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Six B7 Guests Appearing at Brit Sci Fi 2014

B7 Cast and Crew
Gareth Thomas, Paul Darrow, Jan Chappell, Sally Knyvette, Stephen Greif and Brian Croucher are Guests at Brit Sci Fi 2014

Brit Sci Fi is a full weekend event at the National Space Centre in Leicester, celebrating the best of British science fiction: Gerry Anderson, Doctor Who, Red Dwarf, Tomorrow People - and of course, Blake's 7. There are guests, photo-shoots, talks and workshops, exhibitions of costumes, props, models and art, merchandise, interactive experiences and competitions.

Brit Sci Fi takes place this year on the weekend of 01-02 March 2014, with the B7 guests making their appearance on the Saturday.

Full information is available on their website here: BSF2014 and discussion thread here: Brit Sci Fi Chat.

Happy Birthday Gareth Thomas

Birthday Greetings

Happy Birthday, Gareth!
12th February

'Blake's 7 - Battleground' Available Now from Big Finish

Big Finish
Battleground, the second episode of Big Finish's series of all-cast audio adventures has now been released

Gareth Thomas, Paul Darrow, Michael Keating, Sally Knyvette and Jan Chappell are joined by Alistair Lock as the voices of Zen and Orac, and guest actors Dan Starkey (Voss Ferrell), Tim Bentinck (Abel Garmon) and Abigail Hollick (Alexa) in this episode, which was written by Andrew Smith and directed by Ken Bentley.

You can listen to a trailer HERE.
Horizon's Review is HERE

Battleground is available to order on CD and digital download from Big Finish here: B7 Battleground

Click on READ MORE below for full details

Liberator Chronicles Volume 7 - Available Now!

Big FinishBig Finish have now released The Liberator Chronicles Volume 7.

The stories in this collection were written by Simon Guerrier, Eddie Robson and James Swallow and star Jan Chappell, Michael Keating, Paul Darrow and Gareth Thomas, with Gemma Whelan and Andrew Whipp.

The Liberator Chronicles Volume 7 is available on CD and digital download from Big Finish. You can listen to a trailer HERE.

Details of the full range of B7 books and audios available from Big Finish are here: B7 from BF

For further details and story synopses, click on READ MORE below

Happy Birthday Michael Keating

Birthday Greetings

Happy Birthday, Michael!
10th February

And Happy Anniversary to Michael and Sue for 11th February

Stephen Greif News

B7 Cast and Crew Stephen Greif has just read the audiobook version of Simon Schama's The Story of the Jews. Stephen told Horizon: "It was great to be asked and I have never had, or ever will have, such a tough task to undertake. It took me 30 days of preparation, including 14 sessions in the studio. It is the definitive book on the Jewish race, and took Schama forty years from idea to execution. A work of academic and scholastic complexity."

Stephen has also been workshopping a new play based on Christopher Isherwood's Prater Violet, all about the movie Industry in England in the 1930s.

Stephen will be appearing at next month's Brit Sci Fi Event at Leicester Space Centre, together with fellow Travis - Brian Croucher - as well as Paul Darrow, Sally Knyvette and Jan Chappell.

New Audio Book Read by Steven Pacey

B7 Cast and Crew
Steven Pacey narrates the crime thriller You Will Never Find Me by Robert Wilson.

Charlie Boxer - ex-army, ex-police, private security specialist has messed up his family life. Trying to rebuild a relationship with his teenage daughter, hasn't been easy. But Charlie only realises just how wrong things have gone when he finds her empty room and a note: You will never find me...

You will Never Find Me is released on 13th February from Audible

Steven also narrated the previous Charlie Boxer book, Capital Punishment, which was released last year. Other audio books narrated by Steven - 109 titles to date! - in a wide range of genres that includes classics, children's stories, ghost tales and modern thrillers, is HERE

Many thanks to Horizon member Thetis for this information. Further details can be found on her excellent website: stevenpacey.com
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