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Signed Big Finish B7 Scripts for Auction

Big FinishDoctor Who Cares is holding an Auction in aid of Denville Hall Care Home for Elderly Actors.

Among the goodies being auctioned are two Big Finish audio scripts: Fractures by Justin Richards (the first episode in the all-cast series) and the epic The Armageddon Storm by Mark Wright and Cavan Scott. Both scripts are signed by the cast. Other items include signed books, photos, CDs, artwork - and the opportunity to attend a recording at the Big Finish studio!

The Auction closes at midnight on 8th August 2014.

Blake's Heaven - More Submissions Invited!

For many fans, Blake's 7 has had a profound effect on their lives that goes far beyond the appreciation of a TV series. Last year, submissions were invited for a new book by the makers of the You and Who anthologies, who are now turning their attention to Blakes 7.

Blake's Heaven will be an anthology of B7 fan reminiscences, which according to the editor John Davies, are about "...where and when you first watched these stories, how they made you feel and whatever other thoughts they've put into your head."

Essays were invited for each individual episode of B7, whole series overviews and spin-offs which include the BBC, B7E and Big Finish audios, as well as novels and comic strips. While most of these have now been received, there are still some vacant slots to be filled in the spin-offs section, particularly for Avon: A Terrible Aspect and the audio productions Travis: The Final Act, The Mark of Kane and The Logic of Empire.

Interested in contributing? For further details, click on READ MORE below.

Big Finish Announce New Series of Full Cast Adventures!

Big FinishBig Finish have announced the return of the Liberator crew in another series of full-cast adventures!

Set during Season C, the six-part series stars Paul Darrow, Steven Pacey, Jan Chappell and Michael Keating, with Alistair Lock as Zen and Orac. They are joined by Tom Chadbon, returning to the Liberator as Del Grant.

Cavan Scott, producer of Blake’s 7 for Big Finish Productions, says: “We’re thrilled with the response the first series of the Classic Audio Adventures has received. This second series of full cast audio dramas will see Avon, Tarrant, Cally, Vila and new crew member Del Grant coming to terms with a changing universe as they search for their missing crewmate, Dayna.”

The first episode, Scimitar by Trevor Baxendale, will be released on CD and digital download in November 2014 and is available to pre-order here: Big Finish Classic B7 Adventures.

For further details click on READ MORE below

'Blake's 7 - Caged' Available Today from Big Finish

Big Finish
Caged, the sixth episode of Big Finish's series of all-cast audio adventures has been released today

Gareth Thomas, Paul Darrow, Michael Keating, Jan Chappell and Sally Knyvette are joined by Alistair Lock as the voices of Zen and Orac, Brian Croucher as Travis and Hugh Fraser as the President in this final episode, which was written by Mark Wright and Cavan Scott and directed by Ken Bentley.

You can listen to a trailer HERE.
Caged is available to order on CD and digital download from Big Finish here: Caged

Click on READ MORE below for full details

Liberator Chronicles Volume 9 Trailer Released!

Big FinishLiberator Chronicles Volume 9 is set during Season C and features three stories written by Mark Wright and Cavan Scott. This collection stars Paul Darrow (Avon), Steven Pacey (Tarrant), Jan Chappell (Cally) and Michael Keating (Vila). Tom Chadbon joins the crew as Del Grant, and a new character is introduced - Solvin Tavac, played by David Warner.

Big Finish have now released a teaser trailer which can be heard here: LC9 Trailer.
Liberator Chronicles Volume 9 will be released on CD and Digital Download in August and is now available to pre-order here: Big Finish LC9

For further details, click on READ MORE below

Stephen Greif News - Updated 1st June

B7 Cast and Crew Stephen plays Jack Cage in The Zone, a new two-part sci-fi crime thriller for BBC Radio 4 by BAFTA-winning writer Trevor Preston. The Zone is directed by Toby Swift and will be aired on 18th June at 2.15pm as part of Radio 4's season of dramas that explore contemporary takes on future dystopias.

Stephen has recorded a diverse range of characters in a 42-part series for BBC Radio 4 to mark the centenary of World War 1. The 4-minute episodes run on consecutive days through June, July and August 2014, coinciding with the same timeline one hundred years ago. It is provisionally titled 1914 – Day by Day and airs at 4.56pm daily.

Stephen will be playing Jack in No One Loves Us Here by Ross Howard for a rehearsed reading at the Park Theatre, Finsbury, directed by Harry Burton.

Stephen is playing the character Bergen in a new movie, The Woman in Gold, starring Dame Helen Mirren, Ryan Reynolds, Charles Dance and Jonathan Pryce. Directed by Simon Curtis, the film tells the true story of a Jewish woman seeking to reclaim her family possessions after they were seized by Nazis during the war. Principal filming has begun and the movie is scheduled for release in 2015.

Stephen played Hjalmar Schacht, Hitler’s Banker with Harriet Walter as Dame Rebecca West for a prepared reading of Toska’s Kiss by Kenneth Jupp. The play was devised and directed by Harry Burton.

Stephen did a reading from Amos Oz's A Tale of Love and Darkness at the invitation of the Israeli ambassador as part of Israel's Independence Day celebrations.

Paul Darrow in New Interactive Video Drama

B7 Cast and Crew
Paul Darrow Stars in Contradiction - a New Interactive Video Drama

Contradiction is a live-action, fully interactive adventure mystery game. Paul Darrow and John Guilor star as Paul and Ryan Rand, leaders of Atlas, a controversial cult-like training company.

Contradiction was funded through Kickstarter in January 2014, and filming has now been completed. Also appearing are Rupert Booth, Melanie Gray, Magnus Sinding, Ellen Chivers, Stephen Mosley, Anarosa De Eizaguirre Butler, Daniel Alfieri and Chris Jackson. The game has been written, directed, designed by Tim Follin, who also wrote the music. Clare Follin is the producer.

You can watch a teaser trailer here: Contradiction Trailer and find out more about this project on their website here: Contradiction.

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