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Avalon - (Project Avalon)
Avalon - (Project Avalon)
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Selma - (Horizon)
Selma - (Horizon)
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Tyce - (Bounty)
Tyce - (Bounty)
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Norm One - (Redemption)
Norm One - (Redemption)
2% [2 Votes]

Bek - (Shadow)
Bek - (Shadow)
7% [8 Votes]

Kasabi - (Pressure Point)
Kasabi - (Pressure Point)
17% [19 Votes]

Hal Mellanby - (Aftermath)
Hal Mellanby - (Aftermath)
14% [16 Votes]

Hunda - (Traitor)
Hunda - (Traitor)
6% [7 Votes]

Deva - (Blake)
Deva - (Blake)
9% [10 Votes]

5% [6 Votes]

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Out Now! 'Call Me Jacks' - The New Big Finish Audio Interview with Jacqueline Pearce

B7 Cast and CrewBig Finish have announced the release today of Call Me Jacks, a new two-hour audio interview with Jacqueline Pearce.

In an uncompromising interview that takes place over a bottle of champagne, Jacqueline talks to Big Finish Executive Producer Nicholas Briggs about her film and television appearances including Doctor Who and of course, her defining role as Supreme Commander Servalan in Blake's 7. But these appearances are merely two in a long, distinguished career, which in itself is a mere part of a fascinating life.

Call Me Jacks is available on CD and Digital Download from the Big Finish website here: Call Me Jacks.

Please note: This audio contains strong language and material which may be unsuitable for younger listeners.

In addition to her appearances as Servalan in several volumes of Big Finish's range of The Liberator Chronicles, Jacqueline also appears as Cardinal Ollistra opposite John Hurt's War Doctor in two box sets of Doctor Who: The War Doctor. You can also hear Jacqueline in Doctor Who The Lost Stories: Hexagora, which is available to download until March 31st for just 2.99.


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