscured by Varon and Maja's heads, so these are incomplete.]


X48.1 .48 .6.3 ..**
X51 -------------------
0 2247/1524

A 3377 C417 DECA CARL
9. .3.6
. .6 ----- 6. 24
1. .3 .8. 12
.2. .6

A 3377 C 512 FEN PAYTER
9. .3 17
. .8 ----- 8. 25
.3 6. 17
62. .


Picture credits:
Title artwork by Iain Robertson, courtesy of Dave Thomas
Screen shots from Blake's 7 Image Library


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