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Avalon - (Project Avalon)
Avalon - (Project Avalon)
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Selma - (Horizon)
Selma - (Horizon)
4% [6 Votes]

Tyce - (Bounty)
Tyce - (Bounty)
14% [22 Votes]

Norm One - (Redemption)
Norm One - (Redemption)
1% [2 Votes]

Bek - (Shadow)
Bek - (Shadow)
7% [11 Votes]

Kasabi - (Pressure Point)
Kasabi - (Pressure Point)
14% [23 Votes]

Hal Mellanby - (Aftermath)
Hal Mellanby - (Aftermath)
18% [28 Votes]

Hunda - (Traitor)
Hunda - (Traitor)
4% [7 Votes]

Deva - (Blake)
Deva - (Blake)
9% [15 Votes]

5% [8 Votes]

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Started: 09 July 2016

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Blake's 7: A Critical Guide by Rodney Marshall

Blake's 7: A Critical Guide to Series 1-4 by Rodney Marshall

Political satire, comic strip action adventure, science fiction, space opera, Orwellian dystopia, costume drama, Western... Drawing on a range of genres, Terry Nation’s Blake’s 7 resists categorisation or labelling; a ground-breaking piece of television drama. Presenting itself as easy-viewing, early evening entertainment for a (largely) teenage audience – which, on one level, it was – it tackles state-surveillance, propaganda, corruption, genocide, revolution, and terrorism.

Avengers expert Rodney Marshall turns his attention to Blake’s 7, offering unauthorised, entertaining, thought-provoking critical guides to all fifty-two episodes in Series 1-4. Horizon's Spaceship Dispatcher has written the Foreword to this new edition, while television historian Matthew Lee has penned an essay on Terry Nation and Blake’s 7.

Combining dark humour, surrealism, shiny surfaces and dramatic depth, Blake’s 7 blurs the boundary between hero/villain.
“Are our heroes...freedom fighters or terrorists?”
(Paul Darrow)

Rodney Marshall is the son of Avengers script-writer Roger Marshall, and has produced six books about this iconic 1960s television drama. He has also written a full-length study of Ian Rankin’s Inspector Rebus novels. He lives in Suffolk and South West France.

Blake's 7: A Critical Guide is available in paperback and hardback from Lulu.com


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