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Started: 09 July 2016

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Hal Mellanby
So, I was thinking about the various rebels/dissidents in B7 & I thought about a Blake/Mellenby meeting (which clearly didn't hapoen) . It's my understanding that Mellanby 's followers were all slaughtered save himself and Dayna. Did he have more family? Does Dayna remember them? How much of the past does he share with Dayna ? Would Blake have known about the Mellenby events? Don't know. It's been one of those weeks and escaping into the universe of B7 occupies the mindSmile
Fanfic writers will be sharpening their pencils now...
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Grade Four Ignorant
When you think about it, Hal Mellanby is a bit of an interesting character. In Aftermath he tells a few different stories about why he is hiding on Sarran, none of which contain the whole truth but do allow us to build some sort of true answer.

When he first meets Avon he tells him that they are the same as he is also a fugitive from the Federation with a price on his head. Later, he informs Avon that he used to supply weapons to resistance groups but was arrested - a direct consequence of which was the damaging of his eyes in "persuading [him] to talk". The wording of this statement is interesting as it implies that Mellanby did in fact give in to the torture and inform on his comrades. He never explains how he came to be fitted with an image amplifier, which must have been fitted before his escape otherwise his attempt to illegally leave the planet would never have had succeeded.

It's also clear from Servalan's subtle interrogation of Dayna that Mellanby has told his daughter a different story. Dayna appears to think they are living on Sarran because her father wanted to be independant from the Federation and that the authorities stopped him from travelling like he wanted to. Servalan makes a good argument when she points out that hiding on a remote planet for two decades is a bit of an overreaction. Dayna also doesn't answer her question about who exactly they are making weapons for, leaving it ambiguous as to whether Mellanby is still working as an arms dealer.

When Servalan eventually confronts Mellanby, she is able to tease more information out of him. Both remain ambiguous throughout and she never directly accuses him of anything. Mellanby now reveals that he was also the leader of a rebel uprising that led to everyone (including his wife, his friends and their families) except him and the infant Dayna being killed. When Servalan's asks if he feels guilt for being the sole survivor, he tellingly replies with the decleration of "I had a chance to save Dayna. I took it". The fact he witnessed all the death and destruction and lived is significant as the only other person we know who has survived a similar situation to this is Blake (indeed, he's done it twice). Even then, rather more tellignly, that was due to the administration having plans for Blake.

Mellanby is essentially the anti-Blake. Piecing his story together, it appears he was an arms dealer who ended up the leader of a resistance group who was captured and tortured by the Federation. Broken by his interrogators, he agreed to betray his group in return for his own survival, the return of his sight and the chance for him and Dayna to escape Earth. This is supported by Servalan's accusation that "they branded you a coward. Your name was universally despised". Mellanby can only respond to this with an equally cryptic "Might have been true, I've never been sure".
Hal is one of Avon's secret sharers. It is darkly ironic that his hospitality and pacifism ultimately causes the deaths of his adopted daughter and himself.
Vila: Where are all the good guys?
Blake: You could be looking at them.
Avon: What a depressing thought!
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