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Started: 09 July 2016

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33 years ago today....
33 years ago it was Monday, 21st Dec. 1981.
33 years ago my 2 daughters aged 4 years and 10 months, and 2 years and 9 months, were looking forward to their 5th and 3rd Xmas respectively.
Muggins here had just celebrated her 27th birthday a few weeks previously.
We had a tree up, the decorations were up, the pressies were piled around the twinkling tree, the 2 daughters had seen Father Christmas and were excited and I was busy settling the 2 daughters waiting for 7.20pm..and the much anticipated final episode of series 4 of Blake’s 7.
I can remember seeing a preview trailer and I can remember seeing Tarrant slipping down an incline. I called out to dearest who was in the kitchen…
“Something happens to Tarrant”, I informed him.
What an understatement!
I had supplies of sweeties and drink to keep the two daughters hushed as we sat down to watch THE episode.
They may have even fallen asleep.
I can’t recall…
But by 8.10pm I was in shock.
The final credits rolled.
And no station announcer announced that there would be a new series….nothing.
That Xmas was a very sombre Xmas for me.
The family all arrived, but I just couldn’t get into a festive mood.
And I remember that quite a few people vented their anger via phone calls to the Duty Officer at the BBC that night, via letters to newspapers and the Radio Times.
They were all angry that their children had had their Xmas ruined.
At the time, my 2 couldn’t understand why their Mummy was subdued; they do now.
But even after 33 years, the pain felt that evening is still tangible……………….
Cold.....you don't know the meaning of cold.
Cold is when you have ice on the INSIDE of the window!!!

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Thanks for sharing Littlesue. I can readily understand how you must have felt. SadSad Sad
"If you didn't want the answer, you shouldn't have asked the question."
33 years.............wow, time flies quicker than the Liberator doesn't it!

A great reminisce littlesue, even if the reminisce wasn't so great, if you see what I mean!

I remember being stunned, and a little numb that Christmas myself.

Vila - "I plan to live forever - or die trying"
I wasn't there 33 years ago but I did watch the finale in 1986 and both Brad and I sat dumbfounded at the end. Wow- what an ending and not in the way we wanted. Thanks Sue for your reminiscences of the fateful day. Maybe that makes us Blake's 7 fans such a closed-knit group and that we make friends for a lifetime in fandom? Can't say if that's true or not but even after all this time- we're still here and loving our little series.
Zil: Oneness must resist the Host.
Ellen York
I can see that ending putting a damper on Christmas cheer. I'm glad I didn't see it at Christmas-time. Sitting in shock watching the final credits roll over the sound of the gunshots is one of my most vivid memories from watching the series for the first time when I was a kid. When I rewatched the whole series last year for the first time in 20+ years I was dragging my feet on season 4 because I knew how it ended and didn't want to see it. And I still spent the final episode hoping things would turn out differently. Where was Og when they needed him Pfft
33 years ago I was in the Netherlands, Blake's 7 season 1 had just ended to be aired.
We wouldn't get to see season 2 before 1982.
But we did get an announcement in our news:
"British television killed off childrens' heroes and spoils the whole nation's Christmas!"
There was much speculation about what series it concerned as they didn't mention its name. At that time I didn't link it to my favourite, Blake's 7.
So I was not at all prepared when I watched "Blake" ( and got very shocked) many years later!
Lara&Sue's Blake's 7 stories
*No, I am not. I am not expendable, I'm not stupid, and I'm not going.*
I would have preferred a more upbeat ending, with Blake and Avon joining forces to continue their war against the Federation into S5.. Of course, that couldn't happen because Gareth wanted his character killed off for good.
Space Chopper
Blimey, I was 17 back then, and my 'social media' was my group of friends that I contacted via CB radio, when the craze took off in the UK. (My 'handle' was Dark Star'.) I remember we stayed on-channel when the episode aired, and as soon as the credits rolled, there was stunned silence on the air, then one or two "But... but... what??!" We were in a sullen mood for ages.

I recently acquired the DVDs and underwent a marathon re-watch from the beginning, and my heart grew heavier when the end of Derek approached. Like Ellen, I didn't know if I could face the final episode, and even after all these years, the impact of that final scene is visceral, and it still leaves me melancholy after I watch it. The Red Wedding in GoT pales into insignificance next to this...
Vila: "I plan to live forever- or die trying..."
for me all of B7 is effectively about just one year old.... I got the DVD box sets around this time last year, I can vividly recall itching to get home from work so I could watch two, three, four episodes at a time *lol

I had read and heard about That finale and wow, I was not disappointed.... stunning, just stunning... I wasn't effected perhaps in the same way first gen fans would have been, in fact I loved (and love) the ending. So powerful! And so enigmatic!
littlesue wrote:
I can remember seeing a preview trailer and I can remember seeing Tarrant slipping down an incline. I called out to dearest who was in the kitchen…
“Something happens to Tarrant”, I informed him.
What an understatement!
Heheh! Great reminiscences, Sue. It seems like yesterday.

littlesue wrote:
And no station announcer announced that there would be a new series….nothing.
That Xmas was a very sombre Xmas for me.
At least we had K-9 and Company to console us Smile Actually, though I was shocked by the ending (as were we all - aside from Butch and Sundance, which was sort-of non-fictional anyway, there had never been an ending like that, certainly on any TV series in the world to that point) I was ambivalent - I didn't like how the announcer earlier in the evening had promised that "Blake returns!" because I wanted to see the Blake/Avon snark begin again, as it was my main memory of seasons 1-2 and which I had loved... in the pre-video age, and in the time of Equity keeping a tight rein on repeats, the only way we could re-experience such things was if the characters got together again! As I say, although I found the deaths shocking, it made a kind of sense. In Robin Hood's saga he is killed at the end, with his best friend arriving too late to stave off the inevitable. Blake went one better with his best friend also being his best enemy, which even at the age of 13 I realised was really good drama. So I was torn. Sad to see "The End", but so appreciative of the great ride we'd been taken on, and hoping one day to see it again (okay that's a lie, I knew we'd never see any of the episodes again - like I said, few repeats and no other means of ever seeing the show. VCRs were millionaire's toys).
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