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Started: 09 July 2016

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Brit Scifi 9/10 May 2015
Have to be quick as the B7 photo shoot starts at 13:30....Happy
Maybe after the Official B7 Guest photo shoot would be better?

It will be a bit rushed otherwise, hmmm, so either straight after the talk, or straight after the guest photoshoot.

I'd say we do it after guest shoot.

Would not want anyone who has paid for that to miss it, I'm guessing they'll take the guests straight from the talk to the photoshoot, which I would have thought will be done as quickly as possible.

Vila - "I plan to live forever - or die trying"
So maybe after that one? they are about 30 mins I think so ends about 14:30
Any one coming along to britscifi, please come say hello,or even ask to try something on to wear.
Hello Gary.....
Down and safe after a great day at BritSciFi. I'm afraid I was too busy chatting to take photos but I'm sure others will oblige... You'll just have to make do with a written report from me Grin

On arrival PCM & I were greeted by the sight of 2 Cyberman standing menacingly over the body of a man lying on the floor. Uh oh. The Cyberking was standing imperiously in the background surrounded by a variety of Daleks. Obviously they had decided that BritSciFi would be a useful front to recommence their campaign to take over the Earth. Fortunately there were numerous Doctors on hand ( Three had a charming line in magic tricks and Four was surprisingly tall). It looked like danger had been averted when Servalan appeared, majestic in pure white. Anna Grant was spotted lurking around Xenon base and it began to look like we were in real trouble. Luckily there was a double dose of Avons to deal with the twin threat and Judge Dredd could be called upon to provide some backup with his Lawgiver.

I embellish somewhat - but thank you to all those who dressed up in fabulous costumes (there were many more I didn't mention) - you added a surreal dimension to such mundane activities as going to the loo and buying a cuppa.

The rebel stronghold was located a little out of the way but was a secure and easily defensible base of operations manned by B7Gary with a staggering array of disguises and clanger68 and clanger2 with a large supply of weapons and technical support.

After reporting in, we headed off to the briefing which was ably led by clanger68 and featured two of our favourite rebels: Vila & Cally.

Clanger68 had prepared a great video introduction which showcased their talents on the show and then he led a skilful interrogation of the subjects managing to illicit many interesting details. At the end, rewards were given to those rebels who proved they had done their homework.

So what did I learn from the briefing?

It was amazing the way Jan lit up when she spoke about her work on the Tribunal plays - this was obviously a real passion project for her, being able to combine acting with a social justice agenda.

Working in a nuclear plant sounds like scary business but the BBC in the late 70's didn't think so.

@Paula - Tom Chabdon's a great guy and they love working with him.

And Michael's still rambling...

Back to base to catch up with some old rebels who I haven't seen for years and to recruit some new *waves at JoC* and to plan future missions while PCM took over another galaxy on the Gamersbus and made a monster on one of the craft workshop stalls.


Brian Blessed crashing into the rebel base (literally) and BOOMING accusations of someone touching his bum during the photo-op. He's still wearing trainers but they're no longer white.

Jan taking photos of B7Gary & clanger68 instead of the usual other way round...

Seeing some people I haven't seen in years and meeting new ones.

The amazing display that the clangers and B7Gary had put together - I never tire of seeing the costumes or the beautiful replica props etc that fans create and I was excited to see the latest work-in-progress - some consoles from the Liberator flight deck! How long will it be before we can fulfill our dreams and fly the Liberator?

Thanks everyone - PCM & I had a blast!
Purplecleric, you made my day and also made me sad I had to miss what sounds like a great little get together! As always, your review was most entertaining and funny and thanks for mentioning that Clanger asked 'the Chadbon question'. Now to hope for some really great photos of the day! Thanks!
Zil: Oneness must resist the Host.
Purplecleric, * waves back *

I had an amazing day at Brit SciFi yesterday. I decided to go at the very last minute yesterday morning and really glad I did.

It was great to meet those of you that were there and see Gary's costume collection. Thank you Gary for letting me try on part of one of Avon's costumes .

It was also interesting to see the prop collection. I discovered that the Liberator gun is slimmer in real life than I have always perceived it to be.

