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Cast and Crew News - Updated 12th November 2017

B7 Cast and CrewJosette Simon plays Cleopatra in the Royal Shakespeare Company's production of Anthony and Cleopatra at the Barbican Theatre, Silk St, London EC2Y 8DS. from 30th November 2017 to 20th January 2018. There is a Group Outing to see the evening performance on 6th January.

Paul Darrow, Michael Keating, Sally Knyvette, Jan Chappell, Jacqueline Pearce, Stephen Greif and Steven Pacey return to their B7 roles in the forthcoming B7 40th Anniversary full cast audio drama from Big Finish. Glynis Barber joins them in her first return to B7 since the series ended, but due to licensing restrictions she will not be playing Soolin. Dayna is played by Yasmin Bannerman, and the voices of Zen and Orac by Alistair Lock.

Paul Darrow, Michael Keating, Jan Chappell, Steven Pacey and Jacqueline Pearce returned to their B7 roles in Crossfire Part One, the latest full cast B7 audio series from Big Finish. With Yasmin Bannerman as Dayna and Alistair Lock as Zen/Orac.

Jan Chappell, Sally Knyvette, Jacqueline Pearce, Isla Blair (Sinofar) and Judy Matheson (Mutoid) were among the guests at London Film Fair at Central Hall Westminster, Storey's Gate, London SW1H 9NH on 11th November 2017.

Steven Pacey played the eccentric Mr Burgess in The Knowledge at the Charing Cross Theatre.

Stephen Greif has recorded a new Dr Who audio adventure for Big Finish, with Peter Davison as the Doctor. He has been filming “Gerry”, a short movie, with Joan Collins and Oliver Ford Davies.

Michael Keating, Colin Baker and John Leeson were among the guests at Who's at the Playhouse on 1st October 2017.
After 12 years playing Reverend Stevens in Eastenders, Michael Keating has hung up his dog collar as his character has emigrated to Australia.

Jacqueline Pearce was a guest at Coventry Comic Con on 1st October 2017.
Jacqueline plays Linda in Decades a new concept double album by singer/songwriter David Palfreyman and writer/actor Nicholas Pegg. She joins David Warner in the all-star cast, performing dialogue scenes linking the songs.
Jacqueline plays Cardinal Ollistra in Big Finish's Doctor Who: The Time War with Paul McGann as The Doctor.

Glynis Barber played Alice Russell in the UK premier tour of Gore Vidal’s award-winning political thriller The Best Man, starring Martin Shaw as presidential candidate William Russell.

Sally Knyvette did a 25km charity walk across 16 London bridges on behalf of the Alzheimers Society on Saturday 9th September. Donations can be made to her Just Giving page.

Remembering Gareth Thomas
Tributes by fellow cast members, colleagues, fans and friends
Forum Thread to share your memories of Gareth.
BBC Radio 4 Last Word - Gareth is remembered by his friend Roy Gould.
Stephen Greif pays tribute to Gareth on BBC Radio Wales


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