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Started: 09 July 2016

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January Challenge Part 2 - Complete the Scene
I'm glad you're enjoying the challenges and the results.

@SD - just be grateful this is a PG13 site!

@littlesue - some things are etched on my memory forever...

@Hugbot - I'm pleased that you felt encouraged to write more - and that we were not deprived of the mysterious little gem 'Final Act'. Don't get too hung up on canon - fanfic is all about "what if?"
I loved these!
Everyone seems to know the characters really well, because I can hear their voices in my mind as I read the dialogue.
Spaceship Dispatcher
Nice one Hugbot Happy
trevor travis
The tap-tap of heels heralded Jenna’s arrival on the flight deck of the Liberator. Hastily, Avon cleared the display on his terminal, and as a cover for his guilt, went on the attack.

“You’re late.”

Jenna checked her watch. “Well I guess I am, if 28 seconds really counts as late. Any interesting information from the cipher machine?”


“Are you sure? You seemed to clear whatever you had on your terminal pretty quickly when I came in.”

Avon said nothing.

“That’s if it was from the cipher machine. Was it Avon?”

Avon just stared at her.

“No clever one-line retort, Avon?”

“I’m tired.”

With that Avon departed and returned to his cabin.

As soon as he was out of sight, Jenna moved up to his terminal. It asked for his password. Jenna smiled and then typed A-N-N-A. She knew far more about him that she would ever let on.

“Right then”, she muttered to herself, “let’s see what he wanted to keep secret…”


Avon was awoken by the knock on his door.

“Who’s there?”

“It’s me”, said Jenna’s voice from the other side of the door.

“Unless it’s urgent, it can wait until the morning”, he stated and cuddled up more tightly to Roj Bear.

“I know which Federation site you hacked into.”

Within a minute, Avon had hid Roj, got dressed and opened the door.

“You can’t tell anyone”, he told her. “Especially Blake.”


“I need some answers”, said Jenna frostily, as she paced around the flight deck. “What were you doing hacking into the files on Space Command relating to Travis? Are you planning to betray Blake?”

“It’s nothing like that.”

“Then what is it Avon?”


“Look, if you don’t tell me, the next person I’ll speak to is Blake.”

Avon realised it was time to own up. He smiled.

“It’s perfectly simple, Jenna. I wanted to find out where Travis gets his leather gear from!”

Jenna laughed. “Do you honestly expect me to believe that?”

“You can believe anything you want to. But the wardrobe on the Liberator is rubbish. There’s those awful poetry smocks. The best thing is the black costume with the buttons…”

“I’m often tempted to push one of those!”

“… and even that’s awful. I want some proper leather stuff!”

Jenna grinned at him. “Avon, log back on, and let’s find out where it is!”


The rest is history. It wasn’t hard for Avon and Jenna to concoct a story of why they needed to raid the fetish clothing store on Junehud Major. Blake was easy to string along, especially when Jenna was involved. He was wary of Avon’s motives, but not hers.


It was late night on the Liberator again.

Jenna strode into the flight deck, wearing her red & white leather jumpsuit.

Avon was dressed in black leather, with a single line of studs down his chest.

She smiled. He smiled back.
Edited by trevor travis on 26 January 2015 19:43:59
Another lovely story TT. These keep getting better and better!
GARETH THOMAS: Paul is a very generous man, as a human being and as an actor. The programme couldn’t have been made if we hadn’t got on. Our working relationship was magic.
Spaceship Dispatcher
Brilliant TT, I like it - especially the planet Junehud Major Grin
trevor travis
meegat39 wrote:

Another lovely story TT. These keep getting better and better!

Thanks Meegat. What would perfect would be to edit in photos of a smiling Avon from either "Redemption" or "Killer", and a smiling Jenna from "Trial", "VFTP", "The Keeper" or "Star One" since those are costumes stolen from Junehud Major that they wear in the final scene.
Very good, TT.
Zil: Oneness must resist the Host.
trevor travis wrote:

What would perfect would be to edit in photos of a smiling Avon from either "Redemption" or "Killer", and a smiling Jenna from "Trial", "VFTP", "The Keeper" or "Star One" since those are costumes stolen from Junehud Major that they wear in the final scene.

I believe plans are afoot to make an anthology of January's ficlets so I'm sure that Travisina will find the appropriate illustrations, TT, and thanks for giving me an excuse to dwell on Avon's leather a little longer...

Standby for more ficlet fun in February ... with a new scene to explore. Who knows what antics and adventures will result?
It's been hectic here so late catching up, THANKS to everyone for posting the excellent fics!
VERY enjoyable - clever too! Kudos to you all!
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