Add in the talk from Michael and Jan and I had a day it will take me a while to forget. Never hopefully.
Quickly running into post and popping head in *waves - Hi*

Will come back and post up more thoughts and photos in due course, suffice it to say I had a ball and everyone was brilliant. Smile

Back soon,


Vila - "I plan to live forever - or die trying"
I'll try and get my technical mojo together and post some photos. I may be some time!
It really was a fabulous day, and I am looking forward to meeting up with all the B7 fan family again before too long- maybe at RTGP 3 in October.
Here's some of my photos - they're public at the moment, so you don't need a fb account: https://www.faceb...amp;type=3
mittenmank wrote:
Here's some of my photos - they're public at the moment, so you don't need a fb account: https://www.faceb...amp;type=3
Got no facebook account (if it matters). When try to look at your pix, the page says "Sorry, this page isn't available.... The link you followed may be broken, or the page may have been removed." Can anyone else see it??
winnie-l wrote:

mittenmank wrote:
Here's some of my photos - they're public at the moment, so you don't need a fb account: https://www.faceb...amp;type=3
Got no facebook account (if it matters). When try to look at your pix, the page says "Sorry, this page isn't available.... The link you followed may be broken, or the page may have been removed." Can anyone else see it??

I'm not on Facebook either, and I can't see the page of pics.
Anyone else manage to?
Twitter: @TravisinaB7
Tumblr: tumblr
There's no point being grown up if you can't be childish sometimes
Nope, says the link is broken
The foolish reject what they see;
the wise reject what they think.
Spaceship Dispatcher
I found them okay, but only through the Facebook app on my phone.
Reversing the polarity of the neutron flow. I bet that means something. It sounds great.

Blake's 7: Trojan Horse (s4 fanfic) - Blake's 7: Through the Needle's Eye (s2 fanfic)

Spaceship Dispatcher's fanfic site
The link worked- it went to her Facebook page.
Zil: Oneness must resist the Host.
Hi All, long overdue I'm afraid but here's a bit of a ramble of the Brit Sci Fi event at the Leicester Space Centre.

Your Author.

On Friday Night Karyn and I drove the 5 hour drive from Devon to the Leicester for the Brit Sci-Fi Event.

Before checking into our hotel we stopped off at the Space Centre to scout out the display area that we would be occupying for the weekend. Having taken stock of what was at our disposal a ‘planning’ telephone call to B7Gary was made, he was arriving at ‘Stupid O’Clock’ on the Saturday morning.

The following morning, skipping breakfast, we set off at ‘nearly as Stupid O’Clock’ and met Gary at the NSC.

Gary had brought lots of his fantastic costumes, Exterminator had lent the organisers some of his wonderful models/props and costumes for us to arrange, including the debut of his Liberator Flight Station, a work in progress but you can see how amazing it is going to be. Add our props and costumes to the mix and we amassed quite a display, with a bit of head scratching the three of us worked out a display plan to hopefully do them justice.

Photos of the Display.













Once the items were set, and we had gratefully drank the coffees Gary had rustled up and I went in search of Mark, the organiser, and the guest green room.
The reason for this was about 10 days before the event I was asked if I would host the Blake’s 7 talk, for better or for worse I had said yes!
The BritSciFi event had come in the middle of a string of weekend events that Karyn and I were doing so time was short for any preparation.
I did a bit of top up research, prepared a short video film, gathered questions from fellow fans via the internet and prepared some of my own. Damien, of Guada Prime, kindly donated some of his marvellous prints so I could have a surprise at the end of the Blake’s 7 talk.

I found the green room and within was Jan Chappell and Michael Keating, the adorable Sophie Aldred and Annette Badland were also present.

Michael and Jan were both really lovely, Michael remembered me from a ramble we had done together and I had a chance to have a short chat with both Michael, Jan and Sophie.

As I explained what I would like to do later in the day with regards to the Q&A Jan stopped me and said whatever you want to do is fine with us, we can trust you, I can see it in your eyes! Wow, talk about a compliment, it really touched me.

It has been said before but we really are lucky to have such great people as the focus of our fandom.

Jan and Michael happily signed Damien’s prints which were to be given away later as prizes, I thanked them both and made my way to the room where the Q&A was being held so I could check out the Audio Visual equipment and the room layout.

On returning to our display area the doors had opened and people were coming in, including several lovely peeps from this forum and the B7 facebook groups.

It was great to catch up with friends of old and make new ones, see the various costumes being worn and watching the faces of the attendees as recognition dawned with regards to the various Blake’s 7 items on display.

