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Started: 09 July 2016

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33 and a third anniversary Derek rewatch - Rescue
trevor travis wrote:

Cheers everyone.

See you next week, when you'll again be watching Power, and I'll be watching a certain shower scene Grin


You found it???!!!!!
Cold.....you don't know the meaning of cold.
Cold is when you have ice on the INSIDE of the window!!!

sues stories http://sjlittle.w...
sues youtube channel http://www.youtub...e54/videos
sues book shelf https://www.media...ne%20Shelf
rebel run video http://www.youtub...prqS-XZtLo
Lara and Sue's Stories http://lectorisal....webs.com/
Yes thanks all for your company!!
"If you didn't want the answer, you shouldn't have asked the question."
Cracking rewatch, folks ... thank you for the company!
I hope I can join the S+S rewatch tomorrow.
Have a good night! Oops
Joe Dredd
I just watched this with my son. He didn't pick up on Dorian getting older before his rejuvenation 'treatment', so was surprised to see his shock of white hair when he reached the cavern.

"Dad, it looks like it took him three years to get down the stairs!"

One thing I've never picked up on before is that Avon asks Tarrant if he can fly the ship, then he sits down beside him and leads him through the lift off checklist! Granted it's not the same as flying the ship but Avon doesn't need as much help as it seems.
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