Richard sorted out a time for a group photo at the table that would happen later in the day.

The costumes that had been created and were being worn were amazing, Sina’s Landing Gear, Joanne’s Anna Grant, Pete & Debbie’s Avons, Callum’s Avon all were superb.

Costumes Were Stunning.




Not Blake's 7 but his Jon Pertwee portrayal is uncanny!

All too soon it was time for me to put a smart shirt on and make my way over to the room where the B7 talk was to be held, I borrowed Exterminator’s ORAC prop from Blake’s Junction for a bit of table decoration.

I set the stage up the way I wanted it, I had already spoken to an NSC Tech person on how I’d like the talk to begin with regards to guests/lighting/video/etc, so all I had to do was wait for the guests to be in position and for the audience to arrive, I think a reasonable amount of people came along, including my Horizon/Facebook support structure (Thank you all, you are Fantastic)

I briefly explained what Blake’s 7 was, showed a quick introductory video (see BritSciFi Video Thread elsewhere) and welcomed the guests on stage. What ensued was a quick chat about their early careers, Blake’s 7, Rambling, a few questions, opened the mike up to questions from the floor and to finish had a quick quiz, where the guests asked questions of the audience and won a signed print if correct (I was a bit premature to begin with and forgot to ask the first contestant the answer before awarding the prize!)

It was a very enjoyable experience, timing was my problem, I wore a long sleeve shirt so could not see my watch, and I couldn’t see a clock, so my only temporal reference were the occasional glimpses of Michael Keating’s wrist watch when he was gesturing!

Hence I ran out of time towards the end, which was a shame as the guests seemed relaxed and willing to chat.

As I was short on time I had to abandon huge sections of what I had planned, I expected to do this but how quickly the time went caught me off guard.

I did manage to get your question in though Paula, Jan said Tom Chadborn was lovely, both then and now. Michael said he hadn’t had much time with him on the TV series but has got to know him better through the Big Finish work and concurred how lovely he was.

Having never done an on stage Q&A like this I think, all in all, it worked out okay.

I found out afterwards that PCMinor had delayed a visit to the GamerBus to come and see the talk and support me, I was chuffed to bits to hear this and it was very much appreciated.

Later in the day Richard and Karyn talked 'Clanger hospital', we also got the group photo’s taken with as many as we could.

Talking Clangers.

Group Photos.


Over the two days the guests were brought over to our display area by Mark, the organiser, this really was a kind gesture, I expect he had enough on his plate, so to think of us was much appreciated by Karyn, Gary and I.

Michael tried on his Sarcophagus costume at his table, Jan liked her Zelda costume top and was amazed by the amount of stuff still around and the collectors who collect it, she was also very pleased at the news of Jacqueline Pearce’s return to the UK.

As they both left we passed on our thanks and looked forward to seeing them again at the Cygnus Alpha event in June.



Brian - "That woman just touched my arse!"- he cried at Karyn as the camera shutter went down - Blessed was fabulous, he recognised Sil as he walked past and had a couple of photos with us.


Peter Davison was very interested in the models and talked about his childhood memories of the Gerry Anderson shows, I talked to him about the Five Doctors-ish as Karyn and I had watched him filming some of it back in September 2013 at the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff.



Nicola Bryant came over and had a photo with the Sil creature as a friend of mine wanted a photo of the two together, she was lovely about it. Five minutes later she came back with her own camera as she wanted a photo for herself to post on Twitter!


The rest of the event was great as well, lovely to catch up with fellow exhibitors and fans, lots of fantastic things to see and do.





Karyn, Gary and I went back to the hotel on Sat night for a meal and a beer (or two, three, four... as Gary discovered the magic of happy hour at the bar!)

Sunday we went back and did it all again.

A great weekend, it really was lovely seeing everyone in person again and I think we proved Blake’s 7 still has a BIG place in British Science Fiction.

Let's do it again sometime.

Vila - "I plan to live forever - or die trying"
clanger68 wrote:

Jan stopped me and said whatever you want to do is fine with us, we can trust you, I can see it in your eyes!

Playing a telepath for three years obviously enhanced her own telepathic abilities. Grin

Thank you for the report, it seems to have been a fantastic weekend.
Did I spot a blonde PC???
Hugbot wrote:

Did I spot a blonde PC???

Alas, the camera does lie sometimes - it's grey! Oops